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Comment Re:LOL ... (Score 1) 103

They were sweet, for quite a while nothing could touch them in the areas they were good at that I had access to. Heck, until the Octanes came around for a demo. Those things were pretty awesome. I picked up an Indigo back in the early 2000s for $100 just to support some software I had. It was a sad day when it left for the donation pile.

I'm jealous! I never got closer to owning one than playing with one running a 3D CAD application at a tradeshow I went to, circa 1979-80. I remember it had this cool, squishy 3D "trackball" that you could push and pull-on to make the wireframe representation of a Corvette or something zoom in and out impossibly fast (for that time).

I'm not sure I could have ever put one out on a trashpile. It is cool-enough looking just to keep around as "geek art". Kind of like nuvo-art-deco...

Comment Re:But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 1) 220

Perhaps try not constantly posting Apple shilling and see how you get on.

Is it "Linux Shilling" when users continuously trumpet that "Open Source is teh Bestest. Always!"?

If so, then why oh why is it NEVER EVER EVER called that on Slashdot?

However, I don't think you know what the term "Shill" really means.So, here you go.

So, as you should be able to plainly see, an "enthusiast" (which I most certainly am) != a "Shill" (which I most certainly am NOT).

And "free speech" SHOULD apply to everyone here, even Apple enthusiasts, and without fear of Punish-modding. Remember, the Slashdot Axiom: " '-1 Disagree' is NOT a mod option for a reason.".

But obviously, you don't share that opinion, do you?

Comment Why would you want to manually set the date/time? (Score 1) 108

At least on a PHONE? The cellular network provides a very high quality time signal to begin with, probably better than the internal clock can deliver. AFAIK it's also the iPhone default.

The only reason I can see why you would want to would be to lock the time zone to a specific one different from the one you're in (iPhone seems to set the timezone either via GPS or from the cell network). OK, maybe this is someone's preference, but every time I have done something similar out of my timezone it always fucks me up to be out of sync with local time.

And why on earth would you want to be on a different date?

Comment Re:Alright, I'll bite (Score 1) 108

Okay guys, calm down. Assuming iOS is really based on OS X, I'll test something on my Mac right this instant.

Setting the clock to january first 1970 right noW. I DO NOT SEE ANY DIFFERENCE.


Are you sure? Actually, it should have looked similar to this.

Comment Re:Hrm (Score 1) 108

It's not unusual to see some timestamp issues. It is unusual to see a device crippled so sharply by that. It's VERY unusual for Apple to allow such a range of values- this is the same company that doesn't normally even provide options like "make unread mail appear green instead of blue" or whatever.

But most disturbing is that this would allow any source the iphone trusts for timestamps to mostly disable the phone. I'm not sure whether the iphone prefers to get data from a trusted NTP server or some part of the 3G standard, or if it supports all of that, but it implies that you could...

1- (as just some guy) Set up a wifi network that spoofs whatever the trusted NTP server is, and then assign the epoch date that way. 2- (possibly as some hackery type) Find any way to do the equivalent at a greater level. 3- (as some radio phreak) Find a way to spoof the epoch date with a bogus 3G transmitter. ...and of course a more sophisticated attacker could probably do more.

Actually, I am pretty sure my iPhone uses a time server provided by my wireless carrier. In fact, you have to specifically turn OFF the "Set date and time automatically" (which is the default setting) to do this. Therefore, I could see a bug like this creeping into iOS at some point along the way, and not getting tested properly. Not wonderful; but perhaps understandable.

Comment Re:False headline... (Score 1) 108

Probably because you need to drain power to the clock and a hard reset doesn't do that? When the clock resets, it probably goes back to the equivalent of 1/1/1980 that PCs used to default to.

You are likely correct. You could probably do a factory-defaults Reset; but then you'd have to reconfigure a bunch of stuff or (hopefully) have an iTunes backup to Restore; so letting the battery run down until the clock runs out of juice is probably the least-annoying way to get the clock to Reset to a legal date (assuming you don't have a decent backup).

Comment Re:Just ditch sub-second timing resolution (Score 1) 114

Again, it's less about what's humanly possible or making the SportsCenter top 10 plays of the day.

It's about restoring some sanity to the last minutes of the game. End the ridiculous, drawn-out chess match over clock control. It's like games are two games in one -- one, a normal basketball game for 95% of the time and the rest this, weird, stop-and-go half-court set piece game which takes half an hour for 2 minutes of game clock.

Comment Re:But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 1) 220

ACs aren't going anywhere. The mod system was set up with them in mind. If they're really trolls, they do get modded down.

But those mods don't actually count against their (real User's) Karma, do they?

If they do, then fine; I stand corrected. But if not, then that is a serious hole in the Karmic "justice" system on Slashdot.

Comment Re:But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 1) 220

Now watch as the ACs that have Mod Points Punish-Mod me from my currently Punish-Modded "Good" (down from "Excellent" in one day about a week ago) to "Poor". I'll keep you posted.

ACs don't get mod points. You have to be logged in and be a moderately active user to get mod points. Now a logged in user can post as an AC (although I'm suspect how anonymous it is because I've noticed that I can't comment as an AC and then mod my own post up) but someone who isn't logged in can't earn mod points.

What I meant was, Users that have Mod points, yet logon or post as AC to avoid Karmic Responsibility when they want to bash someone, would downmod me (as themselves). Sorry I didn't make that clear.

Comment Re:Self Defense (Score 1) 180

From what I remember reading, Sherman's March to the Sea had general orders to destroy Southern economic output but not to wantonly harm civilian population or things necessary to keep them alive, although even if true, it's an open question on what level of discipline was maintained over the campaign at the unit level.

The Romans largely set the gold standard for total warfare, often annihilating their opponents armies completely, burning their cities to the ground, looting everything of value and enslaving anyone left. Carthage and Gaul come to mind. Marcus Licinius Crassus had 6,000 rebel slaves crucified on a stretch of the Appian Way miles long to serve as a warning to any continuation of the rebellion.

The thing is, in modern military campaigns I don't think you would have to actually destroy an entire country completely or kill all their civilians. My sense is that after a brief period of time where you had firmly established total warfare as the core strategy you would cow the population. A path through Iraq or Syria wide enough for a couple of divisions of mechanized infantry where every form of resistance was met with total destruction would result in a quick calculus that resistance really was futile and that subjugation was a better choice.

Comment Re:Just ditch sub-second timing resolution (Score 1) 114

It's only a bad idea from the sense that *some* sub-second plays can be executed.

It's a good idea in that it dents some of the relentless dragging out of games at the end by imposing some reality on the nature of a timed competition.

The old saw about basketball is that the first 75% of the game doesn't matter and it's gotten increasingly like nothing but the last sixty seconds matter. Unless the point differential is 6+ points you end up with a completely different game played at the end being managed for control of the clock. Most often unless the game is within about 4 points or less, the losing team's efforts don't accomplish much but drag out the inevitable.

I'd even go so far as to say that there should be no clock stoppage *at all* in the last 30 seconds, up to maybe even two minutes, so that the pace of play stays what it was in the rest of the game.

If you want to play a control-the-clock game, make the entire thing 5 minutes and give each side 6 time outs. That might be interesting on its own, but it makes no sense to me to have 38 or 58 minutes of open-floor basketball and then change the flow to chess match half-court at the very end.

Football has sort of gotten into this, I think they eliminated certain clock stoppages in the last two minutes to get to the end.

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