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Comment: Duh (Score 4, Interesting) 310

by PvtVoid (#49785383) Attached to: Adblock Plus Victorious Again In Court

Why would anyone, ever, think that me not looking at their ad should be illegal? I mean, are we that far gone that it's even conceivable to have the courts forcing me to view ads?

I look forward to the day when somebody makes augmented reality glasses that block meatspace advertising like billboards, TVs in airports and bars, logos on clothes, all it. I'll be the first in line.

+ - Adblock Plus victorious again in court->

Submitted by Xochil
Xochil writes: Adblock Plus, which claims to be the most popular ad blocking tool, has been victorious again in court versus publishers who took out lawsuits against its owner company Eyeo demanding that users should not be allowed to legally block ads on their sites.
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+ - Why do men exist?->

Submitted by PvtVoid
PvtVoid writes: Biologists have long puzzled about how evolutionary selection, known for its ruthless requirement for efficiency, allows the existence of males — when in so many species their only contribution to reproduction are spermatozoa.

But research published today in Nature shows that sexual selection — when males compete and females choose over reproduction — improves population health and protects against extinction, even in the face of genetic stress from high levels of inbreeding.

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+ - Brew morphine like craft beer->

Submitted by mache
mache writes: The New York Times reports (paywalled) that a synthetic biology pathway has been fully identified to convert sugar to morphine using recombinant DNA modified yeast. With the skills and desire, one can now brew morphine like craft beer.
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Comment: Re:Controversial because? (Score -1, Troll) 284

by PvtVoid (#49681335) Attached to: Bill Gates Still Trying To Buy Some Common Core Testing Love

Common Core appears to have become controversial primarily because the conservative media told us it is. Apparently they were hoping that the new standard would also find a way to further reduce teachers' salaries and career opportunities, and as it did not do that it needed to be destroyed at all cost.

It's more than that. The Conservative establishment has a vested interest in promoting ignorance -- creationism, global warming denial, abstinence-only sex education, poor nutrition, failed economic ideas, American exceptionalism, whitewashing of slavery and genocide, Christian dogma, the list is long. This is referred to as "local control": whatever whackjob ideas are predominant in your backward little community take precedence over what's being taught by all of those commie liberal college professors. The sad thing is that the teachers' unions are perfectly happy to jump into a disastrous alliance with these insane ideologues out of naked self-interest and terror that a few of them might finally be outed for, you know, doing a bad job. And children suffer.

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