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Comment Minecraft? Secret? Huh? (Score 1) 634

The dude was head of a company that made one of the top-selling software packages of all time. He sold the company to Microsoft.

When someone googles your name and they get "minecraft creator sells to MS for $2BN", there is no way to not tell people.

Furthermore, when you're worth that kind of money, you *have* to change your lifestyle for personal safety.

Comment Create a State of Nature (Score 1) 634

I'd create a State of Nature to preserve the pre-civil culture of northern Europeans -- not just to "save the world" but because that's the enrivonment I want:

1) Buy up large tracts of undeveloped land in nations, in exchange for low land value taxation, that agreed to let people, on those lands, live by the 7 points of agreements between individuals outlined in the aforelinked blog post on "The State of Nature".
2) Permit any indigenous peoples to remain so long as they agreed to those points, excluding everyone else but invitees of the people in those nature preserves. This includes financing a nature preserve patrols (drones, etc.) to prevent encroachment.
3) Set up a cloning foundation to clone people who have been taken out of the gene pool by the current dysgenic culture -- particularly highly intelligent and attractive females that got conned into giving up childbearing for a "career".
4) Set up a foundation for emergency relocation of population when a host nation violates their agreement to permit autonomy.
5) Invite people I like personally to the nature preserve in which I want to live.
6) Invite other lonely billionaires to live in other nature preserves so they could enjoy the natural healthy relationships with beautiful intelligent women.
7) Do what I can to help Bezos, Musk, et al to reduce civilization's ecological footprint on the biosphere -- preferably by space migration. This involves all manner of technology.

Comment Re:Yes? And? (Score 1) 248

Because Guantanamo was created for a specific purpose to house people accused specifically of violent acts, because the government has been desperately trying to shut it down for years and would have no interest in increasing the population, because it has not had a new prisoner in years, because it would be a massive reputation hit that would serve no rational purpose and would immediately result in numerous public and expensive lawsuits that the executive branch could very easily lose causing further embarrassment, it would be a political liability to all involved, and a massive diplomatic blunder.

I mean, if you were going to argue that the US might take some other extrajudicial action against Assange, I might believe it, but GUANTANAMO? SERIOUSLY?

Comment Re: Hate speech (Score 1) 676

Actually, it has everything to do with free speech. Here in the US, it is absolutely legal for me to say, for example:

"Those pig-fucking ape-brained Germans should be exterminated, each and every one. Everyone should find the nearest Germans, burn them out of their homes and shoot them down as they flee, men, women and children alike. And in the future, little children should be taught in school to celebrate the wholly righteous total genocide of the German people."

Because, you see, in the US I actually have freedom of speech.

Facebook policy, of course, bans such a statement just like it bans bare breasts, but US law doesn't require the censorship of either.

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