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Comment It was dead anyway (Score 1) 113

Opera already was on its way into a death spiral. They decided they couldn't keep up with the pace development of other rendering engines with Presto, so they said they were going to clean-sheet remake Opera using Blink.

Well, what they really did was make a crappy Chromealike skin for Blink and give the middle finger to their loyal users. Why would you download or use this instead of Chrome/Chromium? It doesn't make sense.

Luckily, some of the original people have been actually working on a real "Opera on Blink" browser in the form of Vivaldi, which I'm really liking. Interface customization is getting better with every release, and it gives you lots of options to twiddle with (and can use some Chrome extensions). Highly recommended. I don't really know what anyone's use case for Opera would be, even on mobile it's basically just a barely modified Chrome. Maybe Opera Mini or something?


Comment Re:It would be akin to Animal Farm (Score 1) 459

"and they do so without taking over massive swaths of land to the point that it's impossible to live in a city area outside of their rule"

ROFL Oh man, that's hilarious!

HOAs are exactly heavy-handed statism writ-small. If you really think they're a libertarian ideal, you have no idea what a libertarian ideal is.


Comment Re: Crescent won't learn (Score 1) 329

I still have my Kobalt metric wrench set, bought in the late 90's, stamped "Made in USA." The chrome hasn't even chipped or worn on any of it in close to 20 years. Their newer stuff looks totally different, although I haven't tried anything because my 90's USA-made Craftsman and Kobalt hand tools are still working (if not looking) like new.


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