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Comment: Re:Allons-y! (Score 1) 544

by camperdave (#47509541) Attached to: Favorite "Go!" Phrase?
Well, there was that episode where someone drugged some wine, and everyone who drank it passed out immediately from one sip. The Doctor (Tom Baker) took two full gulps of wine, watched as everyone passed out, and stuttered out the phrase "p-p-potent stuff" before passing out himself. As far as a catch phrase, he was always offering people a jelly baby.

Still, it's not what I would call a "go!" phrase.

Comment: Could you use this for body building? (Score 1) 39

by tjstork (#47504989) Attached to: Method Rapidly Reconstructs Animal's Development Cell By Cell

I know it sounds vain but it does also have practical applications for people with muscular deficiencies owing to immobility. From what I've gathered, no one really knows what happens, precisely, to cause muscles to "grow". Sure, there's a hundred different theories tossed around on body building forums, but a lot of sounds more like pseudo-biological nonsense rather than real science. There's precious little experiment in the field and my lay understanding is that it is because the only method of looking at muscles is biopsy.

Comment: "free market" (Score 2) 282

by operagost (#47501575) Attached to: Why My LG Optimus Cellphone Is Worse Than It's Supposed To Be

Similar to the suckiness of the Stratosphere and Stratosphere 2 that I was subjected to before this one, the phone's shortcomings actually raise more interesting questions â€" about why the free-market system rewards companies for pulling off miracles at the hardware level, but not for fixing software bugs that should be easy to catch.

The free market is working. You paid for a cheap phone, and you got one.
If you want a good phone, don't buy a cheap one. This doesn't mean, "don't buy a low-feature phone"-- it means, don't buy a smart phone for a dumb-phone price and expect it to work well.

Comment: Re:PCI-DSS (Score 1) 201

You aren't accredited to be following PCI because nobody is. There is no certificate. There is no special seal of approval. You provided security information to your acquiring bank(s) and you were allowed to process credit card transactions. There's no such thing as certification or accreditation for PCI.

What you have said implies that people can just declare they are PCI DSS compliant. This is not quite the case, except perhaps for very small vendors who self-assess (I am not one of these, and therefore have no experience). A QSA must be employed for the audit, and the QSA indeed must undergo approved training and certification. They sign off on the Report of Compliance (ROC).

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by camperdave (#47500355) Attached to: Favorite "Go!" Phrase?

Remember that Denning is addressing the Heartland Institute organised ICCC6 conference.

You say that as if it is supposed to mean something to me - as if I am supposed to respond with "Oh! The HEARTLAND INSTITUTE organized the conference? Why didn't you say so! Oh, the irony! Denning is going to tear them a new corn hole!". Well, let me share my contextual understanding of your sentence: Remember that [Unknown individual] is addressing the [Unknown Institute] organised [Unknown Acronym] conference.

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