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Comment: Re:More like to his own parents (Score 3, Interesting) 130

Without skullduggery, we would know Bill Gates as "that embedded BASIC guy". And there would be nothing wrong with that, either. It would certainly be better than "headed corporation convicted of deliberate anti-trust actions", although he certainly is spending a lot of money to Rockefeller his way into a cushier spot in the history books.

Comment: Re:It took 5 years? (Score 1) 164

We can only go by reported vulnerabilities - we have no data for unreported vulnerabilities, and claiming that there are fewer unreported vulnerabilities in the linux and bsd kernels than in the windows kernel is totally unprovable - it's "magic thinking".

No, it's a proven fact. Now you don't even know what you wrote. Hilarious. You've got yourself all in a tizzy.

Comment: Re:Serves them right! (Score 2) 45

by drinkypoo (#49602659) Attached to: CareerBuilder Cyberattack Delivers Malware Straight To Employers

Both should be scanned by the job site. Neither is encrypted, and both are being re-served to clients, so a scan should have been done.

If they were half as smart as they think they are, they'd demand plain text. It doesn't hide malware unless you save it to a file and double-click it. Who gives a shit about what font a resume is in? They can buy the layout.

Comment: Re:It took 5 years? (Score 1) 164

Which I guess is why the Windows kernel is now more secure than either the Linux or BSD kernels. So, citation provided :-)

I've already debunked the citation of this report when other people who failed to understand it cited it. That is a report on reported vulnerabilities. It says so right at the top of the chart. Now, go back and re-read my prior comment to understand why that is useless, and why you have failed.

If you want me to debunk any other crappy citations for you, I can do that. But if it gets to be a habit, I'm going to bill you.

Comment: Re:AT&T Autopay - Ha! (Score 1) 223

It was probably a problem with the corner junction box servicing the area, as several years ago we had a similar problem in one of my customers neighborhoods and it turned out it was a mouse that was building a nest in the box and gnawing on the wires.

You'd be surprised how often shit like this can be traced back to actual bugs and rodents, we had power knocked out to nearly a quarter of the city, the culprit? A squirrel had managed to get itself fried climbing on one of the large transformers and the surge blew the transformer, one deep fried squirrel shut down power for nearly 3 hours.

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