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Comment Re:James Hansen is a becoming shameful (Score 1) 352

The trains carrying coal to power plants are death trains. Coal-fired power plants are factories of death.
This isn't precisely a statement backed by peer reviewed evidence either...

It's a pretty precise statement, though not in scientific language. Coal is absolutely horribly in every way, and "death" is the absolutely correct association people should have.

When people are angry about the science being politicized, it does NOT help for the scientists to go over board politicizing things themselves in the hope of being a counter-balance.

Climate scientists have been speaking about climate change for literally three decades in neutral, factual, scientific language and were utterly ignored. If what you are doing doesn't work, you need to try something else.

The problem is not that we need to educate people about science. Those who are interested have plenty of options to educate themselves. The problem is that we need to hammer the point "your children will die from this shit" into the heads of people who don't care about the science. The kind of people who don't understand and don't want to understand the language of "the mean CO2 concentration shows a strong correlation to..." - they want to know what the point is.

And the point is that coal is death and climate change will kill us all. Yeah, maybe that's not the 120% scientifically accurate way of saying it, but what really matters is that all the desinterested people get it, and get it strongly enough that politicians start to give a fuck because it will influence election results.

Comment Politics at work (Score 1) 36

That's how modern politics works, unfortunately.

Ignore the facts. Pick the first easy thing that shows we are doing something.

Ignore the real problem. Pick a random thing from the headlines and act on that.

Ignore the known solutions. Make sure you are never seen continuously working on the same thing until it's done, our attention span is too short for that.

Comment Re:problems (Score 1) 89

Ironic that the very thing you disparage Bill Gates for you are doing yourself.

I'm running a multi-million dollar monopolistic company that harms technological progress and corners markets?

so who are you to say what is right or wrong?

I know little about education and almost nothing about malaria. So I'm not running around telling people how to run schools or cure people. But I know enough about philosophy and psychology to see your (and not just your) problem in thinking:

he has proven himself clever and successful, and I'll take that over some unknown internet forum poster any day of the week.

Bills success in exploiting the tech industry does not necessarily translate into any other knowledge. A lot of people who were genius scientists had brutally stupid ideas about politics. Many brilliant generals were utter failures at leading a country (they could win the war, but not rule what they won). We see successful people in arts or entertainment say things so stupid that listening to them is physically painful all the time on television.

He may be tricky in business, but that doesn't mean he knows one thing more about education than any random Internet forum poster. Nor does it mean he knows less. Just because I say "don't listen to him" doesn't mean "listen to me". I'm saying "think for yourself and listen to experts, not to random people with no credentials in the topic."

Comment Re:Devs continue to develop for these gimped thing (Score 1) 99

Oh please, that strawman was debunked ages ago, its no different than the *.A.A claiming that piracy cost them more than the GDP of the planet! All one has to do is look at the incredible mountains of cash valve is generating without putting out new AAA titles in years to see PC gaming is a HUGE money maker and that users do not mind DRM if its not intrusive always online horseshit like UbiSuck.

No lets cut through the bullshit, shall we? The REAL reason that you see so many developing for consoles is that console users are easy to fuck and fuck hard, end of story. They can keep the prices jacked for FAR longer on consoles because they do not have to deal with a free market, with consoles they have a captive monopoly so they are the only game in town. With PC you have Steam and GOG and the Humble Bundles and Origin and UbiPlay and Greeman Gaming and Amazon, with PCs the users have a huge market to shop from and endless titles going back 30+ years so they don't have to put up with the "take it and like it" bullshit. Check a new title 3 weeks after release, where is it cheaper? PC. 3 months? PC, 6 months, a year, 2 years? PC, PC, and PC, simply because if you don't compete? You ain't getting that money.

So don't give us the party line bullshit, its because of money alright, its because they can royally fuck console users and they have no choice but to bend over and take it.

Comment Re:Summary is so broken (Score 1) 99

Are the console OSes really so primitive that they cannot handle these things without dedicated cores? Because I have an 8 core and despite the OS having much more to do i have zero effort doing any of the above while playing games and running plenty of background tasks. Considering the hardware of both consoles is really nothing more than an HTPC it seems kinda ridiculous that it cannot perform basic tasks that PCs have been able to do quite easily for ages with hardware that powerful.

Maybe somebody that actually works console dev can chime in with the inside scoop, how primitive are the OSes on these things?

Comment Re:Sputnik? (Score 3, Interesting) 140

but the development of the Shuttle and the Soviets' failure with their equivalent

Actually, the Soviets succeeded in realizing that an airplane-shaped payload strapped onto the side of a rocket makes no sense after only one flight. It took us over 100 flights before we realized the same thing. I think they won that round.

Comment Re:AMD (Score 0) 186

AMD socket AM1, end of story. We're talking a quad core with Radeon graphics for $50 and you can get AM1 boards for $30. Slap in a 4GB stick, the cheapest case with PSU you can find (because the chip maxes out at 25w so any PSU will do) and a cheap HDD and voila! You have a pretty powerful HTPC or office box for sub $150, sub $130 if you shopped around.

Comment Re:problems (Score 1) 89

You know that Bill Gates isn't one guy doing all the work all by himself right?

Really? No, that's a total surprise to me.

The point is not who does the work. The point is who decides which path to take. And from what I've seen so far, Bill is anything but a hands-off manager. His education project is the way he thinks it should be done, and his malaria foundation does business with pharmacy companies that he holds stock in.

It might just be that he listens to his experts and then goes on stage selling their proposals as his ideas, but given his history with Microsoft and Windows and DOS, I doubt it.

Comment problems (Score 1) 89

Let's hope it goes better than BillG school reform!

It won't. Bill suffers from the same ego problem that many successful people suffer from - thinking that because you were good at one thing means you are qualified to solving every other problem. But very few people are great in vastly different domains. Even most geniuses stick to at least one area.

Giving money to people who are real experts in a domain and giving them room to find solutions is a hundred times better than coming in as a celebrity and taking over with your own random idea. This can, in fact, have a negative effect on the actual progress in the field.

Comment Re:Missing the point a bit? (Score 1) 122

Dude have you not be on the Internet lately? there is a billion and one articles extolling using these Pi style boards for HTPCs which as GP pointed out and I agreed with is some serious dumb shit, but its the Internet so there is no lack of dumbshit.

That said I have a buddy that does car PC installs and uses boards like I linked to and for THOSE kinds of embedded projects? They work VERY well, top draw on them boards when playing media is sub 12w, they are fanless, and as I pointed out all the I/O you could need is baked right in.

So again unless your project has a specific requirement to be the size of a stick of gum? The X86 units would probably be a better choice.

Comment Re:Missing the point a bit? (Score 1) 122

Exactly, unless you have an embedded project that needs to have the board be as absolutely tiny as possible it just makes more sense to buy something like this AIO board that gives you dual X86 with a decent GPU capable of doing 1080P over HDMI and with built in Wifi, USB (both 2 and 3), Sata/eSata and Ethernet. By the time you bought all that for one of these? You'd have sunk more money for a less powerful system.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 94

LOL riiiight, I'm sure they are just lining up when the reviews all say the same thing which is Steam machines are completely pointless as they give you NONE of the benefits of a console and NONE of the benefits of a Windows gaming PC. You are paying MORE money for WORSE hardware and without the entire point of consoles, the ease of use and exclusive titles. I can find review after review and they all say the same things, glitchy controller, bad UI, buggy as a pile of shit in August, its a completely pointless product that will only appeal to the Linux faithful...who won't want to have a fucking thing to do with Steam DRM ROFL!

So sorry to burst your bubble but feel free to bookmark this post and come back in 24 months and see its truth, SteamOS will do about as much to spur Linux adoption as Ubuntu has, that is jack and squat. I mean for Pete's sake you no longer even have the "free as in beer" selling point as anybody can download the Windows 10 Insider release and use it for free.

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