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+ - Extremely Drug Resistent Tuberculosis

Submitted by Sentri
Sentri (910293) writes "Today around the world the TED Prize wish of James Nachtwey is coming true. Awareness is being raised of the potential pandemic with a distributed network of screens displaying the video available here Watch the video and pass on the news of this problem. We can stop it if we work together

For information on the disease: and"

+ - AMD Phenom Processor Underwhelming->

Submitted by
SizeWise writes "The Barcelona core is the first major update to AMD's CPU line up since the introduction of the Athlon 64 back in 2003 and is intended to keep the company going for several more years. While the server-based Barcelona launch was met with lukewarm results, the desktop Phenom processor was just launched and seems to be even more underwhelming. Running at only 2.2 GHz and 2.3 GHz, much lower than the 2.8 GHz anticipated back in June, AMD's new flagship quad-core CPU has trouble keeping up with any Intel quad-core processors and even some dual-core parts. AMD will be cutting pricing to stay competitive but can an already financially unstable corporation keep this up?"
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+ - 13 gigapixels panorama view of harlem

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An anonymous reader writes "Artist Gerard Maynard and Alexandre Jenny have worked together to be able to stitch 2045 pictures into this 13 gigapixels panorama. It's the biggest digital panorama known for the moment.
The shooting was done from the roof of a building at 7th avenue and you have from there an overall view over harlem and New York. The website allows you to zoom into the picture to discover the city in a very unique way. Stitching such a number of picture required to use many advanced algorithms in picture analysis and correction. For example, even if the shooting was done in manual mode, lighting conditions have changed a lot over the 2 hours and 10 minutes of shooting."
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Journal: No you idiots, Vista isn't selling badly at all

Journal by W2k
At first it was amusing to read comments from slashtrolls-in-denial claiming that Vista is "selling badly". But now I am seeing people moderating those comments to +5, Insightful, which is downright WRONG. Vista isn't selling badly at all, not by any reasonable standard of measurement. Google for "Vista sales" and ignore the obviously biased sites ("", yeah THAT sounds fair and balanced). What do we find?

+ - Collaborative Fiction?

Submitted by AJ_Levy
AJ_Levy (700911) writes "I recently came across The Fiction Wiki, which attempts to apply the Wikimedia model to write novels, scripts, and short stories. There has also been an ongoing discussion about whether the Wikimedia Foundation should itself launch a Wiki for fiction. The question is whether or not Slashdotters think collaboratively written fiction is a viable project or not?"

Google Releases Google Browser Sync Extension 389

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the good-to-go dept.
Pneuma ROCKS writes "Google has just released the Google Browser Sync extension for Firefox. This extension allows you to save your bookmarks, history and passwords on Google servers, effectively giving you a 'roaming profile,' which you can sync on any computer running Firefox (and the extension, of course)."

Numbers Stations Move From Shortwave To VoIP 228

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the something-to-puzzle-over dept.
IO ERROR writes "For decades, intelligence agencies have been sending secret messages to their agents in the field using shortwave numbers stations broadcasting encrypted messages for all to hear and puzzle over. Now someone is putting numbers stations on VoIP telephone numbers for anyone to call, and posting messages to Craigslist to alert the recipients to the existence of their messages. One of them went up last month and now a second one has appeared. Will there be a third? Who's behind them? And can you crack the code?"

CyberTerrorism - Reality or FUD? 358

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the ghost-in-the-machine dept.
Random Utinni writes "The director of the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit (part of Homeland Security) claims that terrorist hackers are poised to create total chaos. He predicts all sorts of scenarios, from changing the formulae for medications to causing cars to explode after a few weeks of driving. Is this guy fearmongering for an increased budget, or is he on to something here?"

Science Ability Down in U.S. High Schools 650

Posted by Zonk
from the let's-talk-about-evolution dept.
An anonymous reader writes "According to the International Herald Tribune, a nationwide test has shown that the ability to reason scientifically is less well developed across the board for high schoolers. Fourth graders, ironically, are actually better at reasoning in the sciences now than they were ten years ago." From the article: "The drop in science proficiency appeared to reflect a broader trend in which some academic gains made in elementary grades and middle school have been seen to fade during the high school years. The science results come from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, a comprehensive examination administered in early 2005 by the Department of Education to more than 300,000 students in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and on U.S. military bases around the world."

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