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Comment: Re:No mention of sulfur (Score 1) 417


Are you reading the same thread?

It's not. But politically, he's calling it the most important because it's something humans can't do anything about. If fits in perfectly with the right's narrative on AGW. By making the problem out of their control, they can claim anyone wanting to do anything about it just wants to "kill jobs" or "redistribute wealth."

Comment: Re:I don't agree that cars cost more. (Score 1) 292

by samwichse (#49415923) Attached to: EFF Fighting Automakers Over Whether You Own Your Car

The '05 Corolla is 5 inches shorter and 3 inches narrower than the '15.

It also weighs 2,530 to 2,670 lbs, vs 2,800 to 2,875 lbs for the '15.

Sadly, Toyota no longer sells a car that size to compare to. Nissan sells a Versa sedan (ugh) that is a lot closer in size than the '15 Corolla (it's a bit smaller). Base price is $12k.

Cars always bloat and become larger with time. Then they introduce a "new" small car at the bottom. People love it, but they think "it'll sell better if it were just a bit bigger" every time they redesign. Rinse, lather, repeat. The size/weight of a brand new Honda Civic is actually larger overall than a 1987 Accord. Go figure... now we have the Fit. Which jumped up in size with the '09 refresh.


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