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Comment Re:Happily married? (Score 1) 286

I was just being a bit of an ass, poking fun at you. The whole PROTIP thing stems from an old gaming magazine that is no longer around (GamePro - RIP). I find it quite funny that most of the kids online today that do the whole PROTIP thing have never actually read a GamePro before.

Comment Re:WoW! really its taken this long to figure that (Score 1) 119

League of Legends is the king

And as someone who logged in recently - If those games are not ranked, 90% of your teammates are bots grinding out for IP/Levels to have the accounts sold. DotA 2 is the king.

Some day on the horizon, maybe LoL will not be running on Adobe Air and have basic features like Replays built in.

Comment Re:Blackberry not compatible with anything (Score 1) 108

Yeah, but the place I was working at regularly handled information and data that fell under International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) regulations. We had people helping us doing some migrations off of Lotus Notes in India, but if a person was flagged as handling ITAR information, everything had to be handled in house.

That is also why they were very anal about everyone's device having the ability to be remote wiped should it be lost or stolen.

Comment Re:Blackberry not compatible with anything (Score 1) 108

The thing is that if you want full control over the device (such as remote wipe), you need the BES to manage that part of the system. So yes, while you are able to sync the device with ActiveSync without a BES, you lose all management that the BES provides for BB phones.

With the android phone I had hooked up with ActiveSync, the permissions to remote wipe my phone were assigned when I had it sync with our Exchange server. AFAIK, those options are not assigned when working with BB phones over ActiveSync the way they are with Android and iOS.

Comment Re:Take a look (Score 1) 108

The government mandate on that is a load of bullshit. It means that everyone is going to have to buy new cars or do expensive retro-fits with the new gear. I prefer to be in control of my car. I've gotten out of some nasty situations by having good reaction times.

One thing that I have to wonder is if there is a sudden stop, do the systems take into account quality of the braking systems (new vs. old fluid, quality of master cylinder, brake pad/rotor wear) and suspension systems (blown shocks, aftermarket shocks with different dampening profiles, etc.)? There are so many variables that this program could never work.

Comment Re:Architectural Problem (Score 1) 108

Yeah, I'm kinda wondering why the entertainment system is hooked up to the car's vital systems. It makes zero sense to do that. Even if it was to display vehicle information, you could just use the OBD information from the car, as you can set that up for Output Only if you really wanted to.

Comment Re:Blackberry not compatible with anything (Score 1) 108

I worked as an intern at a moderately sized company. Once I figured out how to sync a BB phone with the Exchange server (which only had a 50% chance of working, 10 minutes between each try), the guy responsible for the BES said "Great, you know how to do this now. I get 4 months of not dealing with this anymore!". The BES is a total fucking nightmare to work with, and I was only doing very basic things with it. I feel sorry for the poor bastard that had to set up the BES and do the higher level admin work on it. The web interface you use gives almost no feedback as to if something you did took or didn't take. There is no screen that shows you what processes are running. Resending the same process would cause the BES to freak out, so you basically had to figure out about how long each process would take, and time it from there.

Of course, I only was working at a very basic level with it, so there could have been stuff I didn't know about to make my job easier.

Comment Re:movieblob (Score 1) 168

The whole thing is a shitstorm, and while I say that I'm Pro-GG, it really doesnt have that much meaning. Its two completely different sites yelling at eachother, but having different conversations. One side is pushing for ethics in games journalism and fighting out the SJW clique that has taken over the games journalism, and the other side is screaming its a harassment campaign. If you visit any place that is Pro-GG, you will find out quickly that harassment is not tolerated. Pro-GG sites (outside of the mess that is 8chan's GGRevolt, which are a bunch of people that just start shit for no reason) tend to very quickly come down on people that are trying to harass others and flood reports, whether it be on Twitter, Reddit, or any other site.

The problem is that both sides can be pretty petty and handle things like little kids. I tend to just dislike Anti-GG because they always tend to be a certain type of person (typically males with crushing white guilt and a hate of nerds/geeks/gamers)

Comment Re:movieblob (Score 2) 168

What I was hinting at was that he chose a side in GamerGate that I dont agree with. The lack of self-awareness is that the same stereotypes and insults he slings against other people fit him all too well. I knew that he was Anti-GG when the whole shitstorm started, but I didn't care, I still watched his videos because I liked his reviews. Then he did a review for Blackhat, where he brings up GamerGate (without actually bringing it up, we know what he is talking about) and just slams them for no reason.

At that point, I lost all respect for him and his opinion.

All great ideas are controversial, or have been at one time.