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Comment Re:If I read this right (Score 1) 491

1) Jesus brought a new covenant, so yes we ignore the stuff from the old testament.

2) Jesus was using a metaphor. There are tons of them in the bible (did you know the Kingdom of God isn't literally a mustard seed?! Huh!). You'll notice also HE brought the (metaphorical) sword. He did not give it to his followers, and he never used it. He strictly forbade his followers from using the physical sword.

Now tell me how many people Mohamed murdered and crucified? This is the horror of multiculturalism: you cannot tell the difference between christianity and its exact opposite islam.

Because of this, the Mohammedans, who do not give a shit about your whiny multicultural bullshit will behead you and rape your women. I'll be fine though. Even in ISIS lands they're not killing Christians so long as they pay the jizya.

Comment Re:If I read this right (Score 1) 491

You forgot that one important factor: Islam. Of course you can't even say it because the official religion of the US is multiculturalism, the belief that "no beliefs" is the One True Belief and that all other beliefs are both inferior and equivalent. Hence, no one can ever say "just maybe, wrong and stupid christians don't go nuts because their book says "love your enemy" but muslims do because their book says "slay the infidels.""

Instead we're just going to sit around while muslims keep killing people and then tsking about how the problem is "religion."

Comment Re:I would like to say for the record... (Score 1) 491

As an engineer, once you start applying engineering principles to society, you recognize the New Testament as the greatest piece of social engineering ever. Once you start analyzing a beautiful machine, you get to understand the engineer who made the machine. Then you go "oh..." and start heading back to church.

Comment Re:How is it a problem? (Score 3, Interesting) 143

I may be mis-remembering, but it seems like a summer or 2 ago, there was a day with 2 leap seconds in it.

Not possible. The leap second committee folks have a mandate never to let the difference between the UTC and UT1 (mean solar time) readings exceed 0.9 seconds. They usually decide to apply a leap second whenever the difference between UTC and UT1 approaches 0.6 seconds. Furthermore, they can add a leap second at the end of any month, although there is a preference for June and December and a second preference for March and September. For there to be two leap seconds in a day, something catastrophic would have had to have happened, like California sliding into the ocean, the Yosemite supervolcano blowing, or the Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup.

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