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Comment Re:No mention of price points? (Score 1) 57

Really they seemed to manage running a telegraph cable through the middle of Australia in two years ending in August 1872 at at time where there was not even a map of the interior of Australia. I conclude that running some fibre 150 years later is not unreasonable.


Comment Re:No mention of price points? (Score 2) 57

What business model would that be? It is Australia's NBN which is a government funded scheme to provide a new national broadband network. Most of the 400,000 premises that the NBN satellite connect will be in remote small towns. Places like Coober Pedy not stations in the middle of nowhere.

The NBN satellite program is around 1.5 billion USD, that is an awful lot of fibre optic cable, and in 15-20 years time when the satellite packs in will need to be spent again, while the steel armoured fibre will be doing just fine, carrying way more data at much higher speeds.

In the long run the only game in town is fibre, *EVERYTHING* else is a stop gap. This is a very very expensive stop gap.

Comment Re:TFA, TFS (Score 1) 322

I think you will find that people have been jailed for the Libor scandal


There are further trials in the pipeline. Much of what happened in the U.K. at least prior to 2008 which was not strictly illegal at the time is now illegal, so if they do it again they will be going to jail.

Your premiss that nothing changes is wrong. Unfortunately what is done is done and changing laws retrospectively is generally held to be wrong.

Comment Re:Where is my data? (Score 1) 99

Well in my house the chances of any radio waves getting out are practically zero. If you crush a bit of brick the house is made out of with a hammer and then put a strong magnet in the vicinity half the material ends up stuck to the magnet. All mobile phone reception in the house is via femtocell. So they wanted to drill holes in the wall and stick an external aerial up. I told them to get lost, but they could use the RJ45 socket next to the meter if they wanted, which had a nice high speed 40/20Mbps internet connection. They didn't so that was the end of it.

Comment Re:Totally not worth the trouble (Score 2) 196

Add to this the cost of the equipment to make the dam thing. You will need light boxes, developer, and etching tanks, and that does not include the cost of the chemicals. Also add in the cost of the drill and bits. You result will also not be tin plated either unless you spend even more. The end result is while it might be more expensive to get one made, you don't have the cost of capital deployed required to make one. So you are going to have to do lots of PCB's to make it viable anyway.

I have made PCB's in the past, but today even though I have all the kit I would just order one up. Maybe it is because I have more disposable income than in the past, but the difference between a DIY board and a properly made one makes getting a professionally made one a no brainer in my view. The other thing is that once you go down that route you open up your options. Want a three layer board with a ground plane for example, no problem, try that DIY.

All that said I have a notion that a laser cutting/engraving machine could be used to make single sided PCB's to a high standard in a one stop process. Basically etch the copper away and "drill" the holes with the laser. You could probably do something similar with one of those cheap milling machine things as well.

Comment Re:What's old is new again. (Score 1) 320

Nope the thinking was you needed a nuclear powered aircraft carrier for the steam catapult so we needed the V/STOL aircraft for the carriers because we where building aircraft carriers what are powered by gas turbines and diesel engines.

There were two problems with this. The first is that a nuclear aircraft carrier with steam catapult would have been cheaper because you could use cheaper aircraft.

Problem number two was that even as the Queen Elizabeth class was being designed it was clear that the future was "rail gun" Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch Systems and these would work just fine with gas turbine/diesel powered aircraft carriers. The contract for the HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales even had an option to covert to EMALS, however due to the stupidity of the contracts signed with BAE, it was going to be cheaper to build new aircraft carriers than convert to EMALS. So we are back stuck buying the F35-B.

Unfortunately the Queen Elizabeth class carriers have been a monumental fuck up, and will go into service with no planes.

Comment Re:Considering how fast Google ditched China (Score 1) 381

Not really because sexual exploitation of white girls by Muslim men is a problem in the United Kingdom



Now I don't believe for one minute that all Muslim men are engaged or even condone such activities, but pussyfooting around the issue is what allowed it to go on for so long.

Do Muslim men of an Asian background target white women to rape? The answer is unfortunately yes.

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