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Comment Re:Don't watch then (Score 1, Interesting) 102

That is highly dependant on your country of residence. I have travelled to the USA and the TV is frankly appalling. On the other hand back her in the UK there is high quality broadcast TV every week.

It is also not just the BBC broadcasting quality material either, the main commercial terrestrial broadcasters also have high quality content too. I would though argue this is because they can't do too much rubbish because they would loose out to the BBC. Effectively the BBC keeps them honest.

Comment Re:APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 1) 212

What's a real driver? Any Porsche that is being raced will have a "flappy paddle" gearbox, because otherwise you will be left for dead. Sure there is crowd of Luddite Porsche owners that want a full manual gearbox. However I would be surprised if "flappy paddle" gearboxes where not at least an option on every current Porsche model.

Comment Re:Terrorism! (Score 2, Informative) 158

Yeah, the US making a big deal about how ISIS gets all those Toyota trucks when it turns out that the US was the one supplying them. Ooops. Let's pretend for an instant that the funding of terrorist groups by the US is strictly limited to pickup trucks. After all, cash and weapons only goes to "moderate" beheaders not terrorist beheaders...

Comment You're right, it's bogus. Dang! (Score 1) 118

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smoke_detector mentions none of this.

You're right, it's bogus.

I was told that decades ago. But a little research (in the online patent databases) shows that there were ionization smoke detectors for decades before that (back in the tube era, even, when beta emitters were easily available to the common man). NASA says their only involvement with smoke detector design was (in collaboration with Honeywell) coming up with a variable-sensitivity design to stop annoying false alarms in Skylab.

Sorry to have repeated a myth. B-b

Comment Heroes in more ways than one. (Score 4, Interesting) 118

The Appollo I martyrs are heroes in more ways than one.

One of NASA's responses to the fire was to design a detector for miniscule amounts of smoke particles, to provide an early warning of electrical problems that might lead to a fire - in time to evacuate the capsule if on the ground or hunt down and fix the problem if in space.

The detector used a miniscule amount of radioactive material to ionize the smoke particles and then detected the current conducted by the ions. (Radioactive materials were for NASA, a government agency, to design with, difficult for random inventors or corporations to even consider.)

The first, space-rated, low-volume prototypes were pricey. But the circuitry and the detection chamber were dog-simple and could be dirt-cheap when manufactured in volume.

So this was plowshared, and became the ionization-type smoke detector, the first practical, affordable, smoke detector suitable for broad deployment in residences. Even when this was the only type in use, it was quickly saving, first hundreds, then thousands of lives per year.

Modern detectors, combining ionization and photoelectric mechanisms, are credited with cutting the death toll from fires by somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2. They detect different types of fires, and the one detected by ionization accounts for somewhat less than half of them - which is still an enormous number.

So the loss of those three lives has been repaid with enormous interest in the decades that followed. The benefits are still flowing.

Comment Such sites would RATHER be boycotted. (Score 1) 118

Even better if they boycotted all sites which block ad-blocking viewers, ...

If you're blocking ads, you don't contribute to their revenue, but do contribute to their resource consumption. So the operators of such sites would RATHER be boycotted by people using ad-blockers.

Sounds like a win-win. B-)

Comment Re:What's to stop Sen from putting it back up thou (Score 1) 34

There is also the NATO radar logs which prove that the plane entered Turkish air space. There is not a hope in hell that Turkey would have had full NATO backing for their actions if that data did not exist.

Unfortunately the great hopes of 25 years ago are all coming crashing down. Russian's and in particular Putin are suffering from what I call "Pershing Syndrome", that is they don't believe they lost the cold war and we will have to do it all over again.

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