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Comment: Re:Amen brother! (Score 2) 424 424

I don't know about being logged in, but my home page has Verbatim Google search rather than raw Google (and Verbatim set in my search prefs--which requires being logged in, for when I don't access it from my own page form). Quotes help too of course for specific purposes, and -uselessresultterm as well. I do wish for original Alta Vista back though.

Comment: Re:Commodore Amiga or Commodore PC? (Score 1) 456 456

I didn't view my A500 being called a PC an insult, why would I? It was a personal computer far ahead of the Apple PCs (Macs didn't exist yet), IBM personal computers and a bit more advanced than Atari personal computers.

I didn't view my A2000 being called a PC an insult, nor my A4000, why would I? It was a personal computer that ran Amiga software, Mac software and MS-DOS software all on the same hardware, and at speeds faster than actual Macs ironically.

I don't view my current "Amiga" installation being called a PC an insult, I think it's pretty cool to still be using software productively in my daily life under emulation. I always wanted a portable Amiga, and for the past decade I've had and used one.

It was pretty hard to insult such a device, that performed in every aspect better than the more expensive alternatives. The only thing it lacked was effective marketing in the States, but it was the predominant player overseas.

I never heard anyone use your term "home computer" and it wasn't mentioned in computer classes that came into being later that I saw. Personal computers, microcomputers and mainframes were, dumb terminals too of course.

Comment: Re:Commodore Amiga or Commodore PC? (Score 1) 456 456

Actually the other main processor, the Fat Agnus, ran on alternate clock cycles from the 68k. That's why it had a 28 Mhz clock crystal for a 7 Mhz processor from my understanding.

I do not know which timing the gate array (Gary), video chip (Denise), or sound (Paula) were on however.

Comment: Half a clothespin (Score 2, Funny) 258 258

Yes, half of a clothespin (sans spring), saved having to order a hard drive mounting assy for my laptop's second drive port, perfect size to keep it snug. That'd probably be my most unusual, all the others were relatively mundane.

Oh wait, as a kid, not allowed to read after bedtime, I ran a wire from a train transformer to the room door frame wrapped around a metal tack, a matching thumbtack on the top of the door with wire going to a spare 12v auto parking light bulb and back to the transformer completed the circuit. I got away with reading at night for years just needing to hide just the book, not flashlight too, if Mom checked on me from seeing light spilling out under the door.

But I don't consider turning my door into a knife switch unusual.

The day she pounded on my ground floor window from outside shouting "go to sleep" did make me jump and lay awake a long time though!

Comment: Re:What does it say about you? (Score 1, Troll) 461 461

Maintaining a consistent email address? Good.

Using a service that scans your correspondence to market directly to you? Bad.

People who value their, and my, privacy? Good.

I'd rather communicate with an AOL user than gmail user, and I'm not an overly private individual.

Worse is a company like Google opening up that door encourages other companies to start scanning what was previously considered private.

Comment: Re:Blackberry. (Score 1) 484 484

I'd say the OnePlus One which comes with CyanogenMod already. No extras, no gop, all the good parts of Android without extras, it just works and is less expensive.

Otherwise, any of the phones that have CyanogenMod available for them, but that requires the user download and click an app along with running windows software to install, so easier to just buy the phone that uses it directly.

Comment: Old concept. (Score 1) 394 394

Wastebook? Isn't that right in with MyFace?

I don't know any using either anymore. Folks have moved on.

People also seem to be interacting more, instead of avoiding each other and lying online.

Life has also gotten simpler again, instead of needing to try to contact someone on Twitter, SMS, email and phone, you can just shoot them a message on Google+ and whichever way they prefer to keep notified is what gets pinged.

Ivory towers are useless, all these things had their shelf life.

Comment: Re:I don't get it (Score 3, Insightful) 157 157

Actually most systems are chaotic, not like this star, or the other stars also exhibiting this behavior. In fact researchers had been seeking such behavior somewhere, and produced it in a lab just to see it happen at all.

One theory is that it's inherent stability is the result of self selection.

I just skimmed the article as nighttime reading so forgive (and correct) misinterpretations please.

Comment: Re:to pull a weed, start at the root. (Score 1) 223 223

AdAway is more convenient, but you can also copy your Hosts file from your Windows box to block ads in Android, you do have to convert appropriate LFs for *nix obviously. I have custom items in my Hosts file, so this is what I did.

A side benefit is it functions in all the browsers on my 'droid, Firefox, and any of the others that I never use.

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