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Comment Re:So what should we do? (Score 1) 433

It doesn't matter what you want, the most modern automatic transmissions (e.g. ZF HP9) already don't have a linkage. They are too complex to operate with a hydraulic valve body, even for limp home mode. Consequently, where it is used (which is practically everywhere) there is already no drawback to a pushbutton interface. Pushing P while moving could select N, and apply the EPB (electronic parking brake) automatically when the driver comes to a stop, then shift into park. Pushing N would do the same, sans brake and autoshift.

Comment Re:Re-entry aiming (Score 1) 107

It depends on how bad they are. The world's first ICBM had a high, 5km CEP. But still, plot a 5km circle on any major city, you're still going to hit a densely populated area.

That said, it's quite true that NK's nuclear weapons are (comparatively) quite weak, and (probably) heavy.

Comment Re:dmbasso is a pedophile (Score 3, Insightful) 107

Note to the new owners of Slashdot: this here conversation is precisely the sort of rare case where you should actually get involved (where the person or people involved don't care if they get modded down to zero and will just keep popping back up with more angry, offtopic rants in whatever thread they feel like)

Comment Re:I guess I haven't understood this (Score 1) 53

It is will understood that the Tea Party is an extreme astroturfing movement that scores - at least - a solid 11 on a 1-to-10 bogosity scale. Even the name itself is bogus as there is no meaningful correlation between the Tea Party and the Boston Tea Party, there is no virtually no philosophical overlap. The Boston Tea Party wanted to end taxation without representation, the Tea Party wants to reduce representation. The Boston Tea Party was aware of what they were getting in to and fostered their own ideas, the Tea Party just takes the bad ideas that are handed down from their corporate masters and projects them as wonderful and beneficial without question. The Boston Tea Party encouraged participation and thought, the Tea Party encourages mindless following and chanting of mantras.

In terms of constitutionality, the Tea Party is the biggest group of hypocrites around. Sure, they are constitutionally protected to say whatever they want and to encourage people to do things that are counter to their own self-interest. However to say that someone who wants to embrace 1/3rd of the constitution, burn 1/3rd of it, and ignore the other 1/3rd of it is some great scholar of the document is ridiculous. I don't call myself a biblical scholar for having read a few parts of the bible back in the 80s, you don't call yourself a great scholar of Marx... oh, wait, you do call yourself a great scholar of Marx in spite of refusing to read him. Well, I guess I can at least say that you are reasonably consistent in your over-crediting yourself in terms of academic pursuits.

Comment Re:Jeep? Not so much (Score 1) 433

As for Jeep being a Fiat, so what?

It has completely ruined the brand for serious off-roading by going all unibody. That's fine, that's their prerogative, but the truth is that while the base vehicle is more capable off-road, they have destroyed the modification potential. Hell, it even makes sense, they're trying to sell more vehicles, not less of them. Focusing on a niche market would be stupid. Doesn't change the fact that their original core audience is going to have to go somewhere else now. They're spending their cachet.

Comment Re:The more you jazz it up (Score 1) 433

I always use the PARKING BRAKE when I exit the vehicle, even though I leave it in first gear, even on a flat surface. I don't know, but to me, that's why it is called a PARKING BRAKE. Just a little more safety.

This. People who don't do this are idiots, it's not surprising if their cars are rolling away. If someone hits your car while it's parked this can keep it from rolling away and hitting another car, for which YOU could be found at fault. That alone should be sufficient motivation to set the damned brake.

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