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Comment Re:i'm waiting for actual enforcement of 2nd amend (Score 1) 688

The idea behind the 2nd amendment was that 'the militia' (which back in the day meant thing like local law enforcement)

a) it did not mean anything of the sort. It meant the "people".

b) regulated meant trained/equipped..

In fact, standing army soldiers were often referred to as "regulars". Essentially, the 2nd Amendment is stating that the militia formed of the people needs to be of similar capability to any standing regular army.

Comment Re:Readily adapatable to military use is NOT a req (Score 1) 688

If you look into it. You'll realize that ships were in many ways considered to be small villages. This is why ship captains had such rights and authority enact marriage, etc. and had near absolute rule.

They were essentially Lords of a tiny village. Most ordinance/artillery was owned by towns or landed lords.

Comment Re:BULL (Score 1) 414

I am uery sorry for vsing a colloqvial expression. I apparently have offended yov.

Perhaps the great master of the English language (which is so thorovghly f'd up on so many levels) can explain to me why we switched U's with V's a few hundred years ago.

Let me offend you even more....irregardless of my use of "of" inappropriately, you knew what was meant. And rather than face the argument, you chose to make a logical fallacy as a rebuttal. Congratulations.

You could of made an argument, instead of, you chose to be a turd.

Comment Re:Exclusivity (Score 1) 688

No it didn't...

How many people were killed with semi-automatic rifles (the class that so called "assault weapons" fall into)?

Of the 30,000 quoted as killed by guns. 50%+ of which are merely suicides. What percentage are due to AR15s and similar rifles? Approximately 350. So why is ALL the focus put on a tool that poses very little risk to Americans. But poses a HUGE threat to governments?

Comment Re:What about howitzers? (Score 1) 688

Those are considered ordinance/artillery, not small arms. Different category. Such things as cannons were usually owned by towns, lords (titled deeded land owners), and vessels (ships in many ways are akin to mini villages, this is why captains often have similar rights - ie: ability to marry).

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