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Comment Re:Don't watch then (Score 1, Interesting) 101

That is highly dependant on your country of residence. I have travelled to the USA and the TV is frankly appalling. On the other hand back her in the UK there is high quality broadcast TV every week.

It is also not just the BBC broadcasting quality material either, the main commercial terrestrial broadcasters also have high quality content too. I would though argue this is because they can't do too much rubbish because they would loose out to the BBC. Effectively the BBC keeps them honest.

Comment Re:APorsche Self-Drive? (Score 1) 211

What's a real driver? Any Porsche that is being raced will have a "flappy paddle" gearbox, because otherwise you will be left for dead. Sure there is crowd of Luddite Porsche owners that want a full manual gearbox. However I would be surprised if "flappy paddle" gearboxes where not at least an option on every current Porsche model.

Comment Re:What's to stop Sen from putting it back up thou (Score 1) 34

There is also the NATO radar logs which prove that the plane entered Turkish air space. There is not a hope in hell that Turkey would have had full NATO backing for their actions if that data did not exist.

Unfortunately the great hopes of 25 years ago are all coming crashing down. Russian's and in particular Putin are suffering from what I call "Pershing Syndrome", that is they don't believe they lost the cold war and we will have to do it all over again.

Comment Re:That's a lot (Score 1) 187

Except he is using GPS as a very precise 10MHz signal, not a clock. The private rubidium clock (about 1500USD from memory) will provide that very nicely.

Personally if I was running an experiment that required that sort of precision then the private highly accurate frequency source is going to be fairly small beer in the total cost of the experiment and freezes you from the trouble of getting the GPS signal into your lab, which for most labs I know is going to be a right pain in the backside because GPS signals don't extend indoors. Further more is there is not chance that some random event won't knock it out for a few seconds and potentially ruin your experiment.

I guess the point is that until recently using GPS was a valid way to get a very high precision reference frequency, though here in the UK I would suggest that using the BBC Radio 4 LW signal might have been a better idea. The carrier frequency is controlled by a rubidium atomic frequency standard for the express purpose of enabling it to be used as an used as an off-air frequency standard. However time and tide move on and now it is not such a valid choice as it was previously.

Comment Re:That's a lot (Score 0) 187

It's 2016 so I would say using GPS to generate reference signals in a lab is a daft idea. Far more sensible to use a chip scale rubidium atomic clock and not depend on some external reference signal that might go away at any time.

Comment Re:I'm not seeing the problem here (Score 1) 315

This took place in the United Kingdom the applicable piece of legislation is the The Terrorism Act 2000 as amended by Counter-Terrorism Act 2008. This places a legal duty to report to the police as soon as practically possible any suspicions of any terrorist activity. Failure to report activity can be punished by a fine or imprisonment.

As I said children are hopeless at keeping secrets and will grass themselves and others up all the time without realizing they are doing it. So while in hindsight it would appear to have been a spelling mistake to the teacher in the class that "spelling mistake" and frankly as an appalling Dyslexic speller the idea that terraced can be misspelt as terrorist is a asking a lot, created a reasonable suspicion that had to be reported under the law.

Comment Re:But why? (Score 1) 146

Because at the time BSD/386 was still the subject of litigation so it was entirely possible that 386BSD might also disappear if the USL v. BSDi law suite had gone the way of USL.

Further while the case was settled in 1993, the terms of the settlement did not become public till 2004, so the potential for further litigation was seen to be a potential possibility as the terms of the settlement where not know.

This produced a window of opportunity for Linux to gain critical mass.

Comment Re:I'm not seeing the problem here (Score 5, Insightful) 315

The thing is legally the teachers had to report it to the police. Failure to do so could lead to prison.

The other thing is that children are horrible at keeping secrets and will grass even themselves up all the time. Therefore it was appropriate to investigate and the fact that he was from a Muslim household in my view makes it extra worthwhile following up. Now that the Irish terrorist threat has all but gone in the UK, statistically that fact makes it more likely that it was not just a mistake and hence worth investigating.

Imagine his family had disappeared to Syria in a couple of months to join Daesh?

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