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Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1) 501

in the hope that it will in turn discourage similar behaviour towards real women

Cortana's programming might help solve the GIFT issue where otherwise normal people act like assholes when they are unable to see the people they are acting out at, but since humans behave differently when presented with a computer and with a live human, it will probably do very little for actual human interaction.

Comment Re:Another benefit of low crude pricing (Score 2, Insightful) 92

The level of arrogance and ignorance in both your post and the grandparent would be astounding if it wasn't for the fact that it appears to be all-too-common. That "landlocked Asian minor country" has the largest coastline of any nation in the world. They are in the midst of rapid deployment of technologies to exploit the resources and opportunities of the arctic region including many new icebreakers in an effort to open a northern sea route (which may become very viable if the global warming predictions come true). Further, their current military campaign in Syria has proven remarkably effective, especially in contrast to the anemic actions of the United States and our western allies before they entered the conflict. They have demonstrated the capabilities of submarines being able to fire missiles while submerged to the effective use of some of their most modern fighters (as opposed to our failed F-35) and effective long range cruise missiles. They are growing increasingly capable while we appear to be stagnating.

It should also be noted that Russia has been signing major deals with some of the world's largest nations at the same time that we seem to be alienating our friends here in the United States. Far from being a needy border-line-third-world-nation, Russia seems to be showing us up time and again. Twice now the United States in the past few years, the United States has been forced to back down when Russia asserted their will in Syria, and despite economic pressure on Russia over Ukraine, they have not backed down at all. A lot of talk has been made over how Russia has a shrinking cash reserve and yet everyone seems to forget that _they_actually_have_a_reserve. Further, their foreign debt is currently decreasing at the same time our national debt has just reached $19 trillion. When one considers that our proposed defense budget is as large at the combined total of the next 8 countries and yet we have a fighter that cannot fight and a high-tech destroyer that cannot float, I don't think we have much room at all to speak of Russian corruption (though it almost certainly exists).

Given current trajectories, it seems to me that our country is more likely to face a future of irrelevancy than the Russians right now. Our press is very selective about what they cover, but reality has a nasty way of asserting itself and often in very painful ways.

Comment Re:The 0.01% (Score 1) 217

You will need to convince them your future earnings would be negatively impacted if you fail

That requires convincing?

I doubt you are in a position to negotiate such a contract

No problem! Let me propose a slate of my best friends to be the board members who vote on the contract. Do you agree? Yes/Abstain (I voted Yes)

Submission + - Dridex Banking Malware Adds a New Trick

itwbennett writes: The Dridex banking malware has proven to be resilient despite law enforcement action last year by the U.S. and U.K. that took down part of its network. And now it's got a new trick. IBM's X-Force researchers have found that the latest version of Dridex uses a technique known as DNS cache poisoning to direct victims asking for a legitimate banking website to a fake site. Dridex's operators have created clones of the websites of 13 U.K. banks, which are used in the attacks.

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