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Super late to this, but I would just like to note that for the large national bank that I work for, we require machines to be on, but have no users logged in, for us to do a remote Windows XP to Windows 7 migration. This is mostly so we can run a Scanstate against the machine prior to reimaging it.

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by Pubstar (#46784761) Attached to: Steam's Most Popular Games
No, he cannot return it in the US. From Best Buy's Return Website

Nonreturnable Items: Opened computer software, movies, music and video games can be exchanged for the identical item but cannot be returned for a refund

He can get an identical copy of the software, thats it. No refund. Why? Because people buy software, return the disk, but burn the CD key so it's no longer valid.

Also, you've never worked at a retail store's computer repair before. Its "We can look into it... at a discounted rate" or if they do look into it for free, its put on low priority and put off until someone finally gets around to it.

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No paying to play online, plenty of F2P games that don't blow, your ability to use the input of your choosing, cheaper games, mod support, ability for users to revive old communities (Tribes 2 is alive and kicking by using a custom authorization mechanism), graphical fidelity (Even $550 systems can do 1080P/60FPS at higher graphical fidelity than XB1/PS4), ability to upgrade and customize your system without being XBL banned (New HDD because 500GB is too small? Banhammer), not being locked into buying officially supported peripherals, true multitasking, more exclusives, friendlier for indie development, and a more mature community. Should I continue?

AMD drivers don't suck in Windows, but have a worse track record under Linux. So it's really both.

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