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Comment: New mobile mail (Score 3, Insightful) 167

by samwichse (#49167793) Attached to: Marissa Mayer On Turning Around Yahoo

If the new mobile mail app is part of their big push, then they're in trouble.

That thing is DOG slow on a Nexus 5 (a quad core phone with 2gb RAM). I can't even imagine how crap it is on anything older. Every time they push it back on me, I have to go to settings->classic mail experience.

Not to mention the fact I have to use the browser version instead of their app due to mysterious random "oops your battery is dead" moments and the ridiculous number of permissions their app wants.

And can we talk about reliability? 50-50 whether the desktop site loads videos correctly, they seem to have 4 different commenting systems with the same backend (one of which never shows comments), and constant "oops, server error" issues. This last block I'm separating because the crapitude predates her, but Yahoo can't seem to code its way out of a wet paper bag.

Comment: Re:Not exactly cheap (Score 1) 70

by samwichse (#49112523) Attached to: Intel Core M Enables Lower Cost Ultrabooks; Asus UX305 Tested

Yes, this is the world Intel fanboys have been awaiting when they crow about the imminent demise of AMD in every benchmark suite I've seen.

I buy all AMD no matter what, just to keep the CPU market a market, not a monopoly. Sadly, since their fab spin-off and the downsizing of their R&D department, they probably are in a death spiral now...


Comment: Re:One less cellphone shop I guess (Score 1) 294

by samwichse (#48999777) Attached to: Radioshack Declares Bankruptcy

Ours has a whole section with lots of drawers of resistors, transistors, 555 timers and other miscellaneous silicon. They've also got tons of electronics kits, irons, tips, solder, wire strippers, etc.

You could easily walk in there with no electronic equipment/parts and walk out with everything needed to build "something" from bare parts, or buy a kit or a raspberry pi (!).

It's super close to an existing Sprint store, so I'll be sad to see it close down :(


Comment: Re:Sad... (Score 1) 242

by samwichse (#48981771) Attached to: RadioShack Near Deal To Sell Half of Its Stores, Close the Rest

To their credit, I've bought quite a bit of that stuff there because I was in the groove and didn't want to wait a few days to get back to what I was hacking on. Why do that, when I could get to Radio Shack and back in less than 30 minutes? And pay shipping?

I paid 1.50 for a 5 pack of 220 Ohm resistors just last week when I ran out. The price for similar quality on Digikey is 6-7c each. But shipping is a minimum of $2.80. And I could have them right then from RS.

Last month it was 100uF caps, and before that a 555 timer, and before that, a roll of desoldering braid. All marked up like crazy, but worth it to me at the time.

I may buy the bulk of parts in larger lots from online shops, but Radio Shack is great for filling in the gaps.

Comment: Re:Really good news! (Score 2) 158

by samwichse (#48922761) Attached to: Opera Founder Is Back, WIth a Feature-Heavy, Chromium-Based Browser

Wow, it's nice.

It's still missing a lot of features, but unlike the "new Opera," they seem to have the intent to add them. Many of the nicer interface touches are there... the nice sidebar layout, the view panel, the ability to put tabs on the bottom, show/hide images (no cached only mode yet) and a nice view panel with zoom slider that zooms all the page content.

Shockingly stable for a tech preview release. I like :)

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