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Comment Re:Publishers need to be responsible (Score 2) 241

If your browser doesn't contact GA directly, GA can't drop the cookie that will help analytics be more precise. It also doesn't have any code running in your browser - hence less data to collect.

Don't get me wrong, we're not losing analytics, but we'll be far less fine-grained.

And I think we'll all be better off this way.

Comment Re:DOM's got to go (Score 1) 137

You rarely need to add thousands of nodes to fill in the viewport. There are techniques such as infinite scrolling which will display the viewport blazingly fast and download more content as the user scrolls down. You save network bandwidth, CPU, and it all looks good.

Choosing the proper tools is also a given. Anything developed in AngularJS for example is bound to be slow on every redraw since it generates a whole new DOM every time. Not counting the initial payload. Try out simpler frameworks such as mithril for example.

Frankly speaking, the DOM is good enough for most uses. Learning how to not download 20MB of data in each page is what's missing.

Comment Re:I feel you... (Score 1) 283

Well, I have the latest iOS8.x on both my 4S and my iPad2 and I don't experience the same stuff as you. They both run fine. Granted, they are slower with iOS8 than they were originally. Remember the iPad2 is basically a big iPhone 4S. Almost same CPU, same RAM.

iOS 9 also holds the promise of being faster than iOS8, a first in iOS history. Who knows, maybe they'll deliver on their promise...

Comment Re:I feel you... (Score 3, Insightful) 283

I have an iPhonre that is from 2011 (iPhone 4S). It works the latest software from Apple, the latest software from the App Store and, while not as snappy as the first day, runs smoothly enough.

I also have an iPad 2 which was bought at the exact same time. Same results, equivalent CPU, same RAM, runs just fine with the latest software from Apple. It will even support iOS9.

So no, I don't think 2012 is a long time ago, even in tablet times. Maybe other vendors aren't as keen to support old hardware. Maybe that's why they sell their tablets for half the price, since you have to buy twice as many ;-)

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