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Comment Re: Rumor Mill (Score 1) 42

> I don't know who, but it looks like John really pissed someone off.

One one hand, in a Sanders/Trump race, McAfee might get some votes, which the one-party/two-styles government cannot allow.

On the other hand, rumor is he was pretty close to perfecting a "love potion" using real neuropharmaceutical science and had some 200 women from the town at his compound, so he had to be run out. So, count all those furious husbands among those who wish him a slow death.

Comment Re:LOVE THAT WEAPON (Score 1) 211

Well, the what ifs are important.

But in this case, if use of force is justified *at all*, then the next question becomes, 'If the use of force is justified, does a country have a moral imperative to minimize it's own casualties as much as possible?'

Conversely, does it have a moral imperative to minimize enemy casualties wherever possible? Or in some cases, does the enemy forfeit all expectations of, for lack of a better term, kind treatment?

Take the idea that in WW2, an invasion of the Home Islands of Japan would cost millions of lives, between American servicemen, Japanese servicemen, and civilians. Two nukes and substantially fewer deaths all around, arguably, were the lesser of the two evils.

> Oh, and never justified means you are willing to watch someone torture, maim, blind and mutilate your friends and family (and yourself) because it only takes one side to start something. Anyone who says differently has no idea how cruel the world - and people - can be.

Personally, I agree. Violence begets violence (although not always; violence untempered with after-violence reconciliation certainly does) but pacifism begets slavery.

Comment Re:Wating for the Day (Score 1) 110

Wayland developers (at least one of them) push it as far superior as X by spreading FUD about X

Using the new "gedit" startup time as evidence that X is slow instead of that gnome3 is slow is a shining example - if it was the fault of X then the older "gedit" that starts extremely quickly would not be so quick.

Mr Stone has publicly held up screenshots of Rasterman's Enlightenment v0.16 as items of ridicule to demonstrate how X has so many features he thinks it should not need. I doubt that went down well since Enlightenment was one of the first projects to offer Wayland support.

Comment Re:Wating for the Day (Score 1) 110

Rubbish - extensions were put in as a mechanism so that it could age well.
Also how is a dumb framebuffer and asking others to do compositors to work with it "new"? It's video game console and MSDOS territory.
The Wayland developers don't push it as new they push it as more simple. Please try to keep up with the topic you are a fan of.

Comment Re:God Damn It, Anne Frank (Score 1) 167

Not quite so, there was a guy that became a US Senator for California (up until around 1970) who was sued for copyright violations by Hitler before Pearl Harbour.
However the court action may have been to stop his efforts at showing with Hitler's own words that the Time "Man of the Year" was not so nice a guy as so many were saying. Also funny how being anti-fascist even after the war started in Europe was painted as "unAmerican" later on.

Guys, please don't reply with a D vs R shitfight since McCarthy and a few others were a cancer out for themselves with little or no respect for the party they were in.

Comment Re:Calder v. Bull (1798) (Score 1) 167

The geek remains ignorant of the most fundamental distinctions between civil and criminal law.

The copyright lobby is pushing very hard to get criminal law to do their dirty work and the taxpayers to pay for it so that's not unusual. Those stupid advertisements about copyright violation have been deliberately blurring the line for years.

Comment Re:1976 Copyright Act (Score 1) 167

Which is one reason why there is so much effort to get copyright violations treated as criminal matters. We've even seen paramilitary responses over copyright violations with DVD-Jon, Kim Dotcom and others - it's ridiculous especially in the first case. What was DVD-Jon going to do, throw his schoolbag at someone turning up to serve a summons?

Comment Re:Sounds good... (Score 1) 111

Or remote areas where you don't want to have to keep on shipping in fuel for a generator.
Of course these things are going to scale in a linear way (twice as big for twice the power) as distinct from thermal solutions (twice as big for better than twice the power) so there's going to be an upper limit where it is just not worth it.

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