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Comment Re:Issue will be resolved... (Score 1) 347

Small counterexample: 11-meter radio. It is trivial and common to turn a 4 watt radio (legal, as sold) into a 25 watt radio. It is not unusual to hear someone bragging about having hundreds or thousands of watts available, and there are, for lack of a better word, notorious base stations just about everywhere. It would actually be really nice, for what's left of the community, if the fcc would actually participate in the band, just a little.

Comment Re:All power to China (Score 1) 336

Well said, though I would also agree with AC saying "if sheep watch dumb stuff, they get dumber, if sheep watch educational stuff they get smarter," without bringing legislation in to it. Most of our entertainment is not brain food, but there is, I gather, a peer pressure effect, wherein the water-cooler conversation tends to be about stupid crap, and some people end up watching the stupid crap just to fit in. Looking at it from another angle, stupid crap dominates the social networks. Everyone loves to gossip about celebrity bullshit, but anything relevant to the real world is treated as toxic, like people are afraid to engage their brain on anything of substance.

TL:DR - Parents, educators, and peers ought to step up and demand more.

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