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Comment Re: Good? (Score 3, Informative) 230

The problem isn't the use of weapons with less collateral damage. The problem is the response from those who have nukes, but not the precision-guided, limited collateral damage variety.

It's a psychological issue--once nukes have been used, it's more feasible to respond by using nukes. And lest we think the psychology of the situation doesn't matter, remember that mutually assured destruction (MAD), which kept the world fron nuking itself back to the stone age for more than a half century, was and is based entirely on the psychology of nuclear weapon use.

Comment Re:worse performance for all, ssh voip ueeles. 3 m (Score 1) 161

I would word this differently.

I would say that ISP's should allocate enough bandwidth for the service they provide. But, of course, if they can avoid doing this (and many times, thanks to monopolies, they can) and save money, they will.

It's rather like medical insurance: companies have no more incentive to provide better service than to save money through simply risk selection by cutting out customers more likely to get sick.

Hence the need for legislation.

Comment Re:Is preparation a problem (Score 1) 188

There are multiple possible ways to prepare. Broadly speaking, they are: disconnections (if warning is received), protective devices to stop unbalanced current in the grid, and replacement transformers (right now, the thousands of house-sized, custom-made extremely high voltage transformers upon which the grid depends, and which take many months to make with a years-long backlog, have few if any spares lying around).

Comment Re:So, let's discuss this.... (Score 1) 291

The main reason for aligning clocks with the sun is for navigational methods that aren't really used anymore.

At this point, it makes much more sense to have a fundamental time reference that provides 60 seconds to a minute, period, and if you really want to translate to your local sun-referenced time, make use of translation tables.

Right now, we muck with the fundamental reference. That's the basic issue that needs solving.

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