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Comment: Damn them with faint praise (Score 5, Funny) 183

by SJester (#47608843) Attached to: Hotel Charges Guests $500 For Bad Online Reviews
I'd be so tempted to write a positive review that damns them with faint praise. "I was delighted to discover that the toilets on the first floor do flush adequately, and that the water stops rising eventually and goes back down!" Or "the cheap fake strawberry air freshener reminds me of my best year in college."

Comment: Re:Israel lied about bombing the UN school. (Score 1) 868

by SJester (#47557593) Attached to: Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline
Actually, they did not target the school, they do admit they hit it, and they say that their single round which hit it did not result in casualties. They also provided footage. At times they have also provided radar tracks showing Hamas rockets landing in Gaza.

Comment: Re:Nuke Gaza! (Score 1) 868

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No. The terrorists might deserve it but the innocents do not. And there are innocents in Gaza, lots of them. The civilian casualties so far have been terrible despite Israel's attempts to limit them*. There is not much that can be done to protect civilians beyond what Israel has already done. But to nuke them is reprehensible even if it were feasible. The current option is bad but possibly the only method to secure innocent Israelis. That option would be murder. *And despite Hamas inflating numbers and adding their own dead combatants to the list. And of course adding at least twenty-five people who they executed for suspected collusion with Israel, whom they then listed as martyrs.

Comment: Re: This might actually kill more than the bombs (Score 4, Insightful) 868

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No, a war crime is intentionally targeting a civilian population, such as launching explosives at population centers. It is not a war crime to strike at a launch site or munitions depot. I'm not sure if it's a war crime to establish that site or depot inside a school (twice so far according to the UN, who is not exactly motivated to care), or inside a mosque (once, to my knowledge) or inside a home (dozens of them.) But when you need to stop the war crimes and destroy a launch site, what do you do to limit civilian casualties? Warn them every way possible and then limit fire, which is precisely what Israel has done. What Hamas has done in turn is herd civilians into the line of fire. Should Israel hold their fire? Are they obligated to shelter Hamas' civilians in addition to their own? You're welcome to dispute this. There is ample footage of Israeli warnings followed by civilians crowding the rooftops. Just as there is footage of gunmen turning fleeing civilians back into targeted areas, and two UN reports prior to this war of Hamas using child labor (160 dead) to dig their tunnels. This is not Dresden. Realize that this is what war looks like when when side uses restraint but must proceed, and the other side caulks the gaps with bodies.

Comment: Re:Radicalization (Score 1) 868

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Unfortunately, this isn't even ignoring history. This is ignoring current events. Israel gave that land to the Palestinians in return for a cessation in attacks. If their goal was to increase their territory, they wouldn't have given it away. Instead, Israel is rather unhappy because the attacks have continued. That the attacks have continued is firmly at Hamas' feet. When they were voted into power in the last election which they permitted, they also repudiated all accords with Israel which were signed by their predecessors. That's not a way to take office and certainly not a way forward to a viable peace. It was in response to that - a takeover by a group which will not acknowledge Israel nor honor treaties - it was in response to that which led Israel to tighten the borders. Wouldn't you?

Comment: Re:Radicalization (Score 5, Insightful) 868

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Poor analogy. Hamas has been trying very, very hard to kill lots and lots of civilians. They're just not very good at it but something will get through eventually. A better analogy is if that schoolyard bully keeps shooting at your house with a 22, but so far you've stayed away from the windows and your dog has kept him out of the yard. It's still not a way to live and you are under no obligation to endure it for more than... I don't know, five years? And then yes, you are completely welcome to go burn the guy's house down. Knock on the door, politely ask his parents to leave, text them, call them, leave a note, and then fire a warning shot. But yes, you can burn his house down and kill him. Because he has been trying extremely hard to kill you.

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This. I'm (90%) a scientist and I model some pretty nifty stuff. Our lab desktops have consumer GPUs. We write our code, run it for a bit, and if it looks good we send it over to the supercomputing center where it's run on Tesla systems. Beats the hell out of the days (before my time) when you'd have to stick a Post-It on your monitor that says" Do Not Turn Off - Working" and then come back three weeks later to find that it's crashed.

Comment: Re:And another on the ban pile (Score 1) 289

But there's a good question hiding in all this. Like the two of you, I won't buy from a company that intentionally screwed customers. Yet manufacturers continue to trash their customer base by doing this. It has to be profitable, right? Which means that it's worth the risk, which means that some bean counter figured that the potential loss is outweighed by the gain. Yet here we see that it isn't. They've lost buyers... Unless much of these scams go unnoticed. So who else is screwing their customers now and has not been caught?

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