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Comment: Re:Wouldn't it suffer eminent heat death? (Score 1) 519

by dryeo (#48454709) Attached to: What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered?

For something like a manned mission to Mars, that would be the way to go. For an unmanned mission to a comet, it would be hard for the robot to interface with stuff that hadn't even been designed when it was launched so wouldn't work out so well.
ps Slashdot sure seems to be getting slow at mailing notices of replies to comments.

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by Gr8Apes (#48452839) Attached to: LinkedIn Study: US Attracting Fewer Educated, Highly Skilled Migrants

Tariffs are entirely different than a flat tax. It appears that your references were true tariffs and the Great Depression was already underway. They did lead to retaliatory tariffs from our trading partners, and trade dropped by half in both directions. Currently, that would more than halve our trade deficit, not a terrible thing, however, applying it as a flat tax across the board for imports in most cases would only be evening up the playing field.

But you're right - I prefer a flat sales tax, with the border also being a point of sale. Instead of a VAT, this is just a simple flat tax model. Imports get taxed twice under this proposal. Replacing the current morass of tax law could only make this country better.

Comment: Draw a line in the sand (Score 1) 175

by rleibman (#48452405) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Practices For Starting and Running a Software Shop?
My number one advice to anyone thinking about starting a business is to draw a line in the sand. Clearly state to yourself and others how much money you're willing to put into the business and how much time you're willing to spend. The DAY that you cross that line evaluate, if the business is not at that point successful, STOP spending money and call it quits. Number two advice. Don't be the only one spending money, if your business idea is not good enough to get someone (not in your family) interested enough to help you bank roll it, then it's not likely good enough to be worth it. Besides, with that you also get someone else who's vested into the success, and that person/group can help you find other resources you might need. But that's just generic business advice.. about software I have much more to say, but if you don't have those two then no matter how good you think your idea is you won't make it.

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by Gr8Apes (#48452035) Attached to: LinkedIn Study: US Attracting Fewer Educated, Highly Skilled Migrants
Well, I learned something today, the top 1% starts at 380K or so according to quite a few different sites via Google. Way different (lower) than what Intuit stated when filing my return, IIRC. Maybe he meant high 5 figure income? High 6 figure, his house should be paid off in a few years or he should be ready for retirement already, or we might all just have to be envious of his lifestyle....

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I spend 5 seconds plugging in my car when I get home and 5 seconds unplugging in the morning. I spend far less time than I spent filling my gas car up where I'd have to go out of my way to a gas station, wait in line and fill up. Yes, there's a bit of a wait on long trips, but for most of my driving I spend far less time. When battery swapping is available it will take me roughly 90 seconds without me ever having to step out of my car (and for those who don't know, battery swapping includes getting your original battery back on the return trip).

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by dryeo (#48446525) Attached to: Judge Unseals 500+ Stingray Records

My country has a small government type conservative government, the only thing they believe government should be doing is spying on the citizens and locking them up for thought crimes (and other victimless crimes). Those parts that do things like make sure our food is safe to eat or make sure the railroads are run good enough that towns don't get destroyed by trains rolling into town and exploding, well they get rid of that part of government.
I'd rather have a large government that is interested in civil rights then a small government that is only interested in repressing the citizens. Others are the opposite and prefer a government that only represses the common man.

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The idea that the French work a significantly shorter work week than Americans is a largely a myth. The French do enjoy longer annual leave, but I suspect that in the US, the productivity gains resulting from a little more rest at certain points in the year would more than make up for the lost working time.

If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts. -- Albert Einstein