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Comment Re:Why car info tech is so thoroughly at risk .. (Score 2) 192

From what I can gather, Apple and Google most certainly have an expertise which is a few orders of magnitude higher than the auto industry. Short of firing all the automotive CEOs and replacing them with geeks, I don't know how anyone can operate a significant shift in focus in less than 50 years.

I've worked for insurance, finance and distribution(I assume car companies to be as bad) and the state of the art is that none of those people have the first clue as to what computer science is, can bring to them or can take from them. They see a few wins (by looking around and copying ideas) and they don't want to pay for it.

So yeah, they end up with a badly glued patch of libraries (some open source, some not) and the end result is a collection of crap that has more bugs than features.

Comment Re:BULL (Score 0) 414

An employer looking for cheaper hires, imagine that! it would be like, say, an american screening through gas stations to get the cheaper gas. This is unbelievable.

Now, these are foreign people paying their taxes in america and giving their talent to american companies. I'd say the america as a whole is much better off with these people in activity on its soil than in their original country (or in any other).

My two cents of course.

Comment Re:Compile to JS vs WebASM (Score 1) 94

I agree that the fact that all major players are on board is a plus. That said, this is something we will sadly not be able to target for at least 6 years IMO. The most notable issue being the release cycle of Internet Explorer. If they decide to support their old platforms well, things could go faster. But the fact that we're still stuck with support for IE8 (or were until recently) is due to the fact that it's the newest IE for Windows XP, nothing else.

Comment Re:Hmmm .... (Score 3) 78

The problem is that it gives a false sens of security. Your favorite bank can now fire those two last skilled people and get 10 more dumb indians (note: not all indians are dumb) to piss off shitty code. Just run their "CodePhage magic" and you still have a software full of holes (but a little less than if you didn't run it.)

The problem is just that now that you have fired those two people that knew what they were talking about, you're just clueless about what is going on.

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