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Comment Re:Is this really as typical as it seems? (Score 1) 110

"The purpose of the system is to keep you from being robbed."

Wrong. The purpose of he system is to make money.

"Until burglars learn that a sticker like "security by X" is a joke, they'll move on to a house with no sticker. So there's probably still some value for now."

Oh, you meant the purpose... of the customer. Well, a friend of mine did exactly that: he put a sticker of a reputed security company on his door and done with it. Same security level at a lower cost.

Comment Re:15 years old? (Score 1) 340

Depends on how you define local. My Provincial government has defined local as the distance across the Province, about a 1000 miles, which in the other direction includes California. Now being dependent on California for food, so we can pave over some of the best farmland in the country is stupid as the raising prices show, my previous Federal government was fine with the idea of getting all our food from China, which really seems stupid. Especially with a government that doesn't believe in food inspection as the market will sort it out.
It's also amazing how much food does currently come from China. Chinese carrots, wtf.
If New York City can get a good amount of food from 500 or even a thousand miles away, it still seems like an improvement from shipping it half way around the world from countries that really don't give a shit about the environment and probably think that lead is great as it increases the weight of the product.

Comment Re: At what point do we reevaluate the position (Score 1) 217

I love these morons. Here's the argument they might understand:

You get clipped by a car that keeps going while biking and you left your wallet at home. How do you get help? You're bleeding and have a head injury, IOW, you're going to die without care. No one knows if you can afford it, nor if you have insurance.

You can create numerous different scenarios where everyday activities result in similar situations where you need help and someone has to pick up the tab, at least initially, and that means it is likely that the tab will stay with that initial payer in more than some of the cases.

Given that the above is true, you rapidly come to the only plausible conclusion - universal health care. And the only really workable solution is a single payer system.

Comment Re: At what point do we reevaluate the position (Score 2) 217

Welcome to the current US melting pot concept. However, it's not working out so well over here because instead of melting, we're getting cultural clumps that are not necessarily harmonious with the main branches of US culture (you didn't think there was just one "US culture"?) Hence the increasing issues and problems with immigrants from cultures that clash with the current set.

Comment Re:Punishing people who get degrees we need the mo (Score 1) 219

"It's completely irresponsible to go into debt without any plan on how you're going to pay it back"

Maybe you are right but then, what would you call the one that lends money to somebody without a pay back plan?

Specially considering that most probably the lender knows to the petty detail what are the chances and income distributions for somebody majoring in hellenic studies while the 18 y.o. potential borrower does not.

Comment Re:Pro or Anti union (Score 1) 122

"on one hand i agree that you cannot DENY anybody right to group up and self organize,
but unions are opposite of that, first they FORCE workers to "self organize" (be members) otherwise they cant work for that specific company,
also they FORCE company to employ one of people on their "approved list" even though company might found someone willing to do better work and/or for less money"

In other words, you are in need of European-style unions.

Comment Re:Avoidance (Score 1) 82

"All it shows is that people are influenced more by the people around them than by people far away."

No, it isn't. The between-the-lines message is that bosses somehow tend to be more sociopathic than average and you can "catch" his sociopathy by being near him. But then, it tends to be more minions than bosses so the expected conclusion of your premise would be that bosses tend to behave more ethically the nearer to their people they are instead of the other way around.

So, if anything, it shows that people are more influenced by *perceived higher authority* the nearer the authority figure is which, again, is a platitude since authority can basically be defined as the ability to shape others' behaviour to start with.

Comment Re:Avoidance (Score 4, Insightful) 82

"It also has the reverse effect"

Of course it is. The article's conclusion is naive at best and stupid at worst since the real conclusion is "being near the boss facilitates being at boss' reach" which, of course, is a platitude.

You, as a hire are in one of two situations: you either are happy with your position or you are not.

If the former you don't want to be too near to the boss to avoid the chance of being a pawn on his intrigues (if you are OK chances if you move is to the worse), but not so far away that he forgets why is he paying you.

If the later, you are either trying to climb the ladder, in which case you definitely want to be near your boss you maximize your chances of promotion (at a higher chance of screwing up, either really or in his perception) or you are trying to get out of the company, in which case you, yes, want to be as far from your boss as possible to maximize the chances he forgets about you.

Now, you don't need a study to probe the obvious but, if any, to disprove this "common sense" approach.

Comment Re:3.5mm? (Score 4, Insightful) 386

"After all, why can't they just redesign the audio socket so it's a couple of millimeters thinner?"

They probably can but then, what would you call an object 1.5mm width and ending on a point? That's a connector no more but a needle. And a needle has two problems: it's fragile and it can hurt. Not such a wise decision for a connector.

Comment Re:Not replaced: serial and parallel ports. (Score 2) 286

Some USB to serial adapters are better than others. I've found that the real FDT-based ones tend to be the best. USB to parallel adapters tend to have problems. For example, I have some label printers and cannot talk to them with the USB to parallel adapters but they work fine with a real parallel adapter or a parallel network print server. They also don't work well for bit banging and have a high latency if they can work at all.

Comment Re:Not replaced: serial and parallel ports. (Score 1) 286

It's actually a lot easier. In our case our eval boards normally came with multiple serial ports. All we had to do was put on a FDT quad USB to RS232 chip. No custom UID required. With Linux it's just plug and play, plug it in and you've got your serial console, plus we can reliably run it at much higher baud rates up to 10Mbps.

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