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Comment: Re:now aren't you glad, Obama voters?? (Score 1) 430

by Tablizer (#48041529) Attached to: Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics

I agree that Mr. O flunks civil liberties as much as Bush (and probably Mitt), but there are other categories to consider besides civil liberties. I wish there were federal issue votes on the ballot for this kind of thing, similar to some States' "propositions". That way we don't have to lump bunches of different issues into:

Please select one:
[_] Jerk A
[_] Jerk B

Comment: Re: Taxing the Congested Skies (Score 1) 221

depends on how transparent the breakdown is... I do recall some airfares that were pretty close to 50/50 fare/taxes+fees, and I certainly have long distance phone bills that clearly show pennies worth of calls and dollars worth of "fees" that are carefully described as "not taxes".

So, while everything isn't "taxes", they are larger than you think, but the "profit" part is generally pretty small. For example, the current "profit margin" for American Airlines is negative That can't be good...

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