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Comment: Re:Hard Drive Bracket (Score 1) 218

by sootman (#49827473) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Your Most Unusual Hardware Hack?

Funny. I had a Dell desktop that I put a CD-ROM into. (Pentium 75; didn't come with one.) I forget why I didn't put it in the lower bay, or why I didn't have the right bracket, but anyway, a paperback copy of Stephen King's "It" was the exact right hight to hold it in place. I used it like that for several years.

Comment: This is the way the site ends... (Score 2) 98

by sootman (#49827447) Attached to: Enter the Polls! Now On the Front Page

... not with a bang, but:
_ a whimper
_ a hiss
_ no, wait, it was a bang
_ polls mixed in with stories
_ CowboyNeal

Seriously, this is FUCKING BRAINDEAD. Do you even know how this site works? Polls will get literally 5% of the votes and comments that they currently do. If you're going to take them out of the right column, you may as well just get rid of them. Seriously. Not kidding. Just fucking axe them. It's not like you give a shit about this site or its visitors or its history anyway.

So anyway, I was 17 when The Simpsons came out.* LOVED IT. Loved it for over ten years. Then it started sucking, then I started watching it less, then I quit watching it completely, and I was sad for a while (and watched the first ten seasons on DVD for a while), then I was still sad and wondering how it was doing, but couldn't quite be arsed** to find out, and just this year, I watched a couple episodes... and literally smiled once or twice during each -- nothing more -- and decided "Oh well, it's done, and it's kind of sad, but it sucks now, and I'm older, wiser, and can get by without it, and I won't even bother to watch unless I hear an episode is really great."

Finding a point in that narrative is an exercise left to the site owners.

Remember these stories? Good times.

* I might have been wearing an onion on my belt, as was the style at the time.

** USian here, but I *love* that term.

+ - Sourceforge re-packaging old software with adware

Submitted by Koyaanisqatsi
Koyaanisqatsi writes: As previously reported here, the Windows installer for the popular GIMP image editing software has been bundled with additional commercial software. What seems most disturbing is that apparently Sourceforge is making these changes to a number of other less-active packages in their site, according to reporting by Ars.

Note: SourceForge and Slashdot share a corporate parent.

Comment: Re:Out of curiosity (Score 1) 314

by sootman (#49787279) Attached to: Adblock Plus Victorious Again In Court

> 6: Secure your servers so we aren't being
> attacked from letting your ads through

Dear advertisers: Start with that. I will absolutely continue to block as many ads as possible until you fix this. If you're going to annoy me, at LEAST don't potentially harm me. It's like walking through a department store and getting sprayed with perfume which might also contain anthrax.

Comment: Re:They were better before (Score 5, Insightful) 236

by sootman (#49771767) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

The other motto is "hide everything, because we don't understand the difference between 'actually making something simple to use' and merely hiding complexity."

Dear Mozilla (and everyone else), fuck you. This shit is RETARDED. "Look everyone! We got rid of all those confusing menus! Now there's just one button! ... Which spawns a bunch of menus.

Oh, and the regular menus also all still exist.

Oh, and we have TWO buttons like that, because we are in full-on shithead mode. Why hide everything behind one button, when you can force user to FIRST choose from one of TWO buttons! Mwa ha ha ha ha! One looks like a fox, the other looks like a hamburger. NEITHER has ANYTHING to do with what lies underneath! Hey, "New Private Window" is pretty important... put it in BOTH! But only put "new tab" in one. But make "new tab" a menu, and put "new window" underneath it. Got all that? Good. I need another drink. It's almost 10am!

Seriously -- I couldn't make this shit up. There's a special spot in hell waiting for you douchebags. You are collectively wasting YEARS of people's lives with this monkey shit.

Comment: ... and the horse you rode in on. (Score 1) 387

by sootman (#49727683) Attached to: Microsoft To Teachers: Using Pens and Paper Not Fair To Students

"When was the last time you used a piece of chalk to express yourself? Kids don't express themselves with chalk or in cursive. Kids text."

Yeah, well, kids aren't trying to teach 30 other kids long division, are they? Fucking idiot. Took me 2 whole seconds to tear down your premise.

Kids also push each other to be first in line (no matter WHAT they're lining up for, they want to be first) and call each other "poopyhead." Does that indicate radical new teaching methods? LET'S DO WHAT CHILDREN DO, HERP DERP! Fucking A.

Comment: I do better notetaking with paper (Score 1) 387

by amigabill (#49725899) Attached to: Microsoft To Teachers: Using Pens and Paper Not Fair To Students

I'm working on an MS degree in Computer/Electrical Engineering. I find that I write a lot faster than I could type, particularly the large amounts of crazy math in several classes I've taken, such as refreshers on advanced math, circuit analysis, analog electronics, Fourier transforms, etc. The equations, symbols, and complex diagrams would be very hard for me with my laptop.

One might argue that writing is OK to do if it's on a tablet. Well, I find myself very frequently flipping back and forth amongst several pages, which may or may not be in linear order. Some may be from a few weeks ago. My several fingers allow me to quickly hold a page and flip to it. I would not want to be doing tremendous amounts of spastic swiping to go back and forth like Johnny 5 could flip paper pages.

My stack of tree slices isn't as compact as a tablet, but it doesn't lose power or require charging or a power cord to use it. It's not as hard to see in sunlight or other glare situations. I need a stylus in either case (pen/pencil being the paper-compatible stylus types) My observation has been that pen or pencil on paper give me a higher-resolution writing experience, the wider lines from a tablet stylus make my writing/printing less readable unless I exaggerate and write very large to space things out more. Paper is more apocalypse-resistant, in that, should I survive, I'll still be able to read my notes and textbooks a few days (and more) after doomsday, while tablets will quickly become useless.

Yea, I otherwise went through school before tablets (Well, I guess there were Newtons), and a few years before PDAs or laptops that would survive a couple classes without being plugged in. I grew up with paper. But so far I really have found it more practical to use for writing and taking class notes than a tablet.

Comment: Re:Fantasy life easier than real life (Score 2) 950

Pretty much your comment. Funny thing about women who complain about porn; they don't seem to have a problem with spending money on their own version of porn: Romance Novels. That's a $1 billion / year industry now, and the overwhelming majority of buyers are women. It's nothing more than 'dirty' moving pictures of the mind.

At the end of the day, we have to concede that there are differences in the psychological needs of men and women. We ARE different, and not just physically. As always, there are exceptions, YMMV...

Comment: Re:As a father with a daughter (Score 1) 950

Hmmm... There are a lot of men in prisons - lots of rape going on in there too - but apparently, criminals doesn't 'count'.

It is the woman's responsibility to choose wisely, knowing what burden she may carry as the result of a sexual liason. As a father, it is YOUR responsibility to help your daughter develop that skill so that the man she finally chooses will be worthy of her. It may seem unfair, but eggs are a commodity, sperm isn't.

And yes, it is generally true that when a guy thinks he's a nice guy who is rejected because he is 'nice', he typically will blame the woman. Actually, women have a kind of radar on this - and that is explained quite well here:

Comment: Re:not sure this really makes much sense (Score 2) 950

Nothing at all fucked up about thinking of dating as some sort of battle.

Isn't it though? It is a competition. The symbolism of millions of sperm/one egg directly carries through to the way dating works. Women are ultimately the arbiters of choice. The distribution may change as age sets in, but that's a whole other topic.

Comment: Oh shit (Score 3, Insightful) 128

by sootman (#49608661) Attached to: 4.0 Earthquake Near Concord, California

I take it no one on Slashdot's esteemed editorial team has every lived in an earthquake area? As a former northern CA resident, I'm here to agree with the others that anything less than a 5.0 is not news. Seriously, if I felt a 4.0 at night, I probably wouldn't even mention it to friends the next day. If they're going to start posting about every 4.0 earthquake, I'll have to leave. There are a lot of those.

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