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Comment: Re:The problem (Score 1) 364

by samwichse (#46642581) Attached to: Your Car Will Tell You How To Hit the Next Green Light

I'll leave it at as an exercise of your imagination whether 20 cars going 30mph instead 35 can get through a light faster than 20 cars accelerating from a dead stop.

Because that's what would happen, the first car would run right up to the light and have to stop, and all the other cars would have to brake to a stop behind (or begin to) when the light turned red, they would still have to deal with the standing wave of stopped cars at the light.

Comment: Sounds just like Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan (Score 1) 357

by samwichse (#46605607) Attached to: Gunshot Victims To Be Part of "Suspended Animation" Trials

This tech sounds similar to what they do in the Vorkosigan series. Sick or severely injured people have all their blood dumped/flushed with a cryo fluid and then are held until they are operated on or cured in the future of whatever disease ailed them.

Or they were supposed to be. Cryoburn goes into the implications in some detail. The protagonist gets carted out in a cryo coffin several times (and lost once).

The author really nailed it with this article though.


Comment: Re:Poor Engineering Trade-off (Score 1) 217

by samwichse (#46560421) Attached to: Oppo's New Phone Hits 538 PPI

Pretty much any wifi-having unlocked smartphone from several years ago should have it.

I've got an old Samsung Nexus S with a big fat battery back on it (1400mah battery->3800mah). I can pop my SIM in it and use it as a USB or wifi modem that can also make phone calls forever.

The downside is... no LTE. But it's cheap.

Comment: Re:Best car overall?? (Score 1) 318

by samwichse (#46362513) Attached to: Consumer Reports Says Tesla Model S Is Best Overall Vehicle

Now do that for a car that actually competes with the Model S.

The Audi A7 (base $64,500), the BMW 6 series (base $75,400), and the Mercedes-Benz CLS (base $72,100). Note base prices are pulled from Google's first result.

I would compare a Nissan Leaf to say... a Honda Fit or a Fiesta hatch likewise (or a Nissan Versa!).

Don't know why the GP decided comparing to a 30k car made any sense at all... he started a discussion that makes 0 sense.

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by samwichse (#46332893) Attached to: Why Nissan Is Talking To Tesla Model S Owners

You know there are physical controls for the radio right on the steering wheel, right?

And the climate control is full auto, you shouldn't even need to mess with anything on it, just the temperature setpoint (my car has a similar auto climate control, I leave the thermostat on 72 and haven't messed with anything else in a long time).

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