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Comment Re:So where are the CVE/Vuln reports for this?Oh,w (Score 2) 165 165

> There have been public demonstrations, some televised, of certain models of modern car that allow you to change things like timings and injection sequences, via OBD, over Blueooth, using default passcodes.

What car has Blutooth OBD without having to have physical access to the car to attach a bluetooth dongle to the OBD port?

Comment The Fuck? (Score 4, Insightful) 175 175

>This isn't a problem if every single entry fits into exactly the same format, but how often is the world that generous?
> What if two people share the same address but not the same account?

You dont make it a unique field?

> What if you want to have three lines to the address instead of two?

You have an empty field?

> Who hasn’t tried to fix a relational database by shoehorning too much data into a single column? Or else you end up adding yet another column, and the table grows unbounded.

Yeah, I cant read this crap considering the very next section is 'Disk space is cheap'. If it's cheap, who cares about 1 extra field in the database.

Remember guys MongoDB is webscale

Comment Re:Let's start by repealing the 17th Amendment... (Score 1) 233 233

> If we put Senators back under the control of state legislatures, they'll be less influenced by outside money because the state legislatures can yank the leash when these "law makers" stop representing their constituents appropriately. This would make the Citizens United decision less relevant, at least on the Senate side.

No, all that'll do is move the lobbyists to influence the state legislatures again.

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