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Comment: Have the solutions converged? (Score 4, Interesting) 77

by RichMan (#48053005) Attached to: Supercomputing Upgrade Produces High-Resolution Storm Forecasts

I was at a supercomputing conference back in the 90's. There were wonderful reports on doubling the resolution of the grid and so on. Advances in the scale are all good.

The questions are
a) with the increase in detail of the simulations have we converged on a solution. That is do solutions at scale N and 10N match. If they do then the resolution and model are aligned for accuracy in the solution.
b) do the simulations agree with reality.

If a) and not b) then there is something wrong with the model that is not related to compute power or problem resolution, and no amount of compute power will fix it.

Comment: Consitantly inconsistent name/numbering (Score 1) 644

by RichMan (#48031983) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Windows 10

So has Microsoft stuck with a naming convention for more than 2 releases?

Looking at the program loader days --
        Windows 1.0
        Windows 2.0
        Windows 3.x
        Windows 95
        Windows 98
        Windows ME
- not really. 1.0,2.0 3..... was close

Now the real OS lineup -
Windows NT 3.1
Windows NT 3.5
Windows NT 3.51
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000
Windows XP (full details)
Windows Server 2003
Windows Vista (full details)
Windows Server 2008
Windows 7 (full details)
Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows 8 (full details)
Windows Server 2012

I would give them points for server 2003,2008,2012 if they were not spinning Vista and 7,8 at the same time.

Going to have to say they were doing ok with the NT numbering, but we know NT was not done by real Microsoft People, when the Real Microsoft (tm) got ahold of it, it became WindowsXP.

Comment: wind is caused by temperature not the reverse (Score 0) 207

by RichMan (#47979077) Attached to: Study Links Pacific Coastal Warming To Changing Winds

Wind is flow from high pressure to low pressure. Remeber physics PV = NrT. Local pressure is proportional to temperature (in Kelvin).

"somewhat surprising degree to which the winds can explain all the wiggles in the temperature curve"
Interesting that the paper author can have it backwards.

PV=NrT explains a lot. It explains why hot air rises. At the same pressure, left hand side if T is bigger than N is smaller (r is constant). So a specific volume of air at the same pressure the hotter air has less N, or less component atoms so weighs less.

Comment: Re:Where is the misuse of military equipment charg (Score 1) 286

Regardless of guilty or not he was using the equipment outside of the allowed operating parameters. You can't take a tank for joyride, borrow an automatic rifle to go varmant hunting at your rural property, or misuse military computers.

The question for the masses, is this worse than committing the military network to working on folding-at-home or bitcoin production?

Comment: What we do know - (Score 2) 465

by RichMan (#47725995) Attached to: Cause of Global Warming 'Hiatus' Found Deep In the Atlantic

What we do know is that we don't know exactly how the whole system works. The whole system being the planetary carboin cycle on which we depend for our one and only nice comfortable life sustaining climate.

Given that we don't know how it all works and we depend on it are we really happy shitting in our own bathtub by releasing all sorts of long term stored carbon? Wouldn't it be better to slow down to a more natural rate and study the thing before we continued doing what might be self destructive.

Comment: "on high profile beliefs" how about all (Score 2) 725

by RichMan (#47393813) Attached to: When Beliefs and Facts Collide

Being religious and "accepting science" is just drawing the boundaries in a different place. There is still a science no-go zone so they really do not accept science they just define the boundaries differently.

How about on all beliefs should be rejected and replaced with reality. A belief system that contradicts with the world we live in should be diagnosed as a phsycological disorder.

Psychosis is a loss of contact with reality that usually includes: False beliefs about what is taking place or who one is (delusions) ; Seeing or hearing things that aren't there (hallucinations).

Why does society accept the mass relgious psychosis yet reject other forms?

Science is about changing our "belief" system to match what we know about the world we live in. Religion is about denying the world we live in for a belief system that is a mental fugue.

Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable.