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Comment: Re:Does it have that bullshit Firefox 29 theme? (Score 1) 270

by darnkitten (#47209581) Attached to: Firefox 30 Available, Firebug 2.0 Released

In Ubuntu studio (xfce) I got the full horror. Nothing makes your day like reverting all the changes I had made since 26 to keep things the way I like them. I still have a few features that don't work the way they used to.

As soon as I upgrade to the latest LTS, I'll try installing Palemoon For Linux.

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by darnkitten (#47209495) Attached to: Firefox 30 Available, Firebug 2.0 Released

I hear yah. I just switched all the public computers in the library I run over to Pale Moon, after hearing yet another patron complain that "Firefox is broken!" A large proportion of the users here laboriously learned to use a computer and rely on careful repetition of the steps they memorized to access email or other simple tasks. Suddenly, the back button is in the wrong place, the tabs are on top, the progress bar is gone and so is their weather! They can't cope with the changes, and aren't savvy enough to be able to figure them out on their own.

So, after years of evangelizing Firefox, I find myself saying, "Just click on that little moon there; and they click; AND IT JUST WORKS LIKE FIREFOX.

Honestly, dev-folks--Unity, Australis, Gimp2.8 (File>>Save!!), etc.--don't you want us to spread the gospel of F/LOSS? Why do you have against average users? --or solid, functional user interfaces THAT ANYONE CAN USE?

Sorry. I guess I'm getting tired of being shot in the foot by my own side.

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by darnkitten (#46105019) Attached to: US Forces Coursera To Ban Students From Cuba, Iran, Sudan, and Syria
And in other states, such as mine, you declare your party affiliation at the point where they hand out the ballots. That way you can vote against the most dangerous OR for the least offensive of the candidates on one or the other ballot. A minor boon for the independent voter.

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by darnkitten (#45968829) Attached to: The Role of Freeloaders In Open Source Communities

And reckoning by code contributions leaves out those many who contribute in other ways, such as active forum participants, teachers and evangelists.

I don't know how many times, in my decade as a rural librarian, I have explained that the "big blue e" isn't the internet, or showed how Firefox can be set up to browse safely and securely. Most of the patrons who bring laptops into the library now use Firefox. Many of them use LibreOffice or OpenOffice (from before the fork) instead of the MS Office that came bundled with their systems. I even have patrons who use the (old version of) the GIMP, including local professionals who used to purchase Photoshop.

I am a contributor to the open source movement, and, at least in my small town, a significant one, despite having submitted less than five bugs in my years using F/LOSS.

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The devs have made it clear that they aren't interested in the 70-year-old user, nor even the "average" user; but rather the semi-mythical "professional" GIMP user, to whom this export/save thing is second nature. We've tried explaining about less-savvy end users and we've suggested compromise solutions, but to no avail: we've been either ignored or told off in no uncertain terms.

I'm not a coder, and have trouble getting through the technical aspects of a bug report, but I've placed many a copy of the GIMP into the hands of people looking for a good graphics solution or an alternative to Photoshop. I have been a GIMP user, teacher and evangelist for almost fifteen years, but am treated like a freeloader when I try to participate in the project.

While I, personally still use the GIMP, and like many of its new features, I keep copies of the old version around to distribute to "average" users--and I am now less likely to try to contribute.

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