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Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 2) 424

Anyone else remember when Star Wars made the rounds at the theaters for its third time (1979)? In the copy we got at our theater here, no one shot in that scene.

The Han and Greedo scene went straight from "Yes, I'll bet you have." to the next scene, which was an outside shot of the Death Star.

For years we had thought it might have been a bad spot on the copy the theater had which needed cut out. Then the Han Shot controversy came up, and that entire mystery was suddenly put into a different light.

Comment Re:Not sincerely held (Score 1) 518

It would be interesting to see a case come up where the plaintiff insists that there be no photo on the driver's license at all due to a sincere belief that a camera steals the subject's soul.

Of course, that belief needs to be wrapped up in a religious sounding name, perhaps something along the lines of Great Spiritism or something else tying it to a traditional Native American religion.

Comment All Gas Giants Are Failed Stars? (Score 2) 54

Anyone else find this declaration in the article mildly annoying?

Out a little farther, the four gas giants -- themselves failed stars --

At best, one would think that of the four, only Jupiter could even remotely be considered a failed star. I would think the other three don't have nearly enough mass to qualify for such a designation.

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