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Comment Re:Mixed (Score 1) 350

A lot of times, I'm pretty sure what they're doing is taking their foot off the gas and resting it on the brake. But the brake switch is sensitive enough that this makes the brake lights come on.

I've got a manual transmission honda civic hybrid, and the hybrid system braking effect is tied to the brake switch in the pedal, so it's pretty easy to suss out exactly what pressure on the pedal will trigger the light. I tested it and found that I can lightly rest my toe on the pedal no problem, but even a slight bump will kick in the regenerative braking (and the brake lights). Probably what's happening 90% of the time.

The other 10% are inexplicable stupidity like this morning when I got stuck behind some fool who braked down to 22 mph in the 35 zone we were in and there were no intersections or ANYTHING anywhere near.


Comment Re:A truly rare find (Score 1) 249

Don't you mean the reverse? I thought obverse was the front... which makes it seem like you're saying we are already going back to intelligent people running the government.

Not trying to be pedantic, but you seem to have chosen a fancy word on purpose here and I want to know (in a non-sarcastic way) if it has an alternate meaning.


Comment Re:Time to turn of automatic updates! (Score 1) 374

On my work machine, I uninstalled the update, and it came back.

The original KB# wasn't listed in the installed updates list and I was also wondering what the new number to remove was.

Guess what? I ran

wusa /uninstall /kb:3035583

from the command line anyway, and it was silently installed (and not listed)... popped up the uninstall dialog and the notification went away. Rechecked for updates and rehid it and it hasn't come back.

Scummy shit.

Comment Re:Good and bad about 5X (Score 1) 208

Even the US-spec Moto x pure (2015) has: 3gb RAM, the same hexacore snapdragon 808, a microSD card slot, larger, higher-res screen etc. All with a starting price of only $20 more (and you can usually find a $30-50 off deal if you shop around). And it has pretty much vanilla Android.

Looks like the Nexus magic (getting a great deal) is over.

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