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The idea of grabbing a bunch of us researchers to help is a good one

I don't know if you saw the article here a week or so ago, but there was a front page story linking to an NPR story on scientists giving up on their careers because the funding situation is so miserable in this country. There are literally labs closing down in every top-tier research school (Ivy Leagues not excluded) as we speak due to funding. There hasn't been a raise in funding to even match inflation in many years, and meanwhile schools are hitting PIs for more money to keep the lights on. If you could gather up a .5-1M dollar budget (Canadian and US dollars are close enough to interchangeable on this matter) you could talk any of a number of excellent labs from excellent schools to come to your side of the border.

People who say wait times under Canada's health care system are out of control don't realize that the triage system works. If I had needed surgery that day, I would have gotten it.

I have many Canadian friends, colleagues, and relatives. They have provided great examples for me of how most of the FUD over the problems with the Canadian system are indeed just FUD. The waits are no worse than here in the states, with the added bonus of knowing that whatever they do to you, it won't be able to drive you to financial ruin.

As someone whose insurance on the American side of the border nearly drove him out of school and into the poor house (by none of my own fault), I can see real value in that.

On another note, the real task wasn't being "tough" - it was not becoming like anyone else who had been through all this would have become. Being tough is easy - staying open and vulnerable and HUMAN despite everything must be hard, because I see so many people just putting up barriers and walls and doing the "tough guy" act (or "mean bitch" act) to give the impression that they can't be hurt again. People might respect or fear someone who's tough or mean, but they won't go to them for help all that easily. And lets face it - nothing gives the warm fuzzies more than knowing you've helped someone (except maybe hugging my dog when things get tough, but that's almost too easy).

Perhaps tough was not the best word for that application. You seem to be describing what I was aiming for, though. I can't say I have any idea what I would do if I found myself down the same path.

On a completely different note, I remember some time back you had a series of JEs along the lines of "stupid landlord tricks". My wife and I recently moved out of a rental house and it seems that our now-ex-landlord is following a similar playbook to yours. Hopefully I don't have to take this fool to court.

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It makes no difference at all. It all depends how you want to live.

If it makes no difference at all, because you are Dirt, then the illusion of "how you want to live" also dissolves into nihilistic dirt, Dirt. You can slam your fingers in your Overton Window, but it was all variations on dirt, Dirt. At least, that seems the conclusion of your course. With which I don't fully agree. Sure, the flesh is dirt, but our very conversation itself negates the assertion that dirt is all there is.

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Every physical thing, surely. What you've never shown is that you've accounted for the soul. And if I'm wrong, and you're correct, then so is Her Majesty: "What difference, at this point, does it make?"
Well, it's all nihilism then, isn't it? Why don't I just call you 'Dirt', if that's all you ultimately are? Just go on a riotous, hedonistic tear! In the absence of any broader context, how can it possibly matter, Dirt?
When are you going to drop this façade of intellect, Dirt?

"Let every man teach his son, teach his daughter, that labor is honorable." -- Robert G. Ingersoll