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Comment Re:Fixed it for you. (Score 1) 449

The Josh Duggar revelation took me by surprise because my first thought was "He was unfaithful, really? With who - I don't think there were any real women on that site." (Now it sounds like it was unfaithful through other venues. I wonder if he even had a genuine affair through AM. For awhile I wondered if he was just calling the act of signing up alone "unfaithful.")

Oh, come on. I'm sure that "Self-righteous Christian reality TV star and admitted child molester seeks married women for discreet encounters (no diseases)" was a total chick-magnet profile.

Submission + - Annuo App Tracks Sexual Consent

PvtVoid writes: In what has to be one of the creepiest developments ever, Annuo is an app for iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android which allows partners to register sexual consent. From the app's description on Google Play:

1) Register with Annuo or sign-in with Facebook.
2) You input the name of your prospective partner
3) You and your partner may record consent with your voices or sign off on consent
4) You may get a reward offer for getting consent
5) A history of your encounters, partners, and contracts are stored on our database, you can see them on your phone.

Never mind that this probably has no legal bearing, since consent can be withdrawn at any time, but, really, what could possibly be the downside of signing up for an app that keeps track of every time you have sex, and with whom?

Submission + - Kansas Secretary of State Blocks Release of Voting Machine Tapes->

PvtVoid writes: Wichita State University statistician Beth Clarkson has filed a lawsuit under Kansas' open records law to force the state to release paper tape records from voting machines, to be used as data in her research on statistical anomalies in voting patterns in the state.

Clarkson, a certified quality engineer with a Ph.D. in statistics, has analyzed election returns in Kansas and elsewhere over several elections that indicate “a statistically significant” pattern where the percentage of Republican votes increase the larger the size of the precinct. The pattern could be voter fraud or a demographic trend that has not been picked up by extensive polling. Secretary of State Kris Kobach argued that the records sought by Clarkson are not subject to the Kansas open records act, and that their disclosure is prohibited by Kansas statute.

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Comment Re:Fixed it for you. (Score 1) 449

When a woman gets married and has children, her whole life changes. Her husband is no longer the focus of her life, her children are. She loses interest in sex, and doesn't see why she should have to do it any more. If she wants another child, sure, but otherwise not. To her, it's just one more person who wants something from her at the end of a long day at work, and this one she can actually say "no" to. So, she does.

Meanwhile, the husband, cut completely off from one source of sex he is allowed to have, grows increasingly desperate and unhappy. I don't condone cheating at all - but damn, marriage doesn't mean celibacy. Or, it shouldn't. This is the point at which feminists burst into the conversation shouting "RAPE!" (but they always do that) and that's not my argument at all. A wife *should* love her husband and *want* to have sex with him of her own free will. This isn't happening.

I'm very sorry this happened to your friend. He must have come out of the experience with a horribly distorted view of women and a huge problem with misogyny.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 5, Insightful) 325

governments to step in and choose winners and losers

I get so fucking tired of this "picking winners and losers" bullshit. Venture capitalists do this all the time. Do you think the people who do analysis for the Department of Energy are bunch of drooling morons? Backing technology development that is in the public interest is exactly what governments are for. Just like venture capital, some of it is going to pan out and some of it isn't.

Comment Technical superiority means very little (Score 4, Insightful) 279

The thing that distinguishes G+ is circles, which is actually a terrific idea. I have very little use for Facebook, but I use G+ for non-public communications quite regularly. (I won't call them exactly private, since the communications are still being mediated, and archived, by a centralized social network.) However, as with many other examples of technology, technical superiority doesn't mean much of anything with respect to widespread adoption. Facebook is the de facto standard, even if it sucks.

For me, and I would hazard to guess quite a few other people, the thing that makes G+ useful is that it failed to be adopted as a social media standard. I'll miss it when they finally turn it off.

Comment Re:Not random, constant timing (Score 1) 61

Reading the article the extension does the right thing and actually modifies the timings to be constant (50ms between key presses by default). By setting the timings to always be the same, all users of the extension look identical.

Which probably makes them even more identifiable, since it is unlikely that more than a tiny minority of Chrome users will use such an extension. This is a fundamental problem with this sort of thing: if you really want to be hard to identify, you want to make yourself look as much like the rest of the clueless rabble as possible. If only one user in ten thousand is loading themselves up with privacy extensions, it probably makes for an excellent fingerprint in and of itself.

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