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Comment Re:Jamming (Score 2) 368

Erm, drones typically navigate by GPS signals, without direct control necessarily. They won't continue "straight", they'll follow their flightpath. If under remote control, typical programming has them maintain location for a period of time to regain lost signal, then return to launch site via retracing the previous flight path (presumed clear of obstructions) if signal is not restored within that period of time.

IE, jamming control signals might induce more intrusive behavior than physical disabling, such that they plummet. Jamming GPS signals has other more intrusive complications nowadays.

Comment Re:Am I the only guy here that likes G+? (Score 4, Interesting) 153

We use it extensively, it's replaced email, texting, all sorts of other services as you can just contact on G+ and the right people get the message in the manner they prefer without any spam.

Admittedly most of my social spheres aren't active users of other networks, just keeping them for grandma or that one outlier.

Comment Re:How did it react during the accident? (Score 1) 549

I'm guessing you didn't read my post?

A human driver, aware of a likely rear end would (should) lighten the pressure on the brakes, to allow their vehicle to more forward slightly (not enough to hit the car in front, for which the driver would be liable), thereby minimizing property damage to their own vehicle, the colliding vehicle, and reducing injury.

There is no time to "go" anywhere in these circumstances, in fact usually it all happens faster than a conscious brain can react and is just instinctive.

Comment How did it react during the accident? (Score 1) 549

As a human, when I was rear ended, I saw it coming, I verified my wheels were straight, I was out of gear, and I lessened the brake pressure to reduce damage by allowing my vehicle to move forward a bit before braking more to bring us both to a stop.

The video makes it appear the self driving vehicle just stayed stopped, thereby exacerbating the injuries of the occupants.

(The time I was rear-ended, the car that hit me was totaled, the front end completely crushed up to the passenger compartment, my vehicle was fine, I was unharmed and continued on my way.)

The video makes it appear like a very low impact yet three occupants were injured in a modern vehicle with crumple zones?

I'm a big fan of self-driving systems and can't wait until humans are removed from the equation, but that sounds bad, not an improvement.

Comment 3 gigs of ram? (Score 5, Funny) 62

3 GB of ram is 2 GB and 1,016 MB more RAM than I need for anything I run on my Amiga. (That's presuming 2 MB of CHIP RAM separate from the Fast RAM.)

Heck, with that much RAM I could multitask every title and application I ever had. *glances over at rack of 3.5" floppies in bookcase

Comment Re:If it's an autocar. (Score 1) 654

Sadly here, drive takes an hour and half.

Train takes twenty minutes to drive to the station, pay to park, walk to station another 5 minutes, wait for train ten to fifteen minutes, ride train for over an hour, then need a way to get from the station to work/destination for however long that takes.

Admittedly currently the train costs about three times driving, but if you make it free, you'd need to find a way to reduce the time.

A car driving itself turns that uninterrupted time into nap time (or productivity time), a luxury rather than a hassle.

Comment If it's an autocar. (Score 1) 654

If by free public transportation you mean a private car pulls up to where I am, I get in, it drives me to where I need to go while I have wifi access, then I'll sell one of my cars.

If by free public transportation you mean the bus or train, I'm sorry but I don't have time for those.

Comment Re:Amen brother! (Score 2) 424

I don't know about being logged in, but my home page has Verbatim Google search rather than raw Google (and Verbatim set in my search prefs--which requires being logged in, for when I don't access it from my own page form). Quotes help too of course for specific purposes, and -uselessresultterm as well. I do wish for original Alta Vista back though.

Comment Re:Commodore Amiga or Commodore PC? (Score 1) 456

I didn't view my A500 being called a PC an insult, why would I? It was a personal computer far ahead of the Apple PCs (Macs didn't exist yet), IBM personal computers and a bit more advanced than Atari personal computers.

I didn't view my A2000 being called a PC an insult, nor my A4000, why would I? It was a personal computer that ran Amiga software, Mac software and MS-DOS software all on the same hardware, and at speeds faster than actual Macs ironically.

I don't view my current "Amiga" installation being called a PC an insult, I think it's pretty cool to still be using software productively in my daily life under emulation. I always wanted a portable Amiga, and for the past decade I've had and used one.

It was pretty hard to insult such a device, that performed in every aspect better than the more expensive alternatives. The only thing it lacked was effective marketing in the States, but it was the predominant player overseas.

I never heard anyone use your term "home computer" and it wasn't mentioned in computer classes that came into being later that I saw. Personal computers, microcomputers and mainframes were, dumb terminals too of course.

Comment Re:Commodore Amiga or Commodore PC? (Score 1) 456

Actually the other main processor, the Fat Agnus, ran on alternate clock cycles from the 68k. That's why it had a 28 Mhz clock crystal for a 7 Mhz processor from my understanding.

I do not know which timing the gate array (Gary), video chip (Denise), or sound (Paula) were on however.

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