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Comment: bin trades and add randomness (Score 1) 342

by RichMan (#46683707) Attached to: Australia May 'Pause' Trades To Tackle High-Frequency Trading

a) resolution in 5 second trade blocks
            - don't resolve trades with bid/ask when they arrive. Accumulate 5 seconds of incoming bid/ask then resolve. Pass the remaining unresolved to the next interval.
b) Arrival time +10 to 20 seconds random interval -> fuzzy bin boundaries and fixed "lag". Not guaranteed to get simultaneous orders into the same trade bin. Keeps trading honest and less able to be gamed.
c) fixed lag and binning means no insta-cancelling orders.
d) no cancelling once posted into the (b) queue. Yes you trade in the lag. So does everyone else. The traders can factor that into their margins and strategies.

Comment: Another Cloud Dispersal (Score 4, Insightful) 160

by RichMan (#46638899) Attached to: Canonical Shutting Down Ubuntu One File Services

The non-permanence of cloud services like storage and sharing is going to be hard to solve. Sure some will last. But some will not. How do you choose the ones the will?

How will the industry handle the increasing number of people that have suffered "cloud failure". These people are going to be reluctant to use future services.

Comment: mass in motion (Score 4, Interesting) 262

by RichMan (#46595733) Attached to: Prototype Volvo Flywheel Tech Uses Car's Wasted Brake Energy

The big factor is mass. To store energy you need to spin up and down the mass. However to drive in general you want to carry less mass on the vehicle.

Factor #1: A more massive flywheel can store more energy at slower spin rates.
Factor #2: A more massive flywheel is going to be more of a load in general driving.

The optimium point of flywheel mass is going to depend on driving conditions. Really you should have at least 2 interchangeable fly wheels that you physically replace in the vehicle. One flywheel for city driving one for highway driving.

Factor #3: A spinning flywheel is one hell of an energy store. Having a stopped vehichle with a fully spun up flywheel hit could release the spinning flywheel to the detriment of pedestrians in the neighborhood.
Factor #4: Starting from a stop and attempting to corner, left or right, having a spinning flywheel is going to do gyroscopic things to the vehicle.

There are all sorts of tradeoffs and safety considerations here.

Comment: Re:History Lesson:German occupation of Czechoslova (Score 3, Insightful) 551

by RichMan (#46566453) Attached to: Russians Take Ukraine's Last Land Base In Crimea

Unfortunately we are in the very dangerous point of really needing lots of people to die to stop Putin. I am sure he knows this and knows that until he encounters a country
a) willing to commit to the loss of lives
b) expecting to be able to "win" should a) occur
Putin is going to be able to do whatever he wants.

After the interventions in Iraq and Afghanistian it is clear that the west is highly resistant to (a) and is uncertain if (b) is even possible. With those massive levels of innertia Putin is going to be able to march all over the Ukraine and likely several other "Soviet" regions as well.

Comment: History Lesson:German occupation of Czechoslovakia (Score 5, Insightful) 551

by RichMan (#46566141) Attached to: Russians Take Ukraine's Last Land Base In Crimea
At the time Germay was "reoccupying land dominated by Germans". The League of Nations stood by and actually there were negotiated terms, the Munich Accord which spelled out what would happen.

However, Germany was emboldened by the success of expansion. And the occupation was far from the end of the aggression.

Comment: even angrier (Score 2) 133

by RichMan (#46517783) Attached to: New Facial Recognition Software May Detect Looming Road Rage

So someone gets cut off. They get mad. Then the system auto-controlls or shuts the car down.
Then the person gets even madder.
And as they cannot even chase the original cause will then just open up on the traffic flow in general.

I don't see this fixing anything unless it autoinjects some nice drugs.

Comment: Re:Is "impact" such a bad thing? (Score 2) 183

by RichMan (#46473613) Attached to: Power Cables' UV Flashes Apparently Frighten Animals

As people don't like living under power lines the land is often left wild, a lot of power line corridors are counted as wildlife corridors. This would tend to indicate that animals also don't like living under power lines and that corridors should not be counted as wildlife corridors.

Comment: Cut Them, Not Me (Score 1) 676

by RichMan (#46457743) Attached to: 70% of U.S. Government Spending Is Writing Checks To Individuals

And if you talk to anyone it will be "Cut their benefits. Don't touch mine".

Deductible mortgages, supplement this, old age that, infrastructure projects, pork projects, transport, farm, pretty much everyone gets multiple handouts of one form or another.

If you want to open the can of worms go ahead, but it generally is worse than the hydra that grows back heads for everyone cut off.

Comment: Re:Radioshack's main problem... structure (Score 2, Interesting) 423

by RichMan (#46399749) Attached to: RadioShack To Close 1,100 Stores

They should have changed their business model to match their business setup
#1 order on line for parts
#2 pickup in store using their existing delivery network to "ship for free"
They could have had 1 week delivery. Essentially 1 or 2 days for most places near a distribution center. They had weekly or 2x weekly shipments.

Rather than a limited in store inventory. That
a) frees up store space
b) reduced individual store inventory
c) gets a much wider array of parts
d) drives foot traffic

Comment: Security is Job #1 (Score 1) 704

by RichMan (#46396899) Attached to: Bitcoin Exchange Flexcoin Wiped Out By Theft

The data penetration market is currently very involved and you need very good security, on all three levels, electronic, physical and personnel to keep data secure. I think the lure of the bitcoin profit was too easy for new people to enter.

So people set up these multi-million dollar value exchange/vaults without security as thought ONE. I think this is more a testament to the cowboy free range nature of the bit coin market when faced with organized criminal hacker cultures.

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