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Comment Re:How do they know it's a camera in the popcorn b (Score 1) 278

I would imagine in that scenario, the one with his cock and balls poking up into the tub of popcorn would be doing it for the benefit of a girlfriend that may be enjoying the film with him.

And considering the social handicap a typical Cheeto-fingered Neckbeard who would be likely to be the one doing a secret cam recording through a popcorn tub has, the odds that he would be trying to surprise a girlfriend instead of making a recording are simply astronomical.

(And amusingly, as I reread this, I am hearing it perfectly in the voice of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory, with either Howard or Raj looking guiltily embarrassed.)

Comment Re:"Infringing"? (Score 1) 215

When I generate shipping labels daily for items I sell on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and other sites, it would get rather expensive to attach a digital picture frame with a jpg of the label to each package.

Fortunately, I have an old HP Laserjet 4100 with enough refilled cartridges to last me a lifetime.

Comment Re:Sad to see the Republicans always... (Score 1) 85

Are there any actual Tesla dealerships operating in any state yet? If not, then Tesla selling directly to customers who want Teslas instead of Fords, or Chevys, or any other brand is not threatening any businesses. I am guessing Ford and other dealerships are not selling Teslas? If not, then they have no cause to complain since Tesla is selling to those who want Teslas.

Comment Re:...and it was after the test (Score 1) 95

Not specifically intending to defend the AC here, but I reread several times the post he was replying to. I am not seeing anything referencing time zones, just talk about the same exam needing to be administered at the same time everywhere. In that case, it could even be in different facilities within the same city. Like say School A giving the test at 9 in the morning, while across town, School B has it scheduled for 2 in the afternoon.

That said, even when talking about here in the continental U.S, time zones could still be irrelevant in this discussion. We have 4 of them here, Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern, covering a 4 hour stretch. A typical school day is long enough to where these tests could still be given at the same time in all 4 zones without requiring any group to come in early or stay late.

Comment Re:Isn't that (Score 5, Funny) 203

It was a small planet somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse. So it could have been a neighboring system. Because when talking on astronomical scales, the vicinity of a star can cover a tremendous amount of space. After all, space is big, extremely big. You wouldn't believe just how big it is...

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