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Comment: Re:Great! More hipster hate. (Score 5, Interesting) 176

by SJester (#48354777) Attached to: The Math Behind the Hipster Effect
"Hipster hate" makes a great deal of sense compared to disliking other subcultures, because those other subcultures may not appeal to you but they're marked by their own clothing, behavior, and ritual. Hipsters however don't embrace a particular ethos beyond mocking other cultures. They appropriate symbols and cruft from different eras and movements and display them in a mocking 'irony' to underscore how 'uncool' is item X or garment Y. Of course their Ray-Ban sunglasses and Smurf lunchboxes are stripped of context but there isn't much cogitation involved, just peacocking. Put simply, hipsters are reviled across cultures because those hipsters are already hating you.

Comment: Re:A good mag. (Score 1) 71

by SJester (#48247957) Attached to: 2600 Profiled: "A Print Magazine For Hackers"
I actually came across the 2600 people at a recent Maker Faire, they're there every year in an old NYNEX telephone van. It's kind of fun browsing issues they lay out on the table, reminds me of high school. But in general they're not very good conversationalists considering they're exhibiting at a festival, more of the "scowl until you go away" sort of carnies.

Comment: Re:/. is getting more and more unbelievable !! (Score 4, Funny) 217

by SJester (#48217011) Attached to: Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Mandarin At Tsinghua University In Beijing
I'm chiming in with some more agreement here. I speak and read in a couple of languages, although I think even seventh graders would be unimpressed. But I'm learning Mandarin now and holy crap. Pitch, inflection, and intonation matter so very much; it's like learning a language and an instrument at the same time. Yes, some hyperbole and of course the OP could have qualified it with "westerners" or some such. But assuming that someone is not a pedant, the statement makes sense. Mandarin is difficult for an English speaker to learn. Of course, assuming someone on /. is not a pedant is kind of stupid.

Comment: Re:Actually a good thing. (Score 1) 215

by SJester (#47892075) Attached to: Kickstarter's Problem: You Have To Make the Game Before You Ask For Money
Just an addendum to your point about overcoming barriers to entry vis a vis webhosting etc: I've seen KS help with material products, too. (I've backed a few). All of them had a physical prototype, whether it was 3D-printed or handmade, but needed to order X thousand units before a professional company would print the game at a reasonable rate, or they needed Y thousands of dollars to order custom tooling for manufacture. And as part of the funding drive, the developers solicited input from an interested audience and tweaked the project before finalizing the design. KS is great for bridging the gap between a developed idea and production. Yes, the devs could have gone to a bank - maybe - to secure a loan. But it's probably hard to sell such an idea to a loan officer. "See, it's a 4X game but it riffs off a swords and sorcery theme instead of a space opera." Mhm. GTFO, find a different bank. Kickstarter serves wonderfully as a combination of advertising, market research, and startup money. In one shot the devs can gauge interest, receive input, improve the product, collect preorders, and tap into economies of scale when hiring suppliers or manufacturers.

Comment: Damn them with faint praise (Score 5, Funny) 183

by SJester (#47608843) Attached to: Hotel Charges Guests $500 For Bad Online Reviews
I'd be so tempted to write a positive review that damns them with faint praise. "I was delighted to discover that the toilets on the first floor do flush adequately, and that the water stops rising eventually and goes back down!" Or "the cheap fake strawberry air freshener reminds me of my best year in college."

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