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by jabuzz (#47515167) Attached to: UK Users Overwhelmingly Spurn Broadband Filters

Except the problem is that parental controls done by the ISP are a sledgehammer approach. If you turn on TalkTalk's maximum level of filtering the internet becomes severely restricted to the point where for an adult it is almost unusable.

The way to do the filtering is to do it in the router. Have multiple wireless networks, with different rules because internet filtering requirements for a five year old is different from that for a 10 year old.

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by jabuzz (#47515119) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Linux Login and Resource Management In a Computer Lab?

Except the long term existence of Scientific Linux is now in doubt with Cern jumping ship to CentOS.

To be honest since the introduction of being able to use extra repositories at install time the requirement for a separate CentOS and Scientific Linux mostly evaporated.

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by jabuzz (#47513949) Attached to: MIT's Ted Postol Presents More Evidence On Iron Dome Failures

Rather than searching for tunnels into Israel they could just drop GBU-57A/B and collapse all the tunnels at close to zero risk of Israel casualties and lower financial cost, but at almost certain massive Palestinian casualties. Even old WWII design Tallboy or Grand Slam bombs would probably be just as effective.

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For specifically the Liberal Democrats it is the only time they have been in government. However if you see the Liberal Democrats as the successors to the old Liberal party and they themselves to the Wigs then they have been in government many many times in the past. It was just a long gap from the 1930's to 2010.

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You don't even need two strands. A single strand and a BX GBIC (different wavelengths up and down over the same fibre) will see you good for 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps depending on how much you want to spend on your optics. You can get 40km and 80km versions of all three as well.

Given the big cost in fibre is splicing and termination, halving the number of strands is going to make a big dint in the role out cost. There is a slight cost premium for BX GBIC's at the moment but I am sure if you made telco sized purchase you would narrow that gap substantially.

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Then you did not read the instructions, and there was no need to link his Kindle Fire HD to a credit card. You just link it to a new Amazon identity and any purchases have to be made with credit from Amazon gift vouchers you purchased for their account. It's dead simple and how both my nieces have had their Kindle Fires setup from day one. They can make in app purchases but only from a limited pool of credit.

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My 36 month year old nephew has a 100GBP early learning centre train table

You can buy a Kindle Fire HD from Amazon delivered to your door for 89GBP if you have Amazon Prime, and there have been plenty of times where you have been able to buy a new Kindle Fire for under 100GBP.

Where he given a Kindle Fire he would be perfectly able to work his way around it. He loves the CBeebies app, particularly Andys Dinosaurs, and will spend ages browsing through all the photos on his parents iPad, and found and started the CBeebies app my my Kindle Fire HD all by himself.

Heck a Lego Disney Cinderella castle is 60GBP, and a Lego Cargo train is 140GBP and these are targeted at children from age six.

Now please explain the part where a Kindle Fire HD is an expensive toy, because you clearly have zero idea what constitutes an expensive toy in 2014. Oh I see you don't actually have any kids of your own, and I am am going to hazard a guess that you don't have any nephews or nieces either as otherwise as your current knowledge of toy prices for children would not be so woefully out of date.

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If you are stupid enough to give a your kid a Kindle Fire linked to a credit card then that is your stupid fault.

Both my nieces have Kindle Fires and firstly in app purchasing is turned off and secondly the only credit they have is from Amazon gift vouchers or free Amazon coins from various random give aways. There is zero requirement to link a credit card to a Kindle Fire to make purchases.

The biggest moan that we have is with the BBC iPlayer app. If you turn on parental controls you have to approve every video they watch. What you want is to have to approve everything that would have been on after the 9pm watershed or for really young children anything not on CBeebies.

As far as child friendly tablets go the Kindle Fire is the best, my moans from my nieces when my brother activated the Kindle Freetime tell you that.

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