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Comment Re:It needs the right marketing. (Score 1) 174 174

Basically they claim there are quantitative defense compounds in the almond made by the tree to reduce digestibility (for example, try to eat a raw white oak acorn, tannin city, bleh).

Soaking the almond supposedly causes them to metabolize some of these compounds... not sure it actually works. When soaking acorns, you're just looking to leach the tannins out, which definitely works.


Comment Re: Corrected headline (Score 1) 305 305

Even more fun is the huge die-off that occurred when humans first arrived in north america. Not just birds there, but many large mammals too.

It has always tweaked my brain if that is a "natural" extinction event too. I lean toward "yes," as the humans back then were basically hunter-gatherers. Then again, even spears and pit traps are technology...


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