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Comment: Re:FUD much? (Score 1) 309

And yes it is an excellent idea, because it gives the CDC a living "test tube" of the actual active Ebola virus, not a sample of infected blood collected, and shipped on ice.

Right, because it's absolutely impossible to ship a plane full of CDC scientists and equipment. Far, far, better to ship a live human body full of ebola over and to a densely populated area. What could possibly go wrong?

Comment: Re:Did anything improve? (Score 1) 285

by SecurityGuy (#47504085) Attached to: How One School District Handled Rolling Out 20,000 iPads

How do you plan to measure this, exactly? I get your point that the end goal is competent adults, not test performance per se, but I've firsthand seen how my own kids can fail to get a concept well enough, and that leads to not getting the next concept, and so on. If you're not good at addition, you won't be good at multiplication, and so on through high school and you're just HOSED when you need to be good at trigonometry.

Come on, people. Science works. Things that work are...testable. If you're advocating some educational strategy, but reject the notion that it's testable, you're rejecting basic science. If that describes you, kindly keep your hands off education policy.

Comment: Personally, I *HATE* those things. (Score 1) 102

by SecurityGuy (#47496583) Attached to: "Intelligent" Avatars Poised To Manage Airline Check-In

I don't mind dealing with computers. I don't mind dealing with people. I hate dealing with computers that pretend to be people. "Wait a minute while I look that up for you." (pretend typing noise) NOOOOOO thanks. If people want a more human experience, they're saying they want actual humans, not computers that pretend to be humans.

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by SecurityGuy (#47469607) Attached to: FBI Concerned About Criminals Using Driverless Cars

The point of having it is very simply that people screw up eventually. Drive long enough, and you'll make a serious mistake. Most of the time, you'll come through it with no harm. Occasionally, you'll wreck your car. Occasionally, you'll kill someone. The point is also saving time. I don't have enough of it. If I could claim back the hour of my day I spend driving, that'd be great. The point is removing an unpleasant task. I have family 6 hours away I'd like to see more, but 6 hours in a car is unpleasant. If I could get in the car about midnight and wake up in their driveway at 6am, that'd be fantastic. Don't tell me to take the bus/plane/train, either. That's either more unpleasant or lots more expensive.

Keep in mind, this whole idea is predicated on developing cars that drive better than you do. If that doesn't happen, none of the rest does. It seems like the people who get all bent out of shape over the idea think we're going to put automated cars on the road that are WORSE at driving than people are. Why would we ever do that?

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by Lord Kano (#47444209) Attached to: Geographic Segregation By Education

And making analogies involving racism is a good way to get people to talk about real problems like this.

No. Making such analogies offends people who have been subjected to actual racism. They tend to stop listening to whatever else you say.

Like when someone takes whatever gripe they have, even when it's legitimate and likens the opposition to Nazis. At that people they lose people who might have been willing to side with them. That's also what a fake racism analogy does.


Comment: Re:Translation (Rough) (Score 1) 230

by Lord Kano (#47442525) Attached to: Geographic Segregation By Education

Maybe not, but then life isn't fair.

I bet a lot of people said the same thing about racism in employment.

I am beyond disgusted with people trying to equate everything to the racism that was a part of Western society's fabric until relatively recently.

Your failure to further your education has nothing in common with people who were never considered for jobs because of their race. You could have chosen to get a degree, they couldn't have chosen to be white.

You may think that you're being an insightful, open minded, progressive but you're being an insensitive douche with no perspective.


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by SecurityGuy (#47416417) Attached to: Here Comes the Panopticon: Insurance Companies

I have family in Canada who aren't happy with the system there and had to come here (US) for treatment due to stupid long waits. I suspect health care is one of those things that works "fine" for the majority of people because the majority of people are "fine" and don't need it. A good friend of mine is permanently disabled and on Medicare, which works "fine" for her, too, aside from a month or so wait to get on it. After that, it appears that when she needs to go to a doctor, she does. When she needs meds, she gets them. When she needs to see specialists, she sees them.

If the US can't come up with an efficient-enough bureaucracy to make it work there, then it's really time to change how you guys do things.

Well, yeah, that's probably true, but even if we do, single payer still means no options. You're happy with your system now, but when it gets changed down the road and you're no longer happy with it, what are you going to do? I can switch plans at work once a year. If I want private insurance, I can pick up the phone and buy it. If I want to see any doctor, I can walk in and pay them. With single payer, what are you going to do? Change countries?

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by SecurityGuy (#47416293) Attached to: Avast Buys 20 Used Phones, Recovers 40,000 Deleted Photos

True, it doesn't, but it does delete the key which is used to encrypt everything. With no key, it's gibberish, indistinguishable from random data. Or so claims Apple, anyway. If you have better data, I'd be most interested to see it (and freely admit it's possible ANY vendor is lying about their security precautions).

Personally, I find it quite possible that Joe RandomUser would "delete" pictures, etc, and not know how to do a proper wipe. Heck, I had to look it up, but it took knowing that in general "delete" means "remove the pointer to". Casual users mostly don't know that.

Comment: Re:Can't live with/without them... (Score 1) 353

by SecurityGuy (#47412677) Attached to: Here Comes the Panopticon: Insurance Companies

Exactly. There's one example where you say it works fine, and one where it's apparently pretty bad. Do you see why I don't want to take the crapshoot? It's hard to unwind. If people want to opt in, I don't have a problem with that, but don't compel everyone into the same boat and hope it actually floats. The VA is a concrete example that it might actually be worse.

Ice cream doesn't cause health issues. I eat ice cream. I also exercise 3-6 times a week. That won't stop politicians and their "sin taxes". Maybe your government is wonderful and all that tax money would go to make sick people well, but we mostly turn taxes into bureaucracy. I don't want more.

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