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Comment: And just what are we supposed to do? (Score 1) 173

Seriously, would you rather we wage economic sabotage against AT&T cell towers. It's like Cable TV. I have Comcast, and no other available options. They're not going to change unless enough people wine and complain. And guess what...


Have probably complained to our congressmen, the FTC, the FCC, etc.

Comment: Not exactly... (Score 1) 173

When many of us signed up for unlimited. We signed up for UNLIMITED 3G speeds. Anything below that due to throttle is in fact a breach of contract. They can throttle the 4G, but the 3G should NOT be throttled.

I should always get my approx. 1mbps service in an uncongested area. I should NOT be reduced to 60K.

Comment: Re:Overstated or misrepresented? (Score 1) 403

by PortHaven (#48101881) Attached to: Fuel Efficiency Numbers Overstate MPG More For Cars With Small Engines

I disagree....

I've have driven many vehicles. And even when specifically trying to game, (ie: low acceleration, speed limit, etc, etc) it can often be very difficult to achieve the stated numbers. That said, one of the other main reasons is that America's highway system is so poorly designed and engineered that many times, we are spending 40 minutes to move 3 exits.

Comment: Re:I'm sold on LED bulbs... (Score 1) 602

by PortHaven (#48019691) Attached to: The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy

It's a misnomer that CFLs last longer than incandescents. Their potential lifespan is far greater, however, that is only in continuous use. CFLs lives are greatly shortened by intermittent use, incandescents do this much better.

So if you have a closet, bathroom, etc, that you turn on a couple of times a day for a minute or so, the CFL may burn out much earlier than an incandescent. However, if you have a light that you leave on for long periods of time. CFLs have a very long life. For example, I keep a 60 watt CFL on in my basement continously. That bulb is probably 3-4 years old now. But it is NEVER turned on/off.

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