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User Journal

Journal: Saving Great Posts 1

Journal by Rival

Every once in awhile, I come across a Slashdot comment that I really enjoy: something so interesting, insightful, funny, or otherwise notable that I want to save it for future enjoyment or reference. But how to save it?

Right now, you can only bookmark the comment's URL or paste the comment into a document. Either method works, but each has its limitations.

My proposal is that we add a small link in the comment header to mark the comment as a favorite. Ideally, this would be done with a bit of scripting so as not to navigate away from the discussion page. This would only show when you're logged in to Slashdot, like the friend/foe indicator.

Although Slashdot has a "Bookmarks" page, what I am suggesting is different. What I'd like to see is a user profile page, say or some such, which would look exactly like the comments page, except it would show your favorite comments, rather than your own. (Yes, Roland, you can mark your own comments as favorites if you want.)

Much of the code is written already, so implementation should be relatively simple. What do you all think? Would you find this feature useful or interesting?


Journal: Achievements

Journal by Rival

On April 1st of this year (2009), Slashdot launched a new achievements system. Although it was immediately mocked, it has since been marginally accepted and is now a quirky background component of Slashdot.

As a long-time member, I have watched many changes come to Slashdot. The introduction of the moderation system. The Scientology interference and backlash. The Ponies. The Web 2.0 interface. The Idle section. An entire generation of kids who have never known monochrome displays, dial-up access, assembly language, or anything analog. Some of these have been great, some terrible, and some inevitable.

But despite all of these changes, Slashdot has still stayed true to itself. A place for geeks, nerds, and other advanced misfits to get together and talk about the news, share opinions and have fun.

So to honor Slashdot and thank CmdrTaco for all his great work, I have decided to embrace this new Achievements system. The idea is ridiculous -- but it is also funny and innovative, and I respect that. Slashdot has been a significant part of my geek persona for more than a decade now, and I hope it will still be here in another decade. For that matter, I expect to be posting on January 19th, 2038. I hope so, because it will probably take me that long to catch up with CmdrTaco's achievements.

Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it. -- Perlis's Programming Proverb #58, SIGPLAN Notices, Sept. 1982