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Comment Re:I guess I haven't understood this (Score 1) 3

How does it resembled something "overtly Democratic Party"?

To be fair, at this point I don't think that there is anything he did that was strictly illegal, I do however think it was of very questionable morality. His campaign made up numbers for these mailings and formatted them to look like they were coming from a government office - while implying that the recipient would be subject to some sort of punishment if they did not vote.

Cruz's bigger problem in terms of what is or is not legal would likely be from his phone campaign that was claiming Carson dropped out before the caucus was held. Even Fox News is having a hard time spinning that one into favorable light...

Comment Re:Are you being simple? (Score 1) 14

I guess you could say, in a positive sense, that the Anglo-Saxon idea of "equality before the law" is an example of "moral equivalence".
However, it is a typical perversion to say that "all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God"; therefore: pecca fortiter.
The former approach, you see, builds society. The latter, which you seem to cheerfully embrace, destroys it.
But I anticipate that you'll pat yourself on the back as a "societal transition advocate" in any case.

Comment Re:Are you being simple? (Score 1) 14

Two reasons to doubt this are:
(a) Draconian legal penalties
(b) General concern that betrayal of the country can be the sort of thing that might inform a Benghazi-style debacle*
I do think that Her Majesty is a pathological liar, and don't believe a godforsaken utterance of The Royal Lip, or that of any minions.

*Allow me to fall explicitly short of stating that I think there is a direct connection between Her Majesty's reckless, systemic and flagrant disregard for mortal rules, regulations, and common sense; for all such a hypothetical revelation would unleash my Shocked Face.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Cruz won't even worry about truth this early 3

Did Ted Cruz gin up Iowa voter histories?
That is actually one of the kinder reviews of the campaign mailers that the Cruz campaign sent out. One of my favorite bits so far on this is that apparently the campaign arbitrarily picked either "55%", "65%", or "75%" as a voting "score" for the people they mailed these out to (some say this may have been in part because the st

Comment Re:Are you being simple? (Score 1) 14

Your thesis seems to be that everyone else set up their own private email servers and trafficked in the most sensitive information outside of proper channels.
Could be time to give the whole system an enema and figure out if these theses are full of feces.
The supposition that I care fig #1 for any of these idiots is grossly in error: hang 'em all good and high.

Comment Re: What? (Score 1) 69

Well, now, 3D printing is only scheduled as a weekly guaranteed submission. You're being thrown off by the intersection between 3D printing and guns, which is a slam dunk for the front page.

Drones are a bit more sporadic; I haven't quite figured out the cycle. It's not daily, but it's more frequent than weekly.

Comment Re:Intel's trolling us (Score 1) 284

They sold off a specific ARM-based product, one which doesn't get much press these days.

At the time Intel owned them, StrongARM and XScale were pretty much *the* mobile processors, alongside MIPS. Nothing Intel has done with ARM since has been done at the same scale and it'd debatable whether they've made anything viable with it.

I expect Intel still dabbles in ARM like Microsoft dabbles in Linux. They "do it", but there's not a whole lot of love, and you maybe don't want to get your core business too dependent on how they approach them.

Comment Re: What? (Score 3, Insightful) 69

I'm really not sure how this was picked up for the front page, unless the new overlords are taking "pay-to-publish" submissions now

It has "Bitcoin" in the title. Of course it got picked up.

Don't you know the rules?

Every day, there's gotta be at least one Forbes submission make it up, one hackaday, one from whatever site itwbennett is pushing these days (I don't click those links), and one Bitcoin story.

It's like clockwork. Things are a little shaken up with week what with all the changes happening around here, but they'll get their groove back soon enough.

Comment Re:Are you being simple? (Score 1) 14

You've established that you view everything done by Hillary as being in the primary interest of spreading evil around the world. Even in that light, why would her decision to use a separate email server have to be something she thought up entirely on her own? Are you really claiming that her special kind of evil is such that she wouldn't borrow any tactics at all from anyone who had her office before her?

Considering how much philosophical overlap exists between the actions of the current POTUS and his immediate predecessor, it is entirely reasonable to expect that the underlings of the current POTUS would themselves borrow tactics from the people who previously inhabited their same offices.

Comment Re:Retaliation just because you can? (Score 1) 235

That depends on what the (human) callers are doing. If they are administering a survey or something of that sort, then they are almost always paid by the hour. However if they are doing cold-call sales, then they are more likely paid on commission. If you are wasting the time of someone who is on commission, you are lowering their wage but not significantly impacting the bottom line of their company.

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