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Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 4, Interesting) 512

This a million times over. The three most recent examples being South Korea, Japan and Germany. In all instances we are still there more than half a century later. Well OK I am British so we are not technically in South Korea or Japan these days, but we still have bases in Germany 70 years later.

Comment Re:The problem is the user (Score 2) 483

Except my TV uses less than 0.1W in standby. Just in case you missed that decimal point it is less than 100mW, and that is even with the red LED to tell me it is in standby illuminated. I am not actually sure what the real number is because the manual says just says less than 100mW and I my measurements say it is less than ~80mW, it all gets rather tricky as basically you are measuring the lowest amount of current that my multimeter is capable of doing on mains voltages.

It also has a hard off button on the side, that takes it down to 0W. However given the difference is so little that I can save more energy by picking an aluminium drinks can off the ground and putting in the recycling than the TV would consume in a whole year on standby.

Sure standby was bad, but a properly designed device can have a standby so slow it makes no practical difference.

Comment Re:WTF is with the US utility tie-in? (Score 1) 142

If you took all the terrorists who died in 9/11 put them into trucks with bombs and had them all drive in to major substations across several major cities in the north east of the USA and blow them up they would have killed if indirectly a order of magnitude more people and done an order of magnitude more economic harm than they actually did.

You could easily put a major city like New York with out power for many months. There is simply not the "slack" in the supply of new transformers to replace them in what would be considered a reasonable time frame.

Blow up a few dozen pylons with remotely detonated explosive devices and it would take months to reconstruct and add even more woe.

The electricity supply infrastructure in any western country can easily be destroyed at a much greater rate than it can be repaired and replaced and it is all unprotected.

Heck even the gas pipelines are largely unprotected as well, thought they are buried in the ground. Again they would take weeks or months to repair.

Strike in the dead of winter of extra effect, or in a hot place at the hight of summer.

Our saving grace is that the "terrorists" (because those in the Crimea are not terrorists unless you are whacked out Putin apologists) are simply too dumb to understand all this.

Comment Re:James Bond physics (Score 1) 211

Yes a change of snow conditions, hitting a bare patch etc. does feel like your ski has been grabbed by a bear trap. However if you do fall over that is because your position on the skies, was bad in the first place and you where too slow to correct it.

Here is a YouTube video on how to box slide which is probably the closest freestyle trick to the James Bond ski over a table stunt you are referring too.

The stunt in James Bond is perfectly possible for a good freestyle skier, clearly something your brother was not at the time.

Comment Re:Yeah right. (Score 2) 129

You are assuming they don't pump the "tails" back down to the ocean floor. Near bottom plumes as they are known are however still likely to have environmental impacts.

DeBeers have been doing sea floor mining for quite a while now for diamonds of the coast of Africa.

Comment Re:I thought we all knew those things where BS... (Score 1) 125

The difference there is the right to silence. If you wish to enter the UK and the Border Agency officer pulls you out the line then you have to answer the questions put to you. If you don't you will be put on a plane/boat back to whence you came from, or simply won't be allowed on the train (for those coming through the chunnel).

If you are being "questioned" by the police you can just sit there and remain silent.

Comment Re:Heinlein quote. (Score 2) 378

Settlement beyond Mars in this solar system is tricky. The remaining planets are all gas giants and completely impossible for humans to even visit the surface; assuming they have a surface that is.

I suppose we might be able to hollow out an asteroid, that's further than Mars. We might also make it to Callisto, but the options for settlement beyond Mars are very limited to being with.

Comment Re:Either this is false or they are idiots (Score 1) 202

Because the recent history of Islamic terror attacks in Europe have a significant contribution from a single district in Brussels (which for any of you challenged by world geography is in Belgium). In particular they seem to be the goto place to get weapons, including rocket launchers.

Specifically we are talking

Comment Re:It's not about Android or IOS. (Score 1) 166

You can do TapJoy on the Google Play, but you would have to spend a *LOT* of time to accumulate even a moderate amount of in game currency. So much that it is not worth the effort unless you are really poor and have insane amounts of free time on your hands.

Therefore you mostly fork out real $$$ for the in game currency. Though you can do a lot completely free to play as well (as I do, not spent a penny).

Comment Re:It's not about Android or IOS. (Score 1) 166

Interesting, because the mobile game I play "Castle Clash" which is available for just about every platform under the sun lags behind on iOS compared to Android, by a considerable amount. It can be weeks before updates to the game make it to iOS. On the other hand Amazon which has a smaller user base than iOS gets the updates much faster, usually only a day or two behind Google Play, and sometimes even in advance.

Could it be that the developers just develop on whatever platform they are comfortable with, whether that be iOS or Android and might simply not have the wherewithal to develop for the alternative platform.

Comment Re:Yes there is (Score 1) 622

No they are not. They may well have many years of data to show that they never get say above 50% of the maximum throughput all of their customers could achieve.

The whole fucking world runs on the principle of statistical mechanics you dip shit. Is Walmart engaging in deceptive practices if it cannot accommodate all it's customers arriving at the store at the same time?

Comment Re:Stupid article (Score 1) 226

The air liquification stage has been tested in full prototype and passed all test by independent external observers. I believe this included the European Space Agency and the USAF.

That is using liquid hydrogen to liquefy air in a fraction of a second to be feed into the rocket engine in sufficient quantities for it to be useful. The £120 million that has been announced is to build a full functional prototype Sabre engine. That is a pretty modest sum of money for "rocket" engine that would make all other space launch systems obsolete overnight. Even SpaceX's reusable rockets which they have still to land one would be dead in the water.

Comment Re:Did the TFA also mention the imaging lasers? (Score 1) 258

Thing is an autonomous car is not limited to the narrow visible light range of the EM spectrum that we humans are. Just because you can't see in fog does not mean the autonomous car is unable to see.

Not that I have any special knowledge of the sensors being used by Google et. al. but if they are restricting themselves to the visible spectrum then they are pretty stupid. At a bare minimum I would be using infra-red as well, probably thermal and UV for good measure.

I would also expect them to be listening to the environment as well, as it is essential for knowing there is an emergency vehicle in your vicinity.

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