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Comment: Re:wont last (Score 1) 270

by Pope (#48435101) Attached to: Customers Creating Fake Amazon Pages To Get Cheap Electronics At Walmart

I have seen things like that at Walmart too, like special version of a DVD that contains an extra trailer, or a drill that doesn't come with the carrying case like it does from Home Depot, all differences that cause it to have a different SKU.

That's a bit different, since they tend to be overtly marketed as "retailer-exclusive versions" in the case of DVDs (eg. Steel case edition only available at Best Buy, extra trailer only available at Target, etc.)

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by Pope (#48410513) Attached to: Group Tries To Open Source Seeds

Is it really an optimal choice to grow a plant from scratch every year? Could a tree or a perennial shrub provide better long term nutritional returns? Isn't a mature tree far hardier and less susceptible to crop loss?

Fruit/nut trees also take a long time to come to maturity, like 5-10 years per tree. All that time, they're not producing a sellable product.

Mature tree crops fall hard to disease all the time. Oranges, for one, spring to mind.

Better to grow a variety of things.

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by Kythe (#48404241) Attached to: Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games
Unfortunately, such feminists seem to be on the quiet side. Most of what seems to be heard from modern feminists--to say nothing of the SJWs--is as regards areas where women are perceived as being disadvantaged as compared with men. But it's radio silence when the opposite is true (or worse: open hostility towards those who raise issues where men are disadvantaged).

Ensuring women don't have fewer rights than men is a laudable goal, to be sure. But compared with supporting equality, it leaves out half of the equation. At one time, when women really could have been said to have been oppressed and had far fewer rights than men, such a position was probably justified. But in today's remarkably egalitarian society (if we're arguing over portrayal of the sexes in video games, you kind of have to admit we're down to details), things aren't quite so simple. And in my opinion, that is largely responsible for the serious image problem today's feminists seem to have.

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by Kythe (#48372973) Attached to: Microsoft Patches OLE Zero-Day Vulnerability
"IBM corp's cybersecurity research team discovered the bug in May, describing it as a 'significant vulnerability' in the operating system.

"'The buggy code is at least 19 years old and has been remotely exploitable for the last 18 years,' IBM X-Force research team said in its blog on Tuesday."

I know you guys recently made a big deal out of attacking free software projects, and tried to exploit a couple of recent bugs in them to evangelize for paid development, so this reminder of how bad bugs frequently are in paid development software is pretty embarrassing. But in context, pretending this somehow demonstrates how good paid development models are just looks silly.

Comment: Re:Technical claims as reported puzzling (Score 1) 208

by Pope (#48102947) Attached to: Ross Ulbricht's Lawyer Says FBI's Hack of Silk Road Was "Criminal"

You're missing that the server wouldn't respond to any routable IP address. It only communicated through tor.

Incorrect. It was discovered leaking a public IP through the Captcha in early 2013. That info was posted a number of places, including

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