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Comment: Re:Good news! (Score 1) 322

by Scarletdown (#48397547) Attached to: MARS, Inc: We Are Running Out of Chocolate

I could have sworn it was being reduced to 20 grams...

Why do they even need chocolate on Mars? The only thing there so far is robots. I understand that we should pre-position supplies before sending colonists, but chocolate is not exactly a mission priority.

They do need it real bad there on Mars. Without it, how would hawt princesses like Thuvia or Deja Thoris maintain their proper feminine figures?

Comment: Trader Joe's Could Help (Score 4, Funny) 322

by Scarletdown (#48397389) Attached to: MARS, Inc: We Are Running Out of Chocolate

They could alleviate some of this problem by contacting the people who run Trader Joe's. They have this one dark chocolate bar (can't recall the name of it) that is so nasty and bitter, that it is inedible completely (unless you dip it in honey, then it is barely tolerable). It is worse than baking chocolate and is actually sold as if it is intended to be eaten like a normal bar of chocolate. If they just full stop quit producing that travesty, perhaps that could free up chocolate resources for other uses for perhaps another year or so.

Comment: Refunds for Their Customers? (Score 1) 473

So then, since the customers were not able to see any pre-release reviews before purchasing, will Ubisoft refund their purchase price, or just flip them the middle finger and say, "Sorry suckers. We got your money. You know the industry standard is "No returns. Too bad so sad for you. Please come again."

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by Scarletdown (#48296383) Attached to: Space Tourism Isn't Worth Dying For

Space exploration Deaths:

NASA: 10+ that I can think off off hand. Not including X-15 test pilots that died.

Private Industry: 1

I think for NASA, that is at least 17 (not counting deaths of test pilots from the X15 and other experimental aircraft)

Apollo 1 Launchpad Fire: 3
Space Shuttle Challenger: 7
Space Shuttle Columbia: 7

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