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Comment: Stupid criminal... (Score 4, Funny) 149

by ProdigyPuNk (#33709704) Attached to: Man Gets 10 Years For VoIP Hacking

Pena is the first person to be charged by U.S. authorities with VoIP hacking, but he almost avoided prosecution. He skipped bail after his arrest, and was only captured after his Mexican girlfriend turned him in in early 2009.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. NEVER, EVER let your girlfriend know what is going on if you are commiting crimes/running from the law/etc. It gets you in trouble every time.

Comment: 20%? (Score 1) 62

by ProdigyPuNk (#33703404) Attached to: Competition Produces Vandalism Detection For Wikis
I'm sure it's relatively easy to find 20% of the incidents of vandalism when it's a blatant 'rip out half the page and write profanities' sort of thing, but even those results aren't that great. They can 'turn it up' a bit and catch a higher percentage, but that seems to be a slightly bad idea. If wikipedia is based on information from the community at large, I really doubt the people that insert such knowledge will be thrilled when their edits are deleted immediately.

Also, what about more subtle vandalism, the kind that's hard to detect? A few edits that introduce bias in an article, for example. It's this reason that college students everywhere read wikipedia to get a general idea of a topic, and then go elsewhere to places they can actually cite in a paper.

Comment: No one is thinking about the big losses here... (Score 5, Funny) 103

by ProdigyPuNk (#33697198) Attached to: Facebook Unveils Details of Downtime
Let's look at the important thing here with this outage: How many cows, pigs, chickens, cats, goldfish, etc were made to suffer? I know my girlfriend couldn't take care of her virtual cats, and their litterbox ended up full. They were not at all happy. I'm sure the same thing played out across thousands of FarmVille, MyPets, etc accounts. Please, won't someone think of the animal?

Comment: Re:not very technical (Score 4, Funny) 103

by ProdigyPuNk (#33697044) Attached to: Facebook Unveils Details of Downtime
You've got to read some of the comments posted in that thread, it's hilarious.

Anoesj Sadraee It's great to hear and see that big companies like Facebook are so open with what they do. That's rare, very rare. Thanks!

Anne Uriarte ~facebook is stiLL sooo sLow for uz irr! >;'((

Phil McBride this site is becoming less secure lately... hackers are becoming more and more intelligent, i would know, cuz im a white hat lol

Comment: The Anti-IBOC site is an interesting read. (Score 3, Insightful) 134

by ProdigyPuNk (#33696986) Attached to: Digital Radio Mondiale, a Better Standard Than US-Adopted IBOC?
Seems like these guys really know what they are talking about. Not only are they criticizing a position - they actually back it up with a bit of science. It really is disgusting to see any proprietary format, complete with royalty payments, forced by the government onto the populace. Makes me hate Clear Channel, et. al. even more.

Comment: Great (Score 1) 44

by ProdigyPuNk (#32731436) Attached to: German Airports Use Bees To Monitor Air Quality

Could bees be modern-day sentinels like the canaries once used as warning signals of toxic gases in coal mines?

Just what we need, there will be swarms of honey bees at airports, in parking lots, and at work, all testing the air quality. Somehow the whole "swarm of bees" thing scares me more than the actual pollution - at least canaries were cute.

Comment: It's still mostly used for calls... (Score 4, Insightful) 568

by ProdigyPuNk (#32678952) Attached to: iPhone 4 News Roundup
Perhaps Apple (and others) need to shift emphasis back towards the actual calling features of their phones. Who wants a phone that drops calls if you hold it wrong ? It's great that it has new software, etcetc, but any phone I would consider buying needs to include basic features like better than average reception, a decent sounding speaker/mic, and most importantly, does not drop calls if you touch it in it's no-no spot.

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