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Comment Re:Just a branding change (Score 1) 61

Apple figured they'd rather have an Apple-branded music service to pre-load onto their phones as bloatware and all profits from said bloatware.

We know from Apple Maps that Apple is hit-and-miss with application software. Their greatness is hardware.

But yet they buy the company with with horrible--yet trendy--hardware, and a service with an ephemeral subscriber base. I don't understand this acquisition at all. I'd stab my eardrums out with a pencil if I was forced to listen to Beats for any length of time, and having a music service a la Pandora doesn't differentiate and sell their hardware--where Apple makes their money. Not sure where they're going with this one....

Submission + - Linus, Linux Security, And Thoughts Pro And Con

Rick Zeman writes: The Washington Post has an lengthy article on Linus Torvalds and his thoughts on linux security.
From the article: "...while Linux is fast, flexible and free, a growing chorus of critics warn that it has security weaknesses that could be fixed but haven’t been. Worse, as Internet security has surged as a subject of international concern, Torvalds has engaged in an occasionally profane standoff with experts on the subject. One group he has dismissed as “masturbating monkeys.” In blasting the security features produced by another group, he said in a public post, “Please just kill yourself now. The world would be a better place.”
There are legitimate philosophical differences amid the harsh words. Linux has thrived in part because of Torvalds’s relentless focus on performance and reliability, both of which could suffer if more security features were added."
Of course, contradictory points of view are presented, too.
“While I don’t think that the Linux kernel has a terrible track record, it’s certainly much worse than a lot of people would like it to be,” said Matthew Garrett, principal security engineer for CoreOS, a San Francisco company that produces an operating system based on Linux. At a time when research into protecting software has grown increasingly sophisticated, Garrett said, “very little of that research has been incorporated into Linux.”

Comment Re:Oh look (Score 1) 88

I wish people would stop with the nickelodeon party line bullshit: That other political party is bad, they are eroding your civil liberties!!!.
Republicans and Democrats are both complicit. The depressingly small number of privacy protecting politicians defies party lines...

Yep. Both parties are bought and paid for, and ethically (if not morally) bankrupt.

Comment Re:total bullshit? (Score 2) 344

Nope. Nothing the US did constituted torture under US law at the time.

You also got the use of "stupid" wrong.

And the Holocaust wasn't illegal under German law at the time. When AT&T allowed NSA to tap their lines that was illegal at the time, and Congress then passed an ex-post-facto law exonerating them.

Please explain how both of those fall into your simplistic picture, preferably without your head exploding from the contradictions.

Comment Re:total bullshit? (Score 1) 344

no but this gem, i believe

I was not thinking a lot

We hold some truths to be self-evident.

I mean, FFS, the Clintons have been in positions of power for what? 36 years... (since the 1st term began as Governor of Arkansas.)

It's clear she should have an inkling how to act in office, and yet, like so many of the political ilk, she uses her skills for evil instead of good.

Moreso than that, didn't she get her start as a young lawyer working on Watergate?

Comment Re:pros and cons (Score 1) 502

> IF the F-35 does four different roles

But it can't do _any_ of the roles well. The tradeoffs made to accommodate all different military branches needs have played havoc with doing _any_ role well. The repair and upkeep costs are astronomical, it's a fuel glutton, it's fragile, and it's clumsy.

Yeah, like a Swiss Army knife while it has a multitude of tools it excels with none of them.

Comment Re:pros and cons (Score 1) 502

Let's see how it actually does in testing before we declare the result.

The problem being that the Air Force had already declared a winner and were cutting off the A10 until Congress got involved...all before any testing at all. These (possibly rigged) tests are a new development.

Comment Re: A-10 for the Win (Score 1) 502

And speaking as an ex-tanker guy, speed and height are not what we want. The job is *close* air support- this means being nearby, able to see the target. Is this a dangerous role? Yes- modern AAA is very good. But being on the ground is kind of dangerous too, and it would be kind of nice if the Air Force were willing to actually help out rather than just chucking a precision bomb from 20KM away and hoping it's enough. (And then being shot down by a modern dedicated fighter jet since it's not very stealthy with the weapon racks open and sucks in air-to-air combat even against 40-year-old models like the F-16)

Right, you nailed it. The A10s do CAS and the the more capable air-to-air combat planes cover for the A10s.

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