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Comment: Re: Corrected headline (Score 1) 305 305

Even more fun is the huge die-off that occurred when humans first arrived in north america. Not just birds there, but many large mammals too.

It has always tweaked my brain if that is a "natural" extinction event too. I lean toward "yes," as the humans back then were basically hunter-gatherers. Then again, even spears and pit traps are technology...


Comment: Re:Girls and boys are different, yes, but... (Score 1) 490 490

And to add to this: Have you watched the ads on children's TV shows recently? I see several people in this discussion saying "I have a daughter, she wanted the pink stuff, wasn't interested in the building blocks."

Watch a few kids shows on broadcast TV sometime and cringe... there's where a chunk of your kids "programming" is coming from, IMHO.

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