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Comment Re:Yeah, that's the problem (Score 1) 135

With a little luck though the terrible law that crushes peoples religious freedom and their freedom to do what they wish with there personal property will go down in the flames it deserves.

Because nothing says "religious freedom" like denying other people health care. If only we could keep our taxes from paying for school for girls!

Comment Re:Cue the Luddites (Score 1) 151

The "inroads" that brought logographic scripts into existence were born from ignorance, and there's a reason they have died off throughout history.

Wow, that's a remarkably ethnocentric perspective, considering that the world's most populous country uses a logographic script.

Alphabetic scripts have a huge advantage with respect to mechanical typesetting, but I would argue that the rise in popularity of emoji is a de facto demonstration that electronic typesetting is eroding that advantage away to nearly nothing. If I can type a logographic word with five keystrokes that would take ten for the equivalent alphabetic word, which one wins? What we're seeing is that people are realizing that everyday expression is facilitated by a mixed alphabetic / logographic system, and they're voting with their thumbs.

Comment Cue the Luddites (Score 2, Insightful) 151

Before the inevitable 60 posts bemoaning the fall of civilization, it's probably worth noting that logographic scripts are very common in the world, and have been used throughout history. What could be more revolutionary, and interesting, in the 21st century to see logographic elements making inroads into languages with alphabetic scripts? Kudos to Oxford!

Comment NASA's doomed already (Score 3, Insightful) 87

Bolden's an ass and a political hack. And, absent a fundamental change, Congress is never going to give NASA enough money to establish a meaningful human presence in space. In the meantime, we flush billions down the toilet with monkeys in a can in LEO, starve real space science nearly to death, and pretend we're going to Mars.

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