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Comment Re:Corporate death penalty (Score 1) 56

The problem is not in the companies abusing the system, it's in the system for setting up such a business model. The more laws in place, the more fuckups like this one. The problem is that these companies are shielded by the law, so theu're hard do counter fight.

I'm not advocating a zero-laws system, but there are clearly too much things in place. We don't need more of it, we need less.

Comment Re:This is how it begins (Score 1) 245

Do you really think France, and especially the French, would accept a "state of emergency" lasting years?

No, they will make the measures permanent like every other country that has reduced civil liberties. When?

This isn't the first time France has declared state of emergency, an the previous times it was removed when it expired.

But feel free to enjoy your ideologicaly inspired cynicism.

The first thing they did after declaring the state of emergency was to amend it so it could last 9 times as long as it was originally allowed. But sure, they intend for it to be temporary. Apart from the fact that they are already talking about extending it again.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 5, Insightful) 166

I think your first two points are the reason. People using iOS are far more likely to actually PAY for a game (or any other app for that matter). The fact that the iOS platform is far more homogeneous (At any point in time you have to cover 2 versions of the OS, three tablets and three phones to address 90+% of iOS users) make also development costs lower. Lower costs, higher profits, yes, the iOS platform is most likely an order of magnitude more profitable than Android.

Comment Re: Remember - Apple is a hardware company. (Score 1) 225

Well, numbers don't matter in the end because most of this is just a matter of perception. You can show me that Booting is much slower on iOS9 than iOS8, but I so rarely boot my phone that I don't care. Apps start much faster. The keyboard pops out slightly slower. There are differences and if you want to only measure the things that are slower, you'll have cold hard numbers and still a flawed comparison. So measuring things is only part of the experience.

If iOS8 was almost unusable on your iPhone 4S, then I'm sorry. I've lived with it for about a year and found it fine. It was sure not as snappy as iOS7, but it brought some cool things and I found the deal acceptable.

As far as battery life is concerned, I can go full-day without recharging now which was not the case with iOS8. True, some of it is due to the fact that whan I reach 20% of battery, the iPhone switch to "energy saving" mode (or something like that) which did not exist in iOS8. It may be artificial, but it works. And it works well.

So, as I stated, and this is a subjective opinion, if I could switch back to iOS8 ot iOS7, I wouldn't. I'd keep iOS9. The rest is irrelevant.

Comment Re:Publishers need to be responsible (Score 2) 241

If your browser doesn't contact GA directly, GA can't drop the cookie that will help analytics be more precise. It also doesn't have any code running in your browser - hence less data to collect.

Don't get me wrong, we're not losing analytics, but we'll be far less fine-grained.

And I think we'll all be better off this way.

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