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Comment Re:The cries of a dying business (Score 1) 150

LOL, like you send mails to anyone that can be bothered with accepting encrypted e-mails. anyway.

I do.

If you really care, just entrust it to you ISP, they are already the man in the middle anyway. You are using plenty of protocols that are vulnerable to man in the middle attacks already so any objections you have to it is just a facade.

You very clearly don't understand how PGP key signing works.(Hint: done properly, it makes MITM for all practical purposes impossible.)

Comment Re:Yeah, that's the problem (Score 1) 137

With a little luck though the terrible law that crushes peoples religious freedom and their freedom to do what they wish with there personal property will go down in the flames it deserves.

Because nothing says "religious freedom" like denying other people health care. If only we could keep our taxes from paying for school for girls!

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