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Comment Re:Don't worry, rasing the minimum wage will kill (Score 1) 392

that they raised the deductible and raised the premium.

If they raised it as little as possible, and solely because of Obamacare, then it means you had crap insurance and they were raising prices to cover extra costs of being in compliance. If either (or neither) of those things apply, they raised rates so they could screw you over, claim "Obamacare", and you wouldn't bother asking questions about why, exactly, the rates were raised tremendously.

Meanwhile, I went from a $320 "Economy" plan with my employer to a $160 "Catastrophic" (Economy for under-30s) plan through my state's Market. Same deductible, slightly higher co-pay/out-of-pocket.

Comment Re:Bias? Or reality? (Score 1) 445

The school is full of weirdos just like him

It's great that your son is doing better, and I mean no offense towards you or him, but classifying him and his smarter-than-average classmates as "weirdos" doesn't help with bullying. When you say someone is "weird", many people will associate "weird" with "outcast", and makes that someone a much easier target because the assumption is that society will not punish as harshly--if at all--for abusing/bullying someone society considers lowly.

I know you don't mean that association, but as someone else who was bullied I know (and assume you know) just how destructive words can be, even when said innocently.

Comment Re:Only for rich douchebags... (Score 1) 323

What's more, every nifty gadget we have these days began life as a product only affordable by "rich douchebags", as the GP puts it. GPS, cell phones, TVs, probably every single car feature that is now standard was once a high-priced optional.

Things, especially electronics, have never popped into existence as affordable by the middle class. It's only after economy of scale kicks in and R&D is somewhat recovered that the prices drop. So these "rich douchebags" are not only shifting money towards those various US things, but they are also beta-testing the product for a premium price before it reaches us proletariat.

Comment Re:I have seen that happen. (Score 1) 410

My guess is that this is for the "Reopen closed tab" feature. FireFox makes it appear that the tab is gone, but retains it in memory for an indeterminate length prior to the browser itself closing in case the user selects that option.

Which can be handy... except that it seems to be the only way for it to work. If there was a "hell yes I want this tab gone" option that would close the tab and release all associated memory, that would be great. But unless such a thing would give Mozilla's UI team a reason to completely redo the layout again, I doubt it will happen short of an extension.

Comment Re:It's all fun and games... (Score 1) 61

Haha, I hadn't thought about that. I was more concerned that the game will likely be stuffed to the gills with microtransactions, where you get X Pokeballs per day/week/lifetime. You can choose to buy more with real money, or to buy Pokeballs with a better capture rate (Great Ball, Ultra Ball, etc.).

Though, considering the age range the series targets, I wonder how they'll make that work. Probably make you buy cards in a store and scan them or something.

Comment Re: Clear evidence of over-reaction (Score 1) 193

It's not limited to nerds, either, but force-of-habit. If the gal in question regularly put on those kind of augmented clothes, then it wouldn't occur to her to make sure to avoid things that would scare easily-terrified people.

Anecdote: I recently flew (for the first time in four years). For my day-to-day I carry a pocket knife on me; three inches long, fairly dull, but handy to have. Knowing that I would absentmindedly grab it from where I dump my pocket stuff, I purposefully put it in my suitcase. But, then, I knew I was going through security theater, rather than just picking someone up (in such a case I likely would have had it on my person.)

Comment Re:1. Retards - Let's piss off the consumers! (Score 1) 151

Nintendo has a long history of being staunchly anti-first-anything. I believe someone high up in Nintendo once compared the second-hand selling of their games to piracy. Sony and Microsoft have dropped region encoding with their latest consoles, while Nintendo keeps it up.

The only reason we haven't seen obscene DRM from Nintendo (like requiring the kind of things Microsoft tried to do with the Xbone) is because Nintendo is still trying to completely figure out how that internet thingy works.

I say all of this as a life-long fan of Nintendo. I love their core games and have supported them in the past when they languished, but boy did they fuck up a lot of decisions for this round. I am afraid that Mr. Iwata's untimely passing will only make it worse.

Comment Re:makes no sense to me (Score 1) 536

you can rest assured that it will probably come in both gendered versions.

Ooooooh no. If sexbots become a reality and moderately affordable, I doubt that the plain-male or plain-female will even break the top ten in number of sales. There are so many fetishes you can find on the internet that can't occur in nature right now, and sexbots can make many come to life instead of being relegated to drawings and stories.

Without going into the more, uh, odd ones, an example would be a hermaphrodite (the "both genitalia" you mention). But that's still quite pedestrian given other fetishes a sexbot can bring to life...

Comment Re:Predicable do-gooder medling. (Score 1) 536

People like this should still be spoken against at the earliest possible moment (and in the most polite way possible, as releasing anger won't win anyone to your side). Even if she doesn't actually get sexbots outright banned--and I agree with you on this, that she won't--left unchecked she could still create a following or plant ideas that lead to problems in the future.

Ounce of prevention and all of that.


Me, too. :'( After the announcement that Dice was looking to sell Slashdot, I realized I hadn't seen a Hastletonoftext "article" in many weeks and thought we had finally purged ourselves of him.

If a trusted /. user did a Kickstarter to buy and maintain /. from Dice, and there was a $100 tier where the only perk was "no Bennett Hastleton", it would be funded in minutes.

Comment Re:Cheap pilot (Score 1) 149

This is an excellent idea.

However, I don't think it qualifies as "Internet of Things". My understanding is that IoT is a bunch of small items that connect through the web to make up a large network of productivity. So if each pole had a device installed that can tell when something is wrong and send a signal to HQ, that would be "IoT".

It would also be a complete waste of funds because of implementation and upkeep costs vs your idea.

The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was.