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Comment: Re:I don't get it (Score 3, Insightful) 157

by RJFerret (#49230857) Attached to: Strange Stars Pulse To the Golden Mean

Actually most systems are chaotic, not like this star, or the other stars also exhibiting this behavior. In fact researchers had been seeking such behavior somewhere, and produced it in a lab just to see it happen at all.

One theory is that it's inherent stability is the result of self selection.

I just skimmed the article as nighttime reading so forgive (and correct) misinterpretations please.

Comment: Re:to pull a weed, start at the root. (Score 1) 223

by RJFerret (#48981879) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Gaining Control of My Mobile Browser?

AdAway is more convenient, but you can also copy your Hosts file from your Windows box to block ads in Android, you do have to convert appropriate LFs for *nix obviously. I have custom items in my Hosts file, so this is what I did.

A side benefit is it functions in all the browsers on my 'droid, Firefox, and any of the others that I never use.

Comment: Re: Because it sucks (Score 3, Informative) 210

by RJFerret (#48872241) Attached to: Tracking Down How Many (Or How Few) People Actively Use Google+

Heck no, the whole benefit of G+ is the privacy, not spamming people you care about with things they don't, control.

it's great there isn't a ton of useless public content there, there is no noise, all signal. I post multiple times daily, but nobody knows that since only the relevant people can see the message.

It's replaced email, texting, twitter, phoning, become an actul useful communication medium with nothing to complain about.

Comment: Silence (Score 1) 790

by RJFerret (#48787225) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Sounds We Don't Hear Any More?

When planes were grounded for Sept. 11th, I went out hiking in the largest natural area around (to get away from road noise) and heard something I'd never heard my entire life, the closest I'd come was underground caving.

I currently hear the whine of LED lights, hum of fans, the fridge, a plane, road noise, not counting neighbors' direct noises (car doors, thankfully not too many pets, and the like).

Comment: Re: Simplest is best (Score 1) 259

by RJFerret (#48596311) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Software For Image Organization?

This. Structure based on how you tend to look for things. For example, I put trip photos in their own folder as I associate them with a trip. Photos that fit a subject go in an appropriate main folder. I'm an ISTx MBTI type so name things literally which also helps search. Not only do I have pics dating back to the 80s but also was a professional video editor starting with one of the first broadcast quality non-linear editing systems, meaning being able to find a visual by name from scrolling, as no search. So I give everything a descriptive name and iterate based on revisions, a habit from my image editing days. This makes easy to find what you are looking for in specific resolutions or treatments.

Comment: Re:You're Doing It Wrong (Score 1) 567

by RJFerret (#48574407) Attached to: The Case For Flipping Your Monitor From Landscape to Portrait

Regardless though, unless your monitor is filling your entire field of view those limits are irrelevant.


I guess this reinforces you couldn't see the first point. And yes, the width of my screens is greater than my possible vertical view. No, my monitor can't be too close, I'm old--thanks for that reminder. Also, physically there's a keyboard, touchpad, mouse, edge of desk, between me and any display. In the future, reading glasses could technically permit a closer monitor, but further reduce the vertical range of vision, especially bifocals.

Note, this all presumes you are human, if you are a spider, with some eyes above others rather than side by side, you'd still have a greater horizontal field of view than vertical, although fewer issues with your carapace physically obstructing your view.

Comment: Re:You're Doing It Wrong (Score 1) 567

by RJFerret (#48573737) Attached to: The Case For Flipping Your Monitor From Landscape to Portrait

LOL, really? Seriously? *smh. Block one eye, measure the linear distance you can perceive with a single one top to bottom. Compare and note how much more periphery you have side to side. (Note, variations to this would be impacted by how prominent your nose is, as well as your brow ridge, really puffy/protruding cheeks could minimize top to bottom too.)

Comment: Re:You're Doing It Wrong (Score 2) 567

by RJFerret (#48573219) Attached to: The Case For Flipping Your Monitor From Landscape to Portrait

Also my eyes are side by side, so my field of view is "landscape" in nature. Even were I blind in one eye, my single eye field of view is wider than tall.

Back in the 90s is was popular for desktop publishing to use portrait monitors, until they found they could simply have as much vertical resolution with more space on the side...higher res landscape monitors.

Comment: Cash (Score 4, Interesting) 375

by RJFerret (#48502317) Attached to: The Cashless Society? It's Already Coming

You won't be playing badminton at the clubs without cash.

Most people who pay me don't have bank accounts, it's either cash or money orders.

Gas for the car? Cheaper via cash. This becomes all the larger when gas prices are higher.

Car repairs? You'd be a fool to pay electronically, when the discount for cash gives you $20 back for small services, and multiples of that for large.

Drinks at the bar? Cash means faster service, more value to your tips, less problems/complaints on tabs.

Meanwhile, every other month I know folks who have dropped phones in the toilet, lost, broken, had their phone stolen, or the person paying for their phone service doesn't, so it gets shut off. Only once in my dozen years of doing my job has a client lost her purse.

I laugh every time these articles get posted here, as there are entire segments of society for whom this would not function.

Adding features does not necessarily increase functionality -- it just makes the manuals thicker.