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Comment Re:From a personal point of view: (Score 1) 73

It really depends. Initial news stories are that it *doesn't* include BI/clearance investigation material. I really sort of hope that's true.

Not that I think breach of *that* material will never happen (when, not if).

Hate to say it, but regardless, this is a pretty serious breach of trust on OPM's part. It's difficult to secure systems. It's not impossible.

Comment Re:But why? (Score 1) 634

This is a good comment.

Really, people who go into coding, engineering, etc., and who stay in it tend to do so because they love doing what the day-in, day-out jobs in engineering, etc. actually entail: solving the abstract problems right in front of you. That goes for the best engineers (male and female) I've known.

Current engineering courses don't generally go into social impact because an awful lot of engineering doesn't involve much social impact, at least from what you see every day.

I have no problem whatsoever with trying to attract more women into the subsets of engineering, etc. in which they're under-represented (just as I have no problem trying to attract more men into biomed, psychology, education, etc. and other fields in which men are equally under-represented, though you usually don't see a lot of effort devoted to these things.). I'm just not sure this amounts to accurate representation of what being an engineer really is like, and while it may work to get more women to sign up, keeping them in the field may be a very different story.

Comment Re:Move more, eat less (Score 1) 496

Keep tempting snacks in a time lock box, that only opens at set times, to avoid impulsive eating.

Or just don't buy them. I stopped eating a lot of crap like chips, etc. just by not buying them in the first place. If I want something crunch, nuts, carrots, or celery will do just fine.

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