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Comment Re:Neutrino study wasn't necessarily bad science (Score 4, Informative) 444

Some of you may be visiting that Amazon link and wondering how the hell weilawei ended up spending $1,000 on a book ("Ignition!"). The book is too wonderful to be limited to the big spenders. Search for it online and you will find a PDF easily enough. It's an awesome read.

Comment Re: Does It Matter? (Score 3, Insightful) 288

Not many free options for devs on a mac or windows box. vmware isn't free

How is vmware not free? They have free products for both baremetal and desktop virtualization. vmware player has been able to create new VMs for six years now.

I think the only feature missing from Player that any significant number of people would care about is snapshots.

You are correct for Windows, but VMWare Player does not exist for OSX. They only publish Fusion.

Comment A job for Little Snitch (Score 2) 49

I noticed this with Little Snitch, which I recently installed on my laptop. It allowed me to prevent the queries, for which I was quite grateful. I'm not particularly happy with all of Spotlight's newly introduced web search components, either -- I wonder if there's a way to turn that off.

Comment Re:Nothing of value was lost, (Score 1) 220

While most "free" apps are spammy or coercive, there are tons that are not.... I've written many such applications myself over the decades, and continue to do so.

Exactly. As hobbies go, it is rather cheap compared to other common first-world hobbies. I would estimate between hardware and developer membership fees it is at most $1000 per year. Contrast with annual costs of about:
Fishing on your motorboat: $1000 in fuel and $3000 in repairs and depreciation
Snowboarding: $500 in lift tickets, $1500 in travel/food/lodging
Interest Clubs (SCA, Poodle Fanciers, whatever): $300 in suppliesand $1500 in travel/food/lodging

I agree with others that there is a problem finding well-made apps that come from dilettantes, but from the creator's point of view the expenses are rather small.

Making a business out of writing apps, well, that's another issue entirely. There's a reason I've never seriously considered it!

Comment Re:Macbook Air? Mac mini? (Score 1) 78

The Mac Mini and Mac Pro are the black sheep fo the product line .... Apple probably wants to drop both but there's a contingent of very loud complainers who would raise the global noise level should Apple actually do so.

You're right. Some of that noise might well be internal. I bet Apple's own developers would be pretty unhappy without those product lines.

And no, the new Mac Mini is not faster than the old

There's a bit of a GPU advantage. It was enough that when when I upgraded my 2009-era Mini-based DVR last month I went with the new Mini rather than a near-equivalent Macmini 6,2.

Comment Expiration dates for laws (Score 1) 446

My (probably harebrained) idea of the day:

Some folks have long discussed putting more expiration dates on laws. Situations like this show why.

All existing laws lacking expiration dates should be given one. Perhaps 50 years from now, since politicians like to kick the can down the road. New laws without expiration dates should then only be permitted when passed by a supermajority.

Unfortunately, even if this works in theory, it would require a constitutional amendment to have any teeth. Good luck with that.

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