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Comment The rebirth of trade schools (Score 1) 173

Is this the rebirth of trade schools?

IBM backs four of them, but they'll also be run by tech giants like Microsoft and SAP, major energy companies like ConEdison, along with hospital systems, manufacturing associations, and civil engineering trade groups.

This is either a new form of trade schools, or some kind of corporate takeover of education.

Submission + - Gamers Are Fans of Games, Not Genres

_xeno_ writes: A recent article on Steam Spy talks about how your target audience doesn't exist — or, more specifically, how there is no such thing as an "FPS gamer" or an "MMO gamer" or a "MOBA gamer." The majority of players tend to be fans of specific games, rather than genres. For example, the wildly popular MMO World of Warcraft managed to reach over 10 million players at its peak. However, these players never became "MMO gamers" — they were simply World of Warcraft gamers. As World of Warcraft's subscriber numbers fall, there's been no corresponding uptick in subscribers of other, competing MMOs. In fact, pretty much ever MMO released since World of Warcraft has been forced to move to a "free-to-play" model simply to survive. The article explains how the majority of gamers concentrate on a very small number of games, rarely trying new games: they're fans of a specific game, not any game that plays like it.

Comment Re:4th amendment (Score 1) 686

This is where the theory and the practicality collide. Even if the founding fathers intended for citizens to have the same weapons as the government, we cannot allow citizens to have nuclear weapons. It would be too dangerous. Of course, a nuclear weapon is probably not so useful against a tyrannical government anyway.

Thinking further, I wonder where that line should be drawn? Should it be okay for individuals to own armed fighter jets? How about aircraft carriers?

Comment Keep up your verbal and written skills too.... (Score 5, Insightful) 242

Yes, you should stay current. That doesn't necessarily mean GitHub, but you should at least have a pretty good idea of what GitHub is, what it does and how to use it.

Here's the thing. If you want to get a programming job today, chances are you'll need to pass through some kind of "white board" programming test. That is, a 1-3 hour session where the hiring manager and team will sit you down and ask you to come up with code and architecture to solve a real world problem. That means that you'll need to be able to think on your feet. It can be a terrifying, humbling experience if you are not prepared for it or even if you are. So, the best thing you can do is be prepared.

If you're selling yourself as a Java developer, you had damned well know Java inside out. Yeah, that means crack open a recent website and read up not just on all the fundamentals you've forgotten but also read up on some of the newer stuff that Java's added in the last few years. Walk through some sample interview questions on the web.

Secondly, work on your people skills. You'll have to be able to explain yourself clearly and concisely. You can be a brilliant technical person but if you cannot be understood, you won't get the job. During the white board session, people aren't looking for perfect syntax. What they are looking for is how you approach a problem, how you break it down, and how you communicate your path through the problem. Again, this all comes down to good communication skills as much as how well you sling code.

For the record: I'm a 53 year old programmer. I just "retired" from one company and landed in another with a 20% pay raise and better opportunities to move upwards. And yeah, I did have to pass a grueling 3 hour "white board" test. It can be done.

Comment This summary is fishy... (Score 2) 212

YouTube claims that I haven't been able to prove that I have commercial rights to this video of Superman.

I've never heard of YouTube doing this. If this is the US, then something is missing here.

If YouTube wants safe harbor under the DMCA, my understanding is that they can't require that you prove you own the copyright. Instead, they have to let you publish the content, then wait for someone to file a DMCA complaint against you. Then, once you file a counter to it, YouTube must allow the video to go back up. I'm not aware of any point in the process where YouTube gets to determine who owns the copyright.

You didn't mention anything about anyone filing a DMCA claim against you, so I'm totally confused where this requires to prove your commercial rights comes from. Ultimately, the answer here is probably "get a lawyer." Especially since you mention "commercial."

Comment Re:Don't trust the BIOS? (Score 1) 163

Yeah, if you don't trust the BIOS then you are not in good shape.

Yes, we would. We very much would. Such a "fix" would almost certainly end up locking you into one particular driver version, "helpfully" rolling back any newer driver you installed to fix additional issues/a

That's a strawman attack. I specifically said "installing a fix for a video driver that they knew caused lock-ups." You changed my scenario to "overwriting the video driver blindly" then attacked that scenario.

Comment Re:Windows Platform Binary Table (Score 4, Informative) 163

Both are to blame because there are 2 distinct problems here:

1. Microsoft trusts BIOS firmware enough to allow it to install arbitrary software on the machine.
2. Lenovo BIOS miuses the feature to install crapware.

We would not be complaining about #1 if Windows required user confirmation before doing this.
We would not be complaining about #2 if Lenovo was installing a fix for a video driver that they knew caused lock-ups on their hardware.

Technically though, the BIOS could probably do this even without Microsoft's help, although it would be much tougher to implement.

Comment Not easy or low-tech at all! (Score 1) 46

This provides an easy, low-tech way to let the eyes focus more easily, and alleviate the strain that causes headaches.

So it doubles the number of LCD panels, introduces one that is a different kind from the other, and changes the rendering process. How is that easy and low-tech? (Maybe the software just looks at the Z buffer to distinguish near and far?) Nice job though. This seems like a great trick and might just be the start of something even better.

Comment Re:It'd be hilareous if not so sad... (Score 1) 338

If you mean the Banqiao Dam that 170,000 number seems very suspect.

A 2005 book compiled by the Archives Bureau of Suiping county reports that more than 230,000 were carried away by water, in which 18,869 died.[9] It has been reported that 90,000 - 230,000 people were killed as a result of the dam breaking.

Notice that the 18,869 number is cited, and the second number is weasel-worded.

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