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Comment Wait... (Score 5, Interesting) 216

So we used to have a simple system, see http:/// on the URL bar, or see https:/// on the bar.

Then some idiot got the bright idea of hiding the start of the URL, so users could be ignorant or infuriated.

Now they are going to use another symbol to indicate the lack of an "s"?

Have I really got this right?

(Hopefully in the future the symbol will be clarified by replacing it with a sequence of letters.)

Comment Re:NFC tags instead of wireless, easier, more usef (Score 1) 481

It's more hardware dependent, not software, so any device with an NFC antenna (mine's from 2013), which a few years ago got added to more and more devices for contactless payments and wireless charging. In stock Android it defaults to enabled (some users turn NFC off to limit battery drain). Just search your preferred app store for NFC, there are multiple apps that trigger actions and provide nfc tools.

For Apple, sorry, last I knew it wasn't available on their devices, new ones might have it for limited payments, but not available to developers yet according to a superficial google search. This is a case where the hardware might now start to be offered without software accessibility.

Comment NFC tags instead of wireless, easier, more useful (Score 4, Interesting) 481

Near field communication tags, instead of wireless, since all these things listed complete based on time, I just set the tag to start a timer on my device. When it's done, ding!

Boil a pot of water for cooking? 8 minutes. Preheat the oven? Ditto. Cycle of laundry (both drier and washer complete and ready for unloading), 50 minutes.

The other benefit of this method is being able to see how much is remaining for planning, rather than waiting for a wireless update to know what's going on, and lacking info in the meantime.

NFC tags are also useful for other stuff, "nap" tag stuck to the side of my bed turns off certain phone sounds, sets a 25 min. timer and disables auto-rotation of the screen.

NFC tag on dash the car, disables wireless, enables dashcam (and/or nav software), enables autorotation of the screen.

The NFC stickers cost pennies per, so you end up buying at least a dozen and putting them to various uses.

Comment Re:As far as I'm aware.... (Score 1) 423

In my state the cost of damages factors in, which was set when the law was written, and back in the 80s meant every accident passed the threshold. So you're only leaving if there isn't an apparent scratch that would need paint.

Of course, last two incidents I've been part of (rear-ended on highway, and hit by a boat when stopped) had no damage for either. So just a handshake for one, and wave and "no worries" for the other.

Comment Oy (Score 1) 451

First thought, I can fly up at maximum rate to a toll booth line, or line of traffic at a red traffic light, and the car will stop me without collision in dry conditions? That'll be TERRIFYING to the car in line. That'll mean MORE accidents for those accustomed to such systems in the wet or snow.

(It's like antilock brakes, they increase the stopping distance for those who properly apply brakes, but reduce it for those that don't, but nowadays everyone has to adapt to a different technique that is a greater stopping distance.)

Second thought, I can push a button to keep the guy next to me from going anywhere because his brakes are now activated? I can get the guy on the highway who is a jerk to suddenly be stopped by using an app on my phone? The hacking potential is awesome!

Third thought, now if you drive over the speed limit, your car will brake wherever people decide you shouldn't be going faster than some amount, regardless of reasons for doing so, or your brakes will be worn down and overheated. Great.

Rush's "Red Barchetta" song is no longer the future, it's hear.

PS: Just like it has come time to stop updating Windows to prevent MS from installing malware via updates, it might be time to stop buying new cars.

Comment Re:Nexus 7 (2013) (Score 2) 283

Yeah, I'm very happy w/my 2013 Nexus 7, $70ish, rooted, just works nicely. Cheap enough to not have to worry about, easily opened, battery can be replaced if willing, not sure newer have these attributes or significant enough different performance.

Comment Re:Jamming (Score 2) 368

Erm, drones typically navigate by GPS signals, without direct control necessarily. They won't continue "straight", they'll follow their flightpath. If under remote control, typical programming has them maintain location for a period of time to regain lost signal, then return to launch site via retracing the previous flight path (presumed clear of obstructions) if signal is not restored within that period of time.

IE, jamming control signals might induce more intrusive behavior than physical disabling, such that they plummet. Jamming GPS signals has other more intrusive complications nowadays.

Comment Re:Am I the only guy here that likes G+? (Score 4, Interesting) 153

We use it extensively, it's replaced email, texting, all sorts of other services as you can just contact on G+ and the right people get the message in the manner they prefer without any spam.

Admittedly most of my social spheres aren't active users of other networks, just keeping them for grandma or that one outlier.

Comment Re:How did it react during the accident? (Score 1) 549

I'm guessing you didn't read my post?

A human driver, aware of a likely rear end would (should) lighten the pressure on the brakes, to allow their vehicle to more forward slightly (not enough to hit the car in front, for which the driver would be liable), thereby minimizing property damage to their own vehicle, the colliding vehicle, and reducing injury.

There is no time to "go" anywhere in these circumstances, in fact usually it all happens faster than a conscious brain can react and is just instinctive.

Comment How did it react during the accident? (Score 1) 549

As a human, when I was rear ended, I saw it coming, I verified my wheels were straight, I was out of gear, and I lessened the brake pressure to reduce damage by allowing my vehicle to move forward a bit before braking more to bring us both to a stop.

The video makes it appear the self driving vehicle just stayed stopped, thereby exacerbating the injuries of the occupants.

(The time I was rear-ended, the car that hit me was totaled, the front end completely crushed up to the passenger compartment, my vehicle was fine, I was unharmed and continued on my way.)

The video makes it appear like a very low impact yet three occupants were injured in a modern vehicle with crumple zones?

I'm a big fan of self-driving systems and can't wait until humans are removed from the equation, but that sounds bad, not an improvement.

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