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Comment Re:Good and bad about 5X (Score 1) 208

Even the US-spec Moto x pure (2015) has: 3gb RAM, the same hexacore snapdragon 808, a microSD card slot, larger, higher-res screen etc. All with a starting price of only $20 more (and you can usually find a $30-50 off deal if you shop around). And it has pretty much vanilla Android.

Looks like the Nexus magic (getting a great deal) is over.

Comment Re:The Volkswagen scandal is a good thing (Score 1) 126

The good news is, depending on the year, you can get a better aftermarket battery than the NOS crap Honda is selling anyway.

Call Eli over at Bumblebee Batteries, he'll sell you a battery for self-install no problems. Heck, even Dorman sells new hybrid batteries now.

Bought a replacement from them for my 2004 HCH ~3 years ago, works like a champ.


Comment Re:Wind Mill != Wind Turbine! (Score 1) 211

Yes, the first definition of a "mill" is:
a building equipped with machinery for grinding grain into flour.

However, further down are:
a building fitted with machinery for a manufacturing process. "a steel mill"
a piece of manufacturing machinery.
a place that processes things or people in a mechanical way.

So it follows that looking at the definition of "windmill" gives you:
a building with sails or vanes that turn in the wind and generate power to grind grain into flour.
a structure using wind to generate electricity or draw water.

Source: Google "define:" searches.

Comment Re:Negative pricing is huge incentive for batterie (Score 1) 211

On the other hand, something like liquid batteries (useless for transportation, obviously, but great for fixed installations) have a pretty much unlimited lifespan, as the interfaces are all just immiscible liquids and most everything that kills regular batteries (dentrite formation, crystalization, membrane degradation) are not present. Likewise manufacture should be fairly cheap:

(not promoting this particular company, but they seem to actually be working on it).


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