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Comment Re:Don't evolve your business model (Score 1) 207

Each person is making a copy on their local computer, in cache at bare minimal. Why ya being obtuse? I know that you know how computers work. Hell, you probably know more about 'em than I do. Without a copy, they're not viewing the page. This is definitely a copy and almost certainly in violation of copyright laws in the US and, I'm pretty sure, Germany. Hell, I'm so certain that I'll bet on it. :D The company will either be found guilty (of property or copyright laws) or will settle out of court which may include shutting down, filing for bankruptcy, and dumping any assets they can before they make it to court.

Ya just can't do this. It's against the law. Sheesh. I know you know better. :P It's too early in the morning to go making me think. LOL I woke up to AmiMojo responding, having to dig out their old reply, and then reading their response saying they didn't say what they said they said (I'd quoted it, without editing it, in full), and claiming that I had reading comprehension issues. :/ I shoulda stayed in bed longer but the hotel's noisy.

I'm leaving on Friday so, I guess, you can know my current address.

That's why it's so noisy around here. They've got a giant-ass gingerbread house in the lobby. People keep coming to check out the display. I guess they did this as a tradition but, recently, had stopped it and have just started doing it again. Thus there are reporters, tourists, locals, and general mayhem and noise. I don't know if it was the cause of the noise that woke me up but I'm resentful.

Anyhow, of course there's a copy - even if it's just a temporary copy in cache. There's a damned copy and you know it - hell, you probably know more about it than I do, how it was specifically written to memory, and how it is isolated from memory, if there was any cache stored on disk, etc... And no, no I'm not gonna play "what if they modified their phone so that it was live and there was no cache-state!" No! Have you no shame?!? Sheesh... Sheesh, indeed.

Comment Re:I'd be wary of Musk, too (Score 1) 92

Depreciation seems to be something that anyone can use, I don't think it's specific to those industries but it is enumerated as specific items but, if I recall correctly, that was something they didn't want - I seem to recall reading that they were wanting to wait and write it all of. However, depreciation is something most businesses can write off or even defer and write off all at once. You can depreciate computer equipment, cars, and other resources as their value decreases. It's not really special, it's just enumerated. There's nothing magical there. I seem to recall they wanted to be able to write it all off at once which was why they ended up having to list it as depreciation instead of the tax games they were playing before that. But no, depreciation of assets is pretty normal. In fact, if you're not doing so then you're sorely missing out.

Comment Re: Trolling is for cows. (Score 1) 235

I have but it's not typical - I don't think. I just don't really notice or spend them. I don't moderate, as a general rule. The posts that I'd flag down are just spam and those are already covered. Other than that? I don't feel a need to curtail others speech or to impose my standards on the speech of others. If I disagree, I'm more inclined to say something or ignore them, not to delete them. I'd moderate spam, and have, but I don't usually bother - I just delete the notice. I'd rather comment in the threads and doing so as an AC, if I moderated, is against the rules so I don't do that either.

Mostly, I know that my moderation means that they get a lower score. With a lower score they're less visible. That means they're less likely to be heard. Which, I figure, means they're more likely to just repeat themselves or it hides their posts from people who don't read at -1 or the likes. Meh, let 'em read it. I read almost everything - if I have time. I keep a Slashdot tab open and return to it when I have a few minutes. It's a good time burner. I like to discuss, not to hide speech. With the exception of spam, well, who am I to judge? So, it's a few reasons but no - as a general rule I don't spend them.

But yeah, I've seen 15 a few times but I don't see them as often any more. I think that's because I don't moderate? I still get points but not as frequently. When I stopped using them, they stopped showing up as often. If I take a day or two off and return then I've generally got a few notifications. I'm not entirely sure how the system works. I don't think I've gotten a slot of 15 at one time for a while but I think I've had 15 waiting for me when I returned? I just delete them and the temptation goes away - I still see the settings but I can ignore those fairly well. ;-) I'd rather comment. Maybe I'll learn something?

Comment Re:The perfect storm (Score 1) 93

I have shared, via torrents, a very large number of distros. I already have a seed box that does nothing but run headless and seed torrents all year long. It consumes more power than it probably needs to and while I could, easily, set up a Pi to take care of this - I'm very unlikely to do so. I could see this being handy a a device that can do things like that. I'd be unlikely to get around to setting up a Pi but I'd probably do it in a browser and just share it to NAS like I already do.

Meh... I do keep my wiring fairly organized so I'm not entirely lazy. Then again, I keep it organized to prevent additional labor in the future. ;-)

Anyhow, I don't see this as a good business level device. It'd be something fine for the home if, you know, I didn't already have countless alternatives.

Comment Re:This would level the playing ground (Score 1) 349

Really? What deductions are allowed for high income people and are not allowed for middle/working class people?

I suppose that deductions for dressage horses and yachts are technically available to middle/working class people, except middle/working class people don't own dressage horses and yachts. So, it's fair to say that these deductions have been designed and implemented to benefit the rich.

I think you're just being disingenuous now. You're dismissed.

Comment Re:Sounds like a great idea (Score 1) 93

You're bordering on insane! I like that. I'm gonna help you out. See, the same is true with an ARM CPU as well. What? You say!!! No way! They will let you view the source. True. That doesn't mean there's no other source that is purposefully kept hidden.

I think, if you want to be safe - safe enough to be this paranoid without being hypocritical, you should absolutely turn off your computer and stop using the internet. It's the only way to be sure! You're just asking to be hacked by using an ARM CPU that's providing an illusion of security by giving you a false sense of safety. The reality is that it'd be trivial to include code that you can neither access nor read on the chip. The same is true with every single chip out there. How do you know that FPGA is the size it says it is? That's the reported size. It may have hidden space and hidden code and the government would never tell you!

Seriously, I want to protect you from harm and you don't want them spying on your porn habits so you had better stop using your computer, entirely, and just plain forget about using the internet! You're just asking to get hacked!

Comment Re:automatic updates ... lifetime of the device (Score 1) 93

Err... I just ran HTOP a minute ago to see what was spiking a CPU core. I snapped a screen shot with Shutter just to make a record of it. I stored it on an ext4 formatted disk drive. I used inxi -Fxz to check some specs a little while before that. Slurm is giving me a nice display of my network activity. Leafpad is open with my notes. Terminator stands idle awaiting my commend.

Nope, you're right, in practice that doesn't happen. None of that open source code is ever maintained and nobody ever puts any work into helping the community. Those old hacked wifi drivers that didn't initially work? Those were written by underpants gnomes or magic - I don't know which. They keep updating those realtek drivers to work with the newer versions and that hardware is still useful. Hell, I just clone git and use a little make magic and I'm good to go. But no, you're right! It never, ever, happens.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 78

The mere existence of a Democrat somewhere in DC does not automatically mean that every time something happens - or simply may happen as is the case with many of your conspiracies - that it is "Democrat malfeasance". Some of your favorite (by message and JE count) conspiracies are of things that haven't happened at all, yet you associate them with Democrats and tell us that they are things that President Lawnchair will somehow execute any coming femtosecond.

But. . .that's precisely What. They. Want. You. To. Think.

What? I quoted my text directly for you so you can read it and try to find some connection between it and what you wrote. There is no dispute that you are in favor of a great magnitude of paranoia, at least when it comes to anyone who dares carry a (D) after their name. However your notion of "what they want you to think" doesn't really parse here, as it would not seem to be in "their" best interest to encourage paranoia if "they" were about to go and launch into something nefarious.

Comment Re:release notes should have informed users (Score 1) 200

That's not really a low end desktop, not even today. Most desktops are still being sold with 4Gb of RAM, and when it comes to tablets, the situation is even worse.

My tests are on a Thinkpad X100e which originally came with Windows 7 and ran it fine, with 4Gb, and a HP Stream 8 which originally came with Windows 8.1. Both have, independently, had large numbers of BSoDs since the Fall Update. Responsiveness on both is pretty bad, though has improved with the FU, but still, more often than not, trying to bring up the Start menu takes more than 10 seconds (and sometimes more than a minute) on the X100e, and is a frequent occurrence on the tablet. The notifications bar usually takes so long to come up on both I usually give up on it.

(Want to see smooth and responsive? Try Windows 8.1 on a tablet. Made me never want to use an Android tablet again.)

For obvious reasons, I've not accepted by employer's offer to switch to Windows 10, nor have I upgraded my main PC. This is terrible. Yeah, I get people saying "Well, on my low end bargain basement $10,000 desktop, an 12GHz 16 core Intel i9 with 32Gb of RAM (I mean, who uses anything less these days, right?!" (I kid, but not by much...) "it works fine!" but when you have two devices in front of you that really suck thanks to the Windows 10 update, you tend to believe your own eyes.

Honestly, I still think Microsoft should have released Windows 8.11 (8.1 with a start menu) and then spent a year polishing Windows 10 until it was ready. It shows potential, but in its current form it's garbage.

"There are things that are so serious that you can only joke about them" - Heisenberg