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Comment Re:makes no sense to me (Score 1) 536

Attacking this woman's looks or anything else before actually understanding exactly what her argument is kinda shows off a bit of a insecure beta male mentality

Actually, the beta male mentality would be agreeing with her without reading the article in hopes of trying to get in her pants.

Comment Re:Security Clearance (Score 1) 184

I had a CA Prop 215 card (Medical pot license) for the longest time when I was young, and I had a ticket for possession of pot. I just threw that on my form, absolutely no issue getting secret clearance. I asked the contracting company if I should include it, and they said "They already know. If you lie, you wont get the job. Just list everything, but make sure to let them know if you stopped."

As I had stopped around 6 years ago, I had no questions about it when I got a call back for clarification on certain things. I only have Secret (provisional right now, as it wasn't required for my job when I started, but is now), but I know that TS is a bit more ruthless.

Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 354

But Microsoft and Gates smartly bought out Bungiesoft, and their next Mac game Halo got quickly made into a PC/XBox only affair.

Actually, Bungie was making Halo for awhile as a PC and Mac game. The buyout changed the deal into an Xbox only affair. I remember after E3 2000 when the announcement was made that it was being changed from PC/Mac to Xbrick only, I was really pissed. So basically, this wasn't so much as a way to remove gaming from the Mac as it was to boost their new console coming out.

Comment Re:Happily married? (Score 1) 286

I was just being a bit of an ass, poking fun at you. The whole PROTIP thing stems from an old gaming magazine that is no longer around (GamePro - RIP). I find it quite funny that most of the kids online today that do the whole PROTIP thing have never actually read a GamePro before.

Comment Re:WoW! really its taken this long to figure that (Score 1) 119

League of Legends is the king

And as someone who logged in recently - If those games are not ranked, 90% of your teammates are bots grinding out for IP/Levels to have the accounts sold. DotA 2 is the king.

Some day on the horizon, maybe LoL will not be running on Adobe Air and have basic features like Replays built in.

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