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Comment: Re:Way back when... (Score 1) 158

by Rick Zeman (#49778307) Attached to: Mandriva Goes Out of Business

In 1999, Mandrake was the first distro I ever got installed and running 100%. I've long since abandoned it, but it's a happy memory.

Same here. (Well, x86 linux because I had MkLinux running on a Mac, but that was almost idiot proof.) Getting the sound card going was quite a bitch, iirc. Not quite the "having to fiddle with interrupts and memory ranges" days, but it was close.

Comment: Re:Was it a company phone? (Score 1) 776

There's no version of this story where I install that app on my personal phone.

If they want to issue me a company phone to put that on, then so be it. And I'll leave that phone behind at work when I leave.

There's no version of the story that says it's her phone. It IS a company phone. RTFA!

Comment: Re:Given the high censorship of existing posts... (Score 1) 51

Given that they (Facebook) currently censor many posts, given that they continually force us to view "most popular" (by their arbitrary ranking) ... why should we trust their "news" ?

I wish those that use it ... would find another medium.

Sounds like you should follow your own advice based on the "we."

Comment: Re:I think (Score 1) 71

Playing madlibs with redacted documents is fun.
"I think that if 'SEAN CONNERY' 'HIT A HOME RUN' then 'ASTRONOMY' because.'RAISIN' 'DANCE' 'FEVER'. Really.

Someone should make an app that turns redacted documents into adlib games. It would get the cellphone generation reading national security documents

Only if it's tweeted...with an Instagram pic.

The solution of this problem is trivial and is left as an exercise for the reader.