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+ - Extremely Drug Resistent Tuberculosis

Submitted by Sentri
Sentri (910293) writes "Today around the world the TED Prize wish of James Nachtwey is coming true. Awareness is being raised of the potential pandemic with a distributed network of screens displaying the video available here Watch the video and pass on the news of this problem. We can stop it if we work together

For information on the disease: and"

+ - PS3 USA Launch: Shooting, Bashings and Muggings

Submitted by
Sentri writes "The Washington Post reports on the various types of damage people have been causing each other to get their hands on a PS3.

"Two people were arrested in Fresno, Calif., after a crowd trampled people in a parking lot.", "Another shopper was beaten and robbed of his new PlayStation 3 just minutes after he bought it", "Elsewhere, two men wearing black ski masks and sunglasses made off with five consoles after holding two employees at gunpoint" and A "teenager was also robbed of his new PlayStation by a man who tapped on his car window with a handgun in Allentown"

It also reports on two muggers who realised people waiting in line for a PS3 probably have some cash on them, and are thus easy pickings — "Two gunmen in Putnam ... confronted 15 to 20 people standing outside a Wal-Mart store and demanded money ... one of the patrons resisted. That patron was shot"

Obviously these thieves have seen the eBay prices of PS3 consoles
The printable (and single page) version"

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