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Comment: Re:Fixing a social problem with technical means? (Score 2) 108

Historically, technical means are a valid way to help fix social problems. Would we have ended slavery as quickly without the cotton gin?

Isn't that backwards?

quoting from first link from "cotton gin effect on slavery"

The cotton gin freed slaves from the arthritic labor of separating seeds from the lint by hand. At the same time, the dramatically lowered cost of producing cotton fiber, the corresponding increase in the amount of cotton fabric demanded by textile mills, and the increasing prevalence of large-scale plantation agriculture resulted in a dramatic increase in the demand for more slaves to work those plantations. Overall, the slave population in the South grew from 700,000 before Whitney’s patent to more than three million in 1850—striking evidence of the changing Southern economy and its growing dependence on the slave system to keep the economy running.

Comment: Re:DRTFA (Score 3, Interesting) 166

by mooingyak (#47137695) Attached to: After the Sun (Microsystems) Sets, the Real Stories Come Out

Alan Butler, employee number 530, who at age 18 was once Sun’s youngest employee, mused somewhat wistfully: “We should have charged $1 a seat for every Java license” and that would have generated billions in cash annually, perhaps saving the company.

Fool. You'd have made about $300. With all of Java's other early problems, a price tag would have ended it before it could gain any momentum.

Pretty much the same thought I had -- I was wondering what technology would occupy java's current space if they had done that.

Comment: Re:A language that lets you do whatever (Score 0) 126

The other side, that no one has mentioned, is that perl conforms to the OO paradigm more closely than any other language

Except for nearly all of the other ones? Especially other scripting languages?

Pick a bunch of languages at random. Stick them on a dartboard. Throw something gigantic at the dartboard. Chances are every language you hit conforms to the OO paradigm more closely than perl.

I can write object-oriented assembly. That doesn't make it a particularly OOPy language. Perl objects are hacked on, somewhat painfully at that.

Comment: Re:Let me be blunt. (Score 1) 405

Anybody who uses Kindles to read DRM'd books has no appreciation for knowledge or art

So... is it DRM or the Kindle itself that removes the ability to appreciate knowledge or art? FWIW, I don't own a kindle, but I think buying one and using it would not change my level of appreciation.

and any author who relies on this customer base is making a grave mistake.

All authors should be elitists who only let the right kind of people read their books?

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