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Comment Re:Both of them will be pissed (Score 1) 189

Or you sign up with a carrier that just adds the phone sub to the plan, and lets you pay it off early if you want a new phone. T-Mobile lets me do that. I did that once when I had a phone battery just shit out on me, and it was $40 to pay off the phone, or $45 for a new battery. I just went ahead and paid off the old phone and got a new one. Once the phone is paid off, I just get $20/month knocked off my bill.

Comment Re:It's pretty simple, really. (Score 1) 696

The information is there for you to read and draw your own conclusions. Just because a site doesn't have the same political alignment you (or I, for that matter) happen to have doesn't mean that they are a tabloid paper. They were the only site to actually perform what would be considered real investigative journalism over the issue.

The facts don't fit your twisted narrative.

Its like you get it, but you're missing the one step to understand the point I tried to make in the post. So close man, one day, you will finally get it. Anyways, as I said earlier, you are just a waste of time. You find ways to discredit any information that disagrees with your twisted narrative. I wish I could live in such a sheltered world, but I prefer to read up on things and draw conclusions based on reals not feelz.

Comment Re:Cultural? (Score 4, Insightful) 479

I work as a contractor for the goverment. Anytime a Civilian gives me an order I know is wrong over the phone or in person, I email them paraphrasing what was said and ask a stupid question about it. I then use that email to forward to my Civ POC to get things sorted out. Its been a live saver several times.

Comment Re:It's pretty simple, really. (Score 1) 696

And you dodge the fact that Grayson is in the games Thank You dev files since Feb 2013 (Last revision of the files), and the article was released Jan 2014. Good job trying to divert attention and then set up strawmen arguments. You also keep diverting back to REVIEW when I keep saying FAVORABLE COVERAGE. I see no reason in continuing this if you regularly dodge points that put holes in your argument and keep trying to use a strawman argument about reviews when I have repeatedly said favorable coverage. Hell, go look up the Gamer Noche article headlines - It states favorable coverage, not reviews. The other side twisted it for reviews so they could shoot it down fast, when, in fact, nobody has ever made that claim from the beginning.

Comment Re:It's pretty simple, really. (Score 1) 696

My mistake, I had a few things mixed up there. Posting at work during a lull in a major outage can make you scatterbrained sometimes. The suspicion of the claims that she slept for favorable coverage does NOT mean the Kotaku article. Nathan wrote an article at RPS, where it got favorable coverage (considering its one of three listed in the article beyond the list) and had its image as the header of the article.

Beyond that, it goes to show the cronyism that is present in the journalism field. He is credited in the game back in Feb 2013 according to the game files last edit dates.

Still absurd nonsense, lacking any grounding in fact.

The point stands that they had an agreement, she violated it, and it revoked their agreed consent before the issue. What is sex without consent?

Comment Re:It's pretty simple, really. (Score 1) 696

I should apologize, the actual number is .2% of "Negative" comments out of 500k tweets was found in some analytics done earlier this year. This would be things that could fall under harassment, but not actual death threats. That's a pretty good Signal to Noise ratio if I was looking for one. These were tweets analyzed to be Mentioning a female opponent of GamerGate and using the hashtag as well. There have been plenty of other tweet analytics that show similar numbers to the one I previously listed. For a public figure (which she now is), that is actually an astonishingly great Signal to Noise ratio for tweets, especially considering she touts herself as a controversial figure.

Especially when all the person is doing is discussing something trivial like video game entertainments. I mean, who gives a fuck apart from dysfunctional twelve year olds?

I see this a lot. Its almost like people don't realize that the video games industry is the largest form of entertainment media in the world. So yeah, it is kind of a big deal. It may not be to you, but there is a ton of money generated by the industry.

Comment Re:It's pretty simple, really. (Score 1) 696

Again, this is completely untrue. This has been debunked countless times.

Okay, so she gets favorable press from Nathan, thanks him in her game, then sleeps with him within a week timeframe of the article being published. Obviously there was a relationship of sorts there. Remember, Nathan did publicly say he slept with her, and she never denied it outright.

As for the rape by her own definition: 1) She had unprotected sex with Josh. 2) She had unprotected sex with Eron shortly there after. By having unprotected sex with someone else during their break period then having unprotected sex with him, that provided ground for his consent being revoked by having sex with him under false pretenses. Ergo rape. What happened to listening to the victims?

Comment Re:It's pretty simple, really. (Score 2) 696

Which has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand. Though it should be noted that none of what you describe ever happened. No female developers slept with any journalists in exchange for favorable reviews. It was a lie from the start. A lie which you obviously believed.

Except nobody ever claimed that. She was sleeping with someone who gave her favorable coverage. She is also a rapist by her own definition - She had unprotected sex with someone else which violates her boyfriend's consent, ergo rape. For people who try to take the high ground, I find it amusing that everyone who defends Zoe Quinn and overlooks this part of her is basically a rape apologist. Way to side with the abuser.

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