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Comment Re:Fantasy life easier than real life (Score 2) 950

Pretty much your comment. Funny thing about women who complain about porn; they don't seem to have a problem with spending money on their own version of porn: Romance Novels. That's a $1 billion / year industry now, and the overwhelming majority of buyers are women. It's nothing more than 'dirty' moving pictures of the mind.

At the end of the day, we have to concede that there are differences in the psychological needs of men and women. We ARE different, and not just physically. As always, there are exceptions, YMMV...

Comment Re:As a father with a daughter (Score 1) 950

Hmmm... There are a lot of men in prisons - lots of rape going on in there too - but apparently, criminals doesn't 'count'.

It is the woman's responsibility to choose wisely, knowing what burden she may carry as the result of a sexual liason. As a father, it is YOUR responsibility to help your daughter develop that skill so that the man she finally chooses will be worthy of her. It may seem unfair, but eggs are a commodity, sperm isn't.

And yes, it is generally true that when a guy thinks he's a nice guy who is rejected because he is 'nice', he typically will blame the woman. Actually, women have a kind of radar on this - and that is explained quite well here:

Comment Re:not sure this really makes much sense (Score 2) 950

Nothing at all fucked up about thinking of dating as some sort of battle.

Isn't it though? It is a competition. The symbolism of millions of sperm/one egg directly carries through to the way dating works. Women are ultimately the arbiters of choice. The distribution may change as age sets in, but that's a whole other topic.

Comment Re:how many small businesses has Obama killed? (Score 1) 739

Making something affordable by making it more expensive for others isn't a sustainable solution, IMHO. The ACA (first part being 'Affordable'), did NOTHING to control out of control healthcare costs. But they did manage to pile it on to the middle class... Again.

"If you like your healthcare plan, you can...", oh what the hell. it doesn't actually matter what the man says - just pull that Blue Lever again.

Comment Re:Radicalization (Score 1) 868

Just imagine - for five seconds what our response would be if, instead of illegals, Mexico decided to lob rockets at us.

The idea of 'proportional response' becomes a bit fuzzy. You want it to stop. You want them to understand that the consequences will NOT be proportional. You want them to fully realize the fist of God that is our military might. The fact remains that Hamas provokes the situation because of people like you. People who seem to think singing 'Imagine' at them will cause a sudden peace to breakout. People who provide aid and comfort to those who start lobbing rockets at civilian areas, who excuse their actions, and then expect Israel to just sit there and take it.

What would you suggest? That Israel lobs a proportional amount of rockets at random locations in Gaza? Look, these people don't WANT peace. I know that's hard for your type to understand this mindset, but from a young age, Palestinians are taught that Jews are the enemy. There is no peace to be gained in this situation, now or in the visible future.

And the provocations will continue. And the response to said provocations will continue.

Tell me, do you think Hamas is somehow surprised at Israel's response? Really? Where is this compassion for the Palestinian people when it comes to the actions of Hamas? Why aren't we calling for war crimes on these provocateurs?

Comment Re:Editorializing (Score 1) 171

Ever seen the metallic material completely stripped off of the plastic of the disk? I have. Some companies were better than others are producing quality disks - who knows what might have happened otherwise? Better not to take the chance of damaging something not restorable and doing it the hard way rather than the easy and quick method.

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