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Comment Re:mirror (Score 1) 77

But he did not really accomplish anything amazing. He most likely read the forums at DCS http://www.digitalcombatsimula... and or xPlane http://www.x-plane.com/desktop...

Doing what many others have done already. The rift has been used in sims since it came out. With extensive instructions on how to simulate every detail of a cockpit from a simple 172 to 777 to an F-18. How to get all of that working on a PC. As a simmer myself. Much of it is simple stuff.

Looking at his build, it is cool. But in no way amazing.

Comment Re:Not new. (Score 1) 77

Can be done cheaper then that. Those in the Digital Combat simulator http://www.digitalcombatsimula... and xPlane http://www.x-plane.com/desktop... community have been building stuff like this for years. With extensive instructions on how to use everything from MFD's to rifts to io boards for all the buttons and switches. With all age groups and budgets.

This individual is probably a user on one of those very forums. The blogger who wrote the article just saw something cool. Did no research and blogged about this awesome thing this kid did that no one "to him" has done before

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