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Comment Played one, loved it. (Score 4) 43

All the "flop flop flop" commentary... no one ever seems to have anything positive to say about it.

I had access to one of these "occasionally" when I was young and I would play it every chance I could get for hours at a time. Which was impressive, because the only game they had for it was the tennis game. Anyhow, I loved it and wished I could get one of my own. Never had any headache problems or double vision. The 3d certainly worked well enough to gauge when to swing at the ball as it was coming towards the screen.


Comment Re:Efficiency (Score 1) 904

A fuel cell works very much like a battery, converting chemical energy to electrical energy. So if a battery can be 90% efficient, a fuel cell should be able to have that efficiency, too.

Nope. You need to educate yourself a bit. The theoretical maximum efficiency for a fuel cell running on pure hydrogen and oxygen is 83%. Note: that's the theoretical-you're-not-getting-anywhere-close-to-that-good efficiency, not real-world efficiency.

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