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Comment: Re:It's supposed to look that way (Score 5, Interesting) 167

I'm not sure I'm buying the "NES relied on blur and shadowing" argument.

Here's an example that may convince you. From a snes game, but still 240p.

Crisp Blocky pixels:

With NTSC blur and artifacts:

Which do you think is closer to the artist's intention?

Comment: Re: "up to" $650 for a macbook air trade in? (Score 1) 365

That's because people don't understand there's more than one model and if they do they don't understand how to tell them apart or what the benefits of a new model are.

That's just not correct. Look at the ebay listings. Every one features the model number and tech specs right up front.

Plenty of valid criticism can be leveled at Apple, but are you really suggesting that they aren't doing enough to announce their laptop hardware revisions?

They're not exactly shy when they update one of their laptop models. They tend to have a big media production where the CEO gets on a stage and explains the hardware and software changes in some detail. Convincing people to replace their 2009 macbooks with shiny 2014 models is a big part of their business. I'm not sure how much more they could do to spread the word that "this year's macbook has a better SSD/CPU/whatever."

Comment: Seems correct (Score 2) 53

I don't know anything about Mexican trademark law, but the decision seems fair on the surface.
If the "iFone" brand was in use beforehand, then I can see how "iPhone" would be confusing.

Maybe Apple or the carriers will cut a deal... or maybe their marketing material will just start referring to "apple phones."

Comment: Re:Good bye source compatibility (Score 1) 636

by Parafilmus (#47152993) Attached to: Apple Announces New Programming Language Called Swift

Here's a document about how C data types and pointers map to swift. It looks reasonably straightforward.

I don't really see myself using the language because it's locked to one platform, but the sky is not falling. I'm sure we'll see swift-wrappers for popular C and C++ libraries popping up all over the place.

Comment: Re:Good bye source compatibility (Score 1) 636

by Parafilmus (#47152967) Attached to: Apple Announces New Programming Language Called Swift

Qt does not (and cannot) support Windows "Metro." By the same token it won't be able to support this new environment

Nah, this isn't something like metro. Swift is just another language, not a new runtime.

Swift actually has good interoperability with C and ObjC. You can link precompiled libraries or just drop C code into your project, #import the header files, and call C functions directly from swift or vice-versa.

Alas, it doesn't have the same interoperability with C++. Apple recommends creating a C or ObjC wrapper for C++ libraries, which doesn't sound awesome.

However, QT already links with cocoa, apple's ObjC / Swift interface. Cocoa isn't going anywhere, so QT won't be going anywhere.

Comment: Re:No Way! (Score 1) 261

by Parafilmus (#47124737) Attached to: Curved TVs Nothing But a Gimmick

It's also a more accurate name in that horizontal resolution doesn't vary with a movie's aspect ratio.

... except for 4:3 aspect movies, of which there are plenty. (Citizen Kane, Casablanca, Eyes Wide Shut, etc.)

Not to mention most 20th century TV shows. Those all display at 1440x1080 on a high-def television. So 1080p is accurate in those cases, but 2k is not.

Seriously, the right way to describe a monitor's resolution is to include both numbers. Give me height and width. I can handle it.

Comment: Re:well (Score 1) 557

by Parafilmus (#46942055) Attached to: Actual Results of Crimean Secession Vote Leaked

There is a tie or not a tie. What you're saying is that someone should not be allowed to win by 1 vote.

Our vote-counting methods are not accurate to within a single vote.

So if an election has a single-vote margin of victory, we'll never know about it.

When a margin of victory is smaller than the counting method's margin of error, that means we can't really tell who received more votes. This is rarely a problem, because the margin of victory is usually greater than the margin or error.

Comment: Re:Yeah, probably a VGA screen (Score 1) 272

by Parafilmus (#46781617) Attached to: Nokia Had a Production-Ready Web Tablet 13 Years Ago

Wacom's method can't be used for a device-independent bluetooth stylus, because it requires special sensors behind the display.

However, samsung's tablets and phablets have the necessary sensors built in, and actually use Wacom styluses, complete with pressure-sensitivity.

So does microsoft's surface tablet, and a few others.

Comment: Re:Those who can do, those who can't teach. (Score 1) 451

by Parafilmus (#46424735) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Change Tech Careers At 30?

As a job skill, I suggest learning to code even if that won't be your primary focus. As a tech worker, you'll likely have to communicate with programmers, and you'll be much more effective if you can speak their language.

Basic is very well supported in the Microsoft ecosystem, and is friendly to beginners. If you're interested, check out Microsoft's SmallBasic IDE, which is a great tool for learning to program:

Comment: Re:Those who can do, those who can't teach. (Score 2) 451

by Parafilmus (#46421745) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Change Tech Careers At 30?

makes me wonder what you are teaching these kids if you have to ask us how to get a job in the tech-world. I hope your pupils won't have to ask that same question.

That seems unfair. Would you expect a music teacher to lecture kids about recording contracts?

It strikes me as unfortunate that a technology teacher doesn't know how to code, because that seems like a basic part of the subject matter. But I wouldn't expect a schoolteacher to be an expert on private sector job hunting.

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