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Comment: My iPod Touch version of this (Score 1) 412

by Quay42 (#29736457) Attached to: Wikipedia In Your Pocket, $99

Probably many have done the same, but here was my version of this on the iPod Touch (requires jailbreak, or did at the time)

Also, a script to convert it to a more iPhone ish LNF (

Most likely I wouldn't have done this if I had an iPhone originally, as it more generally has access available to it.

Comment: Re:Exactly the opposite (Score 1) 438

by Quay42 (#29454739) Attached to: (Near) Constant Internet While RV'ing?

My wife and I came very close to doing that this year. I worked from home and she didn't work. And since we live in LA, it turns out that it would be cheaper to travel in an RV (considering both the RV mortgage, nightly camp fees, insurance, etc). In the end we opted to not (we have a young daughter), but I still think it's a great idea for someone who has that freedom.

We also wrestled with the Internet issue and was most likely going to go with Verizon broadband, as the satellite option is quite expensive.

Comment: Egads, homeopathic Google ad in the RSS feed (Score 1) 197

by Quay42 (#29454615) Attached to: Gene Therapy Cures Color-Blind Monkeys

I was saddened to see an add for Homeopathic "medication" in the RSS feed for this article. Obviously the editors don't have direct control over the Google Ads, but should be a way for certain things to *not* show up on a science and technology based site. Homeopathy is most definitely not science.


+ - Electronic Whiteboards

Submitted by
Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward writes "As more advanced technologies make their way into the boardroom, smartboards, or electronic whiteboards seem to be gaining popularity.

Do you use these in your office? any problems with using them to interact with people in remote locations ( when using netmeeting, or some other application)

Any suggestions or horror stories?"

+ - Another example of RIAA legal incompetence

Submitted by
UnknowingFool writes "In another move of legal brillance, the RIAA asked for a default judgement on January 25th in the case of Atlantic vs Boggs "on the ground that Defendant has failed to appear or otherwise respond to the Complaint . . ." The court denied the motion because the defendant did appear before the court a month earlier on December 20. What makes the motion appear so boneheaded is that not that the RIAA lawyers seemingly forgot that the defendant appeared, it is that defendant, representing himself at the time, appeared in person before the court while the RIAA phoned in, a move that the court admonished. The transcript seems to show that judge is sympathetic to the defendant in the case.

The Court: You're not here looking at Mr. Boggs, but I doubt seriously he's doing this. . . these titles don't seem to go along with Mr. Boggs persona."

Felson's Law: To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research.