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Submission + - iOS WiFi Bug Allows Remote Reboot Of All Devices In Area 2

BronsCon writes: A recently disclosed flaw in iOS 8 dubbed "No iOS Zone" allows an attacker to create a WiFi hot spot that will cause iOS devices to become unstable, crash, and reboot, even when in offline mode. Adi Sharabani and Yair Amit of Skycure are working with Apple for a fix; but, for now, the only workaround is to simply not be in range of such a malicious network.

Submission + - Drone Killed Hostages From U.S. and Italy 1 writes: The NYT reports that President Obama has offered an emotional apology for the accidental killing of two hostages held by Al Qaeda, one of them American, in a United States government counterterrorism operation in January, saying he takes “full responsibility” for their deaths. “As president and as commander in chief, I take full responsibility for all our counterterrorism operations,” including the one that inadvertently took the lives of the two captives, a grim-faced Obama said in a statement to reporters in the White House briefing room. The White House earlier released an extraordinary statement revealing that intelligence officials had confirmed that Warren Weinstein, an American held by Al Qaeda since 2011, and Giovanni Lo Porto, an Italian held since 2012, died during the operation. Gunmen abducted Warren Weinstein in 2011 from his home in Lahore, Pakistan. They posed as neighbors, offered food and then pistol-whipped the American aid worker and tied up his guards, according to his daughter Alisa Weinstein.

The White House did not explain why it has taken three months to disclose the episode. Obama said that the operation was conducted after hundreds of hours of surveillance had convinced American officials that they were targeting an Al Qaeda compound where no civilians were present, and that “capturing these terrorists was not possible.” The White House said the operation that killed the two hostages “was lawful and conducted consistent with our counterterrorism policies” but nonetheless the government is conducting a “thorough independent review” to determine what happened and how such casualties could be avoided in the future.

Comment Re:Not all of these are equal... (Score 1) 66

The USPS has a history of convictions of individuals spreading illegal thoughts and unpopular speech during the early portions of the 19th century.

  The Espionage Act of 1917 and Sedition Act of 1918 helped convict people for horrendous crimes such as, association with the Communist Party, opposing conscription and unpopular speech.

Early Communist, anarchist, socialist and others were convicted jailed and deported with much help from the USPS.

Becoming an enemy of the state means a person is disliked by the ruling political party.

Comment Darwinian Science (Score 1) 296

Half the fun of the old science kits was learning not to becoming a Darwin award winner. With all the coddling and protectiveness in the world today what kid is going to learn not to mix calcium carbide and water in a balloon and let it float over a kitchen table with lit candles? That is outside play!

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