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Comment Re:If only (Score 1) 50

do dogs howl in different languages?

I suspect they do.
The only evidence I have is anecdotal but hear me out:
I love cat videos (yes, yes, I know, very original) and I've watched hundreds.
One thing I noticed was that cats that came from asia tended to have strange-sounding (to my ears) meows.
Researchers (not sourced, sorry) have discovered that cats meow not for each other but rather as an attempt to communicate with humans.

Might cats adapt their meows regionally to maximize their effect with the folks they're meowing at? This is what I theorize.

So if wolves can howl with regional accents, why couldn't cats/dogs? Albeit for different reasons.

Comment Re:Going to be keeping my car for a while... (Score 1) 112

How far we've come...
Remember back in the early 90s? All we dreamed about was cramming a computer into everything.

But with experience, our optimism has cooled a bit, hasn't it?

And we're the PRO-tech guys.

Well at least we got a little out of it, if you compare public perception of computers today with that of our childhood; back then, people really were afraid that monstrous computers would become all-knowing. Today, common people have realized that computers are NOT intelligent, are rather fragile and consequently have an appreciation of the gulf between what computers are and what they used to be afraid of.

Comment Re:Going to be keeping my car for a while... (Score 4, Interesting) 112

Thank you for writing out what lots of us are thinking.

I bought an android 'smartphone' 5 years ago. At the time, it was cutting-edge.

Now it's constantly locking-up/rebooting and incredibly slow.

I also can't install many of the newer apps on it because its firmware revision is too ancient(?!).

I thought "maybe if I go to the telephone vendor and ask if they can upgrade the firmware"

"Naw, we can't update it, buy a new phone"

I can just imagine what dumb excuses the car-makers will have.

Comment By all means - YES (Score 1) 437

because we WANT our programmers to eventually not understand how a microprocessor works.

We need to breed a dumber programmer so s/he can write buggy code, fast.

Make it idiot-proof because eventually the bar will be so low, only idiots will be needed to do the job.

If we're lucky, this will cause a resurgence in VisualBasic.

Comment Re:ZMapp (Score 3, Informative) 33

I've watched way too many zombie movies to feel comfortable with the drug's name.

Heck, never mind the name, this is the beginning of the plot of more zombie movies than I can count.

You two aren't just whistlin' Dixie; that's the major plot of the Charlton Heston classic The Omega Man.

Then again, that one chick-zombie was pretty cool, so if that's a possible side-effect, then I say it's win-win.

Comment Re:When the rocket is standing on the pad (Score 1) 67

Thank you for that, fullmetal! I always appreciate it when someone lights the way in front of me!

In restrospect, I didn't really think about my question because of course, engineers and scientists take multiple precautions. Those precautions may not always be 100% effective but they ARE there.

Thanks again!

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