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Comment IDIOCRACY (Score 1) 571

The man was trying to reach a local hotel just a little ways from the airport and drove 250 miles (@ ~60mph, that is 4 hours). I am sorry we cannot blame a GPS for dementia. If this guy had a Rand McNally Road Atlas, he'd still have driven for four hours. He clearly had no perspective on reality. This is NOT a GPS issue, this is dementia..

Comment I just purchased the 7710 (17" version) (Score 1) 74

I haven't finished configuring it. But am excited. I would say this is a pretty high end laptop. And perhaps rivaling and surpassing the XPS line in many ways. On top of the option for Xeon processors and ECC RAM (which I didn't feel I needed - I went with a quad-core and standard RAM), the 17" version of this machine offers the option for RAID5 using NVMe M.2 drives. Note, for this, you need a special interposer connector and caddy. (Mine should arrive this week, and then I hope to have three Samsung Pro 950 drives.

But there is more to this than just internals. The laptop is a noticeable notch or two higher than my old 17" Dell workstation. First off, the bottom are made of thin but strong metal plates. Button slides, battery plate comes off. Slide a lever to remove the battery.There is your 2.5" drive bay easily accessible as well. It all feels of very high build quality and engineering. Lots of metal as opposed to plastic. Very nice...

Remove two screws, and a second larger plate is able to be slid off. Wow...beautiful. About 10 different module bays. Two bays for NVMe M.2 drives, two easily accessed memory slots, bays for WLAN cards, WiFi, and a host of others. Very nice having such easy access rather than having to remove keyboards, disconnect monitors, etc. This is a very nicely engineered machine.

Can't wait to run my new 17" laptop with 4K screen, and RAID 5 NVMe drives. This is my first new workstation purchase in 10 years. My last was in 2006, also a Dell. It was replaced in the fourth year under warranty. Replacement is now 6 years old. So I figured it was time...

Comment Re:REALLY!!!!!! (Score 2) 388

"there were already millions of people living in the land we now call Israel."


1) There have always been Jews there
2) Around 1900, there were approx. 600,000 people in the land. In 1930, there were 1 million, nearly 250,000 of which were Jews and Christians. In 1947, there were 2 million people in the land, 600,000 of which were Jews.
3) There were hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Jews in neighboring Arab states that were forced out of those countries. But you don't hear about that. And in fact much of that whole region had a large Christian population until the Muslim massacred them - which is in fact what triggered the crusades.
4) Many in Palestine immigrated there from neighboring Arab countries as well.
5) The vast majority of Palestinian territory was NOT taken by Jews, but in fact by neighboring Arabs of Jordan.
6) And while there were originally only 700,000 Palestinian refugees, today there are about 6 million. Pregnancy is a bitch. The real problem is that everyone is reproducing.
7) The largest camp of refugees is in Jordan (the larger half of the Palestine territory).
8) "Palestinians are not allowed to hold or even apply for Saudi citizenship, because of Arab League instructions barring the Arab states from granting them citizenship" - you see the Arab League doesn't want Palestinians to have any home. They want them to remain refugees so they have an excuse to eradicate non-muslims from the region. And THAT is the #1 reason why Palestinians suffer. They're a tool....

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