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Comment Re:Disconcerting? (Score 1) 348

Some schools are even requiring faculty to carry cellphones and be on call so that when Little Johnny Baseballhat realizes he needs an answer, we can turn to and present.

Holy fucking shit are you serious?! What about the parents? Where the fuck are they?

Please tell me I'm misunderstanding you, that you're not implying that your required to be available so that students can call you on your off-hours for a question on homework. Please tell me this isn't what you meant.

I've had teachers in the past who gave us their numbers (I'm talking high-school, here) voluntarily, but none were every required to.

Comment Re:This is horrid (Score 2) 253

I've got that for Chemistry AND Physics. It's horrible. I've entirely missed problems because I couldn't figure out how it wanted the answer represented.

I mirror your sentiment exactly:

The teacher couldn't be bothered to assign and grade proper homework.

The kicker is that teachers who DO assign real homework have TA's or graders to grade the homework, all they actually grade are our tests.

Oh yea, and I have to pay extra for this online bullshit. It's required in a more in-depth way than textbooks (I literally can't pass the course without it) but isn't paid by the school, it's paid by me alongside my already-ridiculously overpriced textbook.

Yes, I have to pay for the teacher to be lazy.

Comment My understanding (Score 3, Interesting) 221

Talking with the guys that do this at a job fair.

First, what could take so freaking long to clean stuff up? "Stuff you don't understand." Right, bureaucracy, nothing else.

Anyway, the waste from Hanford was stored in Single-Shelled Tanks (SSTs), until they later started storing it in Double-Shelled Tanks (DST's). The SST's are leaking, we know this, so this is not news. What's currently being done is pumping the waste from the leaking SST's into the DST's and cleaning the SST's. They do this because the vitrification plant is not built yet.

They're out of DST's. So now they have to decide whether to build more DST's or expedite the vit plant. Basically a few million dollars now, a few billion dollars now, or a few million dollars now AND a few billion dollars later.

I got to school at the WSU campus nearby, and this is all I've been able to get someone to tell me. Correct me if I'm wrong. I probably am.

Oh. Right. Safety. This stuff's NASTY. That's been holding it up for over 20 years.

Comment Re:Not coming to PC (Score 1) 147

Halo is different from other console FPSes. I don't know why, what it is...

Probably due to the sluggish and slow controls. You mention Quake, compare the movement in Quake to the movement in Halo. Halo is much slower. Even if you turn the sensitivity on Halo up to 10, it still moves slower than default Quake.

The "less twitchy" you mention is exactly what makes a FPS work on a console. Joysticks are harder to control in such small, quick movements with only a thumb. Mouse, which is being moved with your whole hand, and has a much wider range of movement (can physically move farther) so it can be further customized and tweaked to interpret twitches better.

At least, that's my take on it all.

Comment Re:Y R Peeple So Stupid? (Score 1) 533

It's actually a security Torx; meaning it's a Torx with a hole in the center, that even MORE people don't have a driver for compared to regular Torx. I can understand most people not being able to disassemble it because of that. In fact, that's the exact reason it's a security Torx, just so people can't get into it. But that doesn't stop someone with a bit of thought from cleaning it thoroughly anyway; hot soapy water, bleach solution...many options besides just throwing it in the dishwasher and calling it good.

I happen to have one, and don't have any problems with mold or anything. I just make sure and flush the entire thing in hot soapy water every time I wash it. It's really not that difficult, just gotta not be lazy, and America isn't good at that anymore.

Comment Re:Y R Peeple So Stupid? (Score 1) 533

Is it really all that hard to realize the things get all sorts of tasty but nasty without refrigeration stuff in them?

Yes, it is. One of the more common complaints against Cabelbak's Better Bottle is that it grows mold, and one didn't even realize it for two years! Amazon Reviews.

Why are people so surprised that you need to clean something? I have one of these, all it takes to clean it is to pull it apart.

Comment Washington and Oregon (Score 1) 642

This is interesting. I always assumed (being raised in Washington) that it would be best to divide our state straight down the Cascade Mountains, farther west than the line is in this map.In line with the "tt" of Seattle, the "a" of Tacoma, and continuing towards the central "a" in Shasta.

Many people in Eastern Washington would actually love to see a split like I described, because the west side has too much control over the rest of the state.

Comment Re:Blood is on the NRA Hands (Score 1) 1862

we have more gun-related deaths, but we also have significantly less violent crimes overall.

Less than where?

That was covered in my citation. But if you're correct, then even my citation is just another misinterpretation of the's hard to find a good, objective source for all of this. Do you know of a better one? Because I'd REALLY like to understand the pro gun control side.

Comment Re:Blood is on the NRA Hands (Score 1) 1862

Statistics show that if you outlaw guns, those numbers will increase.

Statistics don't mean anything unless they're fully analyzed along with repercussions.

Sure, we have more gun-related deaths, but we also have significantly less violent crimes overall.

Also need to take into account what TYPE of firearm is used in most gun-related crimes (handguns) and wonder why they are banning assault weapons when rifles are used in fewer than 400 per year. My fear is that's it's a stepping stone to more oppressive gun control.

We already know gun bans don't work. Columbine happened with an AR-15 during an assault weapon ban. Anecdots, when used properly, support facts that can be verified. I do agree with you though, the post you responded to does not prove anything, on the other hand neither does yours, nor does mine. Except that anecdotes and statistics can be skewed any way one wants. To truly make a decision, one must know the facts and how they correlate together and then consider it all as a whole.


Comment Wonderful (Score 1) 174

Another way to pander to idiot drivers, teaching them nothing except that they don't need to be observant or thoughtful drivers.

Back up cameras, back up sensors, blind-spot detectors, cruise control all help to create a less aware driver. Now they'll learn that they don't need to pay attention to the road condition. (Slippery slope argument? Maybe)

I almost ran over my 2 year old nephew one time in my truck (Dodge Ram). I didn't see him, he was behind me where there is NO visibility, sure a back up camera or sensor would have worked, but instead he has a responsible mother who saw and came out screaming and waving her hands to get me to stop (I drive an older diesel so it's a bit noisy). That's all it takes, responsibility. So there goes anyone's "what-if" argument; yes, it did happen to me.

Pay attention to what's around you, if you can't, have others do it. Turn your head to look in your blind spot. Lean to maintain your own steady speed. Learn to identify road conditions, and be able to control your vehicle if it slides that the speed you are going. If you can't control that slide, slow down to a speed that you can control the slide; then, if you do slide, you're OK.

Why do we keep pandering to mediocrity?

Now of course, this is all in general, I'm sure there's some with disabilities that don't allow them to turn their head properly, or maintain even pressure with their foot and whathaveyou.

Comment Re:Bureaucracy tending towards opression... (Score 2) 364

Freedom is inherently risky. My fellow Americans need to realize that. To be absolutely safe necessitates living in an absolutely oppressed society.

What do you want, freedom or oppression?

The way it looks now, too many Americans are leaning towards oppression, because being free is just too scary.

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